Saturday, October 09, 2010

American Pride is Back in Chile No Thanks to Obama and Washington Politicians


At 8:30 this morning history was made when a rescue shaft reached 33 trapped miners in Chile who have been entombed over one half mile underground nearly two months. No miners have ever survived for two months underground and it was 33 days ago the rescue drills began a race to reach the 33 men. Ironic isn't it that the drilling to save 33 men took 33 days, that same number of years Jesus walked the earth.

Of course the American media with the exception of CNN completely missed the rescue and Obama and the American politicians were too busy tearing each other apart to recognize the importance of this event to America and America's place in the world.

You see the miners would have remained trapped in their tomb until Christmas if it had not been for the effort of a small American drilling company, Center Rock Inc., from a small town in Pennsylvania. When owner and President Brandon Fisher first heard it would take until Christmas to save the trapped miners he knew he had the equipment and technology to save them much faster and he contacted the Chile government.

Brandon began coordinating an international effort to get his equipment to the site and in use. With the help UPS who shipped it for free and his international contacts the equipment arrived and saved 2 1/2 months of the drilling time needed to reach the men. As they are pulled to freedom this weekend it will be the efforts of Brandon Fisher and his team working with the Chile government that made this possible.

There was no involvement by our haplessly incompetent government and our politicians were too busy trashing each other to take notice but in the end, it was the pride, skill, innovation and organization of Americans that helped save the miners in South America.

The government of Chile, by stepping in and taking charge of the disaster immediately rather than sitting back like the Obama administration did in the BP disaster, and by reaching out to the best people in the world for help unlike our BP experience, in which our government did not, that the potential of America was recognized and achieved.

Chile did a masterful job, Brandon Fisher and his Center Rock company team showed the world what the politicians could not, and the people of Chile now have a miracle. Nothing could highlight the power and importance of small business and innovationi in America more than this nor show it's value to the outside world. By the way, NASA specialists also provided valuable help to the rescue effort and Obama has gutted the NASA budget.

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to find out if Brandon Fisher charged Chile's government for his rescue job, or if he charged anybody. Somebody told me he charged 100 thou dollars. Is this true? I hate for people to try to belittle such a wonderful job.