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Main Street Media Blows it Again - Fails to Report on Intelligence Disasters Right Under their Noses


 CIA FBI NSA DIA - Whose Spying on Them? 
Thank God for the Guardian and Telegraph of England or we Americans would have no idea what our own intelligence agencies having been doing to us and people around the world.
One might think our news media people are in cahoots with our intelligence (or is it unintelligence) people the way the media fails to cover and follow up on major breaking news regarding the intelligence disasters in America.
The following release is about a new book by a former KGB major and one of the most significant defections to America during the Cold War, Victor Sheymov.

More important, it is about how he was treated by the American intelligence agencies after he came here to help out.
The most disastrous sky scandals of the past 20 years, the Aldrich Ames CIA fiasco and the Robert Hanssen FBI fiasco both centered on Victor and the KGB interest in his activities once he defected to America.  You might say they were prepared to do all possible to infiltrate the CIA and make certain Victor had a very short stay here in the states.  Need I say more?
His story may help tear the gates off Hell and expose more of the surreptitious actions by our national security protectors when it comes to intelligence agencies out of control who show a total disregard for the laws of the land and our place in the world.
Terrorism, counter-intelligence and national security sound patriotic until one explores the depths of the dark side of life where the intelligence games are played out and learns of the victims of these games caught up in power struggles, egos and fanaticism that defy all principles of individual freedom and rights.
Whether the CIA, the FBI or the NSA, are we really safer with them on our side?  If so why are so many scandals carried out in the very offices of our own protectors?
Well once again the media has failed to not only grasp, but to find, a story that lays out the "Bare" facts about the dark side of intelligence.  Thank God for Amazon, where one can still find the truth by reading the latest books on Kindle like Victor Sheymov's incredible expose, TieBreaker - Tower of Secrets II, the sequel to his riveting book Tower of Secrets.
Here is the release our Main Street media are too busy to report on.  Once again the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC-ABC-CBS news and all the other so called viable news media in America should be ashamed.
As David Ignatius, Associate Editor of The Washington Post said,  "Sheymov knew the secrets that spy services die to protect."
Look for the truth in the London Telegraph or Coltons Point Times.
October 2013                                         

Cybersecurity Expert Reveals the Seismic Faults in the Spying Business

TIEBREAKER: Tower of Secrets II

By Victor Sheymov

In one of the most daring operations of the Cold War the CIA exfiltrated Victor Sheymov, his wife and young daughter, and brought them to the US.  Sheymov, as a key player of KGB cyber communications security, had extraordinary knowledge of the whole KGB organization, and the CIA awarded him the highest grade of the intelligence medal for the services he rendered to the United States. Yet for the ten years that he and his family remained under deep cover, unbeknownst to the KGB, working at the highest levels of the NSA and British Intelligence, the CIA itself turned out to be Sheymov’s most insidiously persistent, and dangerous enemy. Why?

TIEBREAKER is the fascinating story of how Victor Sheymov figured out the reason behind the campaign to destroy him and his family, and the cause of the CIA’s catastrophic intelligence failures that the public had a chance to have a glimpse at with the arrest of Aldrich Ames in 1994.

Sheymov then found himself at the center of the next intelligence crisis with the arrest in 2001 of his longtime FBI liaison, Robert Hanssen.

And now Victor Sheymov, world-class cyber security expert and inventor of a breakthrough cybersecurity technology, finds himself at the heart of the search of  the solution to the rapidly growing global threat to cyber security.

Sheymov analyzes the factual failure of the firewall technology and the basis of this breakthrough concept in his other new book,


A Fundamentally New Approach

Cyberspace is defined, and differentiated from out physical space. New method of consummations, Variable Cyber Coordinates (VCC) that provides for superior level of security is described and detailed.
Sheymov told the story of his meteoric career in the KGB, and his disillusionment with Communism and the Soviet system that led to his decision to defect, in his first book.
Superlative...a breathtaking true story...a towering book, fascinating and hair-raising...far more exciting than the most exciting accomplished fiction of the spy genre. Associated Press 
Sheymov knew the secrets that spy services die to protect.   David Ignatius, Associate Editor of The Washington Post, author of Agents of InnocenceBody of Lies

While the story ends abruptly with Sheymov's escorted arrival in N.Y.C., it seems likely that the information he subsequently furnished hastened the Cold War's end. A top-level insider's dramatic, stranger-than-fiction disclosures in the great game of espionage.     Kirkus Reviews

Wake Up America - Our Government has been Hijacked!

The Enemy Within - The Two Party System

My premise is simple.  No where in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence does it say the Democrat or Republican party control America.  No where is the Democrat or Republican party even mentioned in those sacred documents.
I don't care what party you support, there is nothing that says only the members of the Democrat or Republican parties can decide our future, yet here we stand on the brink of fiscal collapse and only the Democrats or Republicans are part of the process to solve our problems.
Neither party can solve the problem, they are the problem.  The American system of individual freedom and democracy has been hijacked by the two party system and the special interests that control every single element of both parties from the radical left to the radical right.
Pure and simple, MONEY is the dominant force in politics and the obsession with money by both parties has caused this temporary breakdown in the American system.  Whose to blame?
Our Executive branch is controlled by the Democrats with Obama in the White House as their flag bearer.  Our Legislative branch is split with the House of Representatives controlled by the Republicans and Senate controlled by Democrats.
Now where I come from that gives the Obama Democrats control of two thirds of our government process, the White House and Senate, and the Republicans one third.
If you listen to the news media you are told the Republicans are holding the government hostage.  But the media never mentions that the two party system is the culprit.
How could they, the bottom line profit of all America's cherished fourth estate comes from the political campaign expenses from the Democrat and Republican candidates, political parties, political action committees and private donors.
Media companies are totally dependent on advertising purchases from the candidates and the supporters of the candidates for survival and reporters are equally dependent on them for their paychecks so they better kiss the butt of the party they favor the most.
The largest corrupting influence in politics, business, health care, housing, defense contracting, government policy and government regulation is the God Almighty dollar and the way it is used to control people and manipulate systems.
Obamacare was never about reducing health care costs, healing people, or even making it more comfortable to die.  That would not make financial sense to the "Shadow" force behind the government.
It was always about maintaining the health care system we have and expanding it to all those without health insurance.  So what is the health care we have and want to expand to everyone?
Let's see...
Basic health care means a Chris Craft and Mercedes for every doctor and dentist.  It means a limo and house in the Hamptons for investors and brokers in health care.  It means a yacht and European villa for every pharmaceutical executive.
Well the truth is we don't have a health care system, we have an addiction for a cash cow called health care whether we need it or not and whether it heals us or not.
As long as there is an open spigot with billions of dollars flowing to our politicians through our two party system there will never be a free America.  Ban all political contributions and strip the two party system of control of our government and America can get back to the business of being the shining light of democracy, individual freedom and equality the world so sorely needs.

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Health Care in America - "Corruption at the Core of the Collapse

The Broken American Health Care System

What is the driving force behind the failure of the most expensive heath care system in the world to provide a better quality of life?  A lot of us have opinions.  So do the media, politicians and academia, but none seem to be addressing the reason behind every failure of an institution like medical care in society.

There comes a point when the institutions no longer serve the purpose they were created to address.  They evolve to a position where they believe the survival of the institution is more important than the mission of the institution.

When that happens, and inevitably it will when all good causes become their own bureaucracy, we have the seeds of corruption planted.

In America we spend about 9.9% of our disposable income on food.  Thirty years ago we spent 15% of our disposable income, meaning we spend over 5% less today on food than thirty years ago.

Now compare that to our experience with health care costs.

An article  was written June 28, 2009 by George Will titled: "Americans Will Regret Health Care Fix".  It described the cost of health care in America as follows.

The Hudson Institute's Betsy McCaughey, writing in The American Spectator, says that in 1960 the average American household spent 53 percent of its disposable income on food, housing, energy and health care. Today the portion of income consumed by those four has barely changed -- 55 percent. But the health care component has increased while the other three combined have decreased. This is partly because as societies become richer, they spend more on health care -- and symphonies, universities, museums, etc.

It is also because health care is increasingly competent. When the first baby boomers, whose aging is driving health care spending, were born in 1946, many American hospitals' principal expense was clean linen. This was long before MRIs, CAT scans and the rest of the diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal that modern medicine deploys.

In a survey released in April by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard, only 6 percent of Americans said they were willing to spend more than $200 a month on health care, and the price must fall to $100 a month before a majority are willing to pay it. But according to Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute, Americans already are paying an average of $400 a month.

Most Americans do not know this because the cost of their care is hidden. Only 9 percent buy health coverage individually, and $84 of every $100 spent on health care is spent by someone (an employer, insurance company or government) other than recipients of the care. Those who get insurance as untaxed compensation from employers have no occasion to compute or confront the size of that benefit. But it is part of the price their employers pay for their work.

During the past thirty years health care as a percentage of our gross domestic product has grown by more than ten times.  That does not include your taxes paid for the government expenditures on health care.  The cost now is over $2.6 trillion a year and rising, both in terms of treatment and insurance.

Make no mistake, health care, long a public service through churches, non-profit organizations, government owned facilities and other resources, has now become BIG BUSINESS.

Pharmaceutical corporations led the way into making health care a profit center, not a public service, and now virtually every aspect of our health care system is privately owned, profit centered, and financed by Wall Street.

Wall Street may be reasonably good at financing new businesses like the Internet companies and health care industry but once Wall Street takes control of the industry through controlling the financing, that company serves a new master, Wall Street profitability.

Before you get out your protest banners and decide to occupy hospitals, I mean it is fashionable to protest against anyone we think is ripping off the public, look in the mirror because you are the one embracing a system now under the control of the financial institutions.

My point is this.  Health care is more about serving Wall Street interests than the people's interest.  Of course this is America and we encourage capitalism and these health care capitalists are operating within the framework of the law.  I guess if you owned stock in enough health care companies you would be profiting from the gouging of the American public with excessive health care costs, but most of us don't own health care stocks.

Our health care industry has evolved to the point where moral and financial corruption permeate the entire system, even corrupting those in the industry who really want to help people.

The medical industry is dependent on funneling millions in campaign funds to politicians who have to vote on their funding, in bribing doctors to prescribe drugs, in bribing universities to compete on a cut throat basis for grants from private corporations for survival, and for encouraging doctors to own testing equipment which in turn has to be justified to keep.

Conflicts of interest and ethics issues dominate the health care landscape.  It has become so financially competitive that excessive and unnecessary treatment is the order of the day as a simple and nearly undetectable way to pad the revenue stream.

Why X ray a single tooth if you can X ray the whole mouth?  Why take one or two spinal X rays when you can take multiple X rays of the spine?  Why not set up follow up doctor appointments for reasons of billing for the office visits rather than transmitting test results?

If a drug company pays a doctor to prescribe their drugs, and the more drugs prescribed the more the doctor makes, don't you think more prescriptions will be written?

How can FDA employees fairly evaluate a New Drug Application (NDA) worth potentially billions of dollars in new revenue if the same employees can quit their jobs and go to work for the same drug companies for far more money?

The top five drugs in terms of sales revenue in America all make between $3 and $5 billion a year for the owners, the pharmaceutical company.  If new health research or treatment does not generate profits first and foremost, it is of little value to a profit driven health care system.

If congress or the president eliminated conflicts of interest in the industry, both in terms of the relationship between government workers and the industry and between the industry and practitioners, it would be a great start to cost reduction.

The same conflict of interest exists when doctors are convinced to own expensive equipment like CAT scan and MRI machines, blood laboratories, pharmaceutical offices and others.  If Medicare or a health insurance company allows excessive CAT scans and MRI analysis for the purpose of making sure people are diagnosed and the doctors own the machines, don't you think more screens will be prescribed?

There are a thousand and one ways to get caught in a conflict in an industry that is barely regulated.  Usually there are industry watchdogs like the Securities and Exchange Commission assigned to keep an eye on the system.  However, even they are subject to the same conflicts because the SEC failed to see the housing and banking crisis coming.  More than likely they just turned their back to it.

A comprehensive and fair conflict of interest law could be proposed by the president and approved by congress and a thorough ethics law could be adopted by the medical and health care industries and that would start to unscramble the layers of conflicts and ethics violations we face today.

Unfortunately, such leadership by our politicians and health industries is nonexistent and will be as long as the industry finances the political campaigns in Washington and through the nation.  So we also need campaign financial reform, meaningful reform, to fix that inherent problem.

Fix the conflict of interest, draw up enforceable ethics laws, and clean up the campaign finance mess and it will lead directly to reduced health care costs.  Once again, nothing has been proposed by politicians to correct this mess.

Isn't it about time to REALLY start fixing things?


Saviors of the 20th Century Hitler & Stalin - Table of Contents


The war of annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

A number of people have asked for more details on the contents of my book Saviors of the 20th Century now available worldwide on Amazon Kindle books.  The table of contents follows so you can grasp the full scope of the book from the origins of Communism to Nazism and the lives of Hitler and Stalin.

Of particular interest may be the relationship of Jews to both the Communist and Nazi movements as well as the mindset of Hitler and Stalin that led to 220 million deaths at their hands.

ISBN 0964599317
LCCN 2004095812

Available worldwide through Amazon Kindle books.

Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler & Stalin

Table of Contents

• Prologue

Why Saviors?
Where is Truth?
Maya - The Illusion of Earth
Those that Fear Prophecy lack Faith
Journey to the Past
Searching for Stalin’s Secrets
Adventures in Motherland
To the Russian Frontier
Beyond the Looking Glass

1. A Search for Truth

Striking Similarities
Hard Facts Discovered
Strange Truths Revealed
The Fallacy of History
Warning Signs

2. A World in Turmoil

Revolutionary Fervor
Legacy of Revolutions
Legacy of Wars

3. Communist Evolution - Germany

Origin of the Term “Communist”
Hegel - German Socialist Philosopher
Early German Socialist Revolutionaries
Influential German Writers
German Marxist Communism
Karl Marx (1818-1883)
Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)

4. Communist Evolution - Russia

Pre-revolution Anti-Tsarist Political Movements - Russia
Russian Jewish Revolutionaries
Mikhail Bakunin and the Anarchists
Sergi Nechayev - Bakunin Disciple
Anti-Semitism Prevails
Jewish Political Parties
Russia - Motherland of the Social Experiment
Lenin - The Soul of Communism
The Early Years
Socialist Organizer
Revolutionary Leader
Leon Trotsky (1879-1940)
Early Political Life
Revolutionary Leadership
Life & Death in Exile
Communist Party Timetable
Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP)
Bolsheviks & the 1905 Revolution
The Revolution of 1917
Jewish Treatment by Soviets
Russian Jewish Money from America

5. Financing Wars and Revolution

Emergence of Jewish Moneylenders
The Jewish Banking Houses
The International Bankers
Bankers Role in American Civil War
Post Civil War -- American & African Monopolies
Financing the Communist Revolution
The Bolshevik Re-revolution

6. Josef Stalin – The Man of Steel

The Early Years
The Young Revolutionary
Lenin and Stalin
Russian Revolution of 1905
Lenin’s Counter-Revolution
Bolshevik Revival of 1911
February Revolution of 1917
October Revolution of 1917
The Civil War of 1918
Battle for Succession 1920
Illnesses Sweep the Leadership
Stalin Consolidates Control

7. Adolf Hitler – Messiah of the Third Reich

The Early Years
Hitler Loses Faith
A Bohemian in Vienna
Military Life & Honors
The German Marxist Revolution
Hitler’s Communist Subversive Bureau
Hitler and the Occult
Aleister Crowley - The Beast “666”
Other Occult Advisors
Himmler - High Priest of the SS
Hitler’s Miraculous Escapes
Hitler & the Jewish Bolsheviks
Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
The Communist Manifesto
Jewish Declaration of War
The Rise of the Nazis
Hitler & His Doctors
Anti-Semitism Explodes
Poland - Armageddon of WWII
Dancing with the Devil

8. World War II (1939-1945)
Hitler Saves the English
The Devil’s Triangle
Himmler’s Death Squads
The Jewish Relocation Program
Tearing the Lid off Hell
Resistance Intensifies
The Final Solution
Concentration Camps - Labor & Death
Nazi Occupation of Eastern Europe
The Angel Among Demons
Hitler’s Reign Ends
Hitler’s Mysterious Death
Why Stalin Stole Hitler’s Body
Deaths in the European War

9. The “Other” Holocaust

Jewish Population Trends
Jewish Migration Patterns
Chart - Population Distribution
Chart - 20th Century Migration
The Nazi Holocaust
The Other Nazi Holocaust
The Soviet Holocaust
Bolshevik Extermination Leaders
Missing Population of the Soviet Union
Communist Genocide Program

10. Conclusion

The Devil’s Advocates
War & Revolution
Ancient German History
American Isolation
Hitler - The Great Dilemma
Ancient Jewish History
Stalin - Gravedigger of the Revolution
Lost Souls of the Atrocities
20th Century Paradox


1. Communist Manifesto
2. Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
3. Selected Bibliography

Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler and Stalin - The French Connection to the Communist - Nazi War of Annihilation


The war of annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

ISBN 0964599317
LCCN 2004095812

Available worldwide through Amazon Kindle books

Note to French Readers - What You May Not Know About Your History

During my 7 years researching my history book, Saviors of the 20th Century, Hitler and Stalin, The War of Annihilation between the Nazis and Communists, I was somewhat surprised to learn of the role of France in the development and spread of Communism and the rise of Jewish dominance in the communist movement prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

From the time of the French Revolution until the Russian Revolution, France was the place where the German, English and other radical Communists met to plan and execute the rise of the Communist party into one of the most powerful and blood thirsty political movements on earth.

It was action by Communist sympathizers in France that seeded the international revolutionary socialist and then Communist movements that brought about the overthrow of several European nations before achieving success in overthrowing the Czar in Russia and forming the Soviet Union.

More important, it was a pamphlet whose origins are reputed to be French called The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion that seemed to expose a worldwide revolution undertaken by Jews. This document fell into the hands of Czar Nicholas II and led to intensifying the Russian revolution, a battle between the Czarist regime and Jewish revolutionaries.

The same document fell into the hands of a young Adolph Hitler and was responsible for the war of annihilation between the Nazis and Jewish Bolshevik Communists controlling the Soviet Union 20 years later.

In a way it was this documented that played a role in bringing about both Communism and Nazism, and with it brought about the deaths of 220 million people at the hands of the leaders of the two political movements.

As the following excerpt from my book, Saviors of the 20th Century Hitler and Stalin, Chapter 7 describes, it was often the unnoticed and unexpected events that changed the course of history.

Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion

It was rumored throughout western nations that in the fall of 1897 Jewish leaders from around the world met and adopted “The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion,” an inflammatory document outlining a plot by the Jews to undermine society, overthrow governments, and destroy Christianity.

The story of this publication is fascinating and none told it better than Konrad Heiden, an acquaintance of Hitler and the self-proclaimed leader of an anti-Hitler and anti-Nazi group in Munich, Germany in the early 1920s. In his book, “Der Fuehrer,” 1944, the following excerpts indicated the history of the Protocols according to Heiden.

One day in the summer of 1917 a student was reading in his room in Moscow. A stranger entered, laid a book on the table, and silently vanished. The cover of the book bore in Russian the words from the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew: “He is near, he is hard by the door.”

The student sensed the masterful irony of higher powers in this strange happening. They had sent him a silent message. He opened the book, and the voice of a demon spoke to him.

It was a message concerning the Antichrist, who would come at the end of days. The Antichrist is no mythical being, no monkish medieval fantasy. It is the portrait of a type of man who comes to the fore when an epoch is dying. He is a man with a white skin, in everyday clothes, dangerously contemporary, and a mighty demagogue. He will talk with the masses, and at his word the masses will rise up and turn a culture to ashes, a culture which has deserved no better, since it has borne the Antichrist in its own image and for its own destruction.

“We” - the demon always says “We” - shall create unrest, struggle, and hate in the whole of Europe and thence in other continents. We shall at all times be in a position to call forth new disturbances at will, or to restore the old order...

Unremittingly we shall poison the relations between the peoples and states of all countries...

We are the chosen, we are the true men…

Outwardly, however, in our “official” utterances, we shall adopt an opposite procedure and always do our best to appear honorable and co-operative. A statesman’s words do not have to agree with his acts…

If any state dares to resist us; if its neighbors make common cause with it against us, we shall unleash a world war.

By all these methods we shall so wear down the nations that they will be forced to offer us world domination...

He turns back the pages and discovers that all this accursed wisdom, all these diabolical plans, were hatched out by a group of old Jews. Who met together in a back room in Basel, Switzerland, in the year 1897? The demon aiming to devour the world is a Jewish club…

And thus The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, since became so famous, fell into the hands of Alfred Rosenberg.

A mysterious occurrence. Rosenberg himself has often told how the unknown suddenly stepped into the room, laid down the book, and silently departed. To Rosenberg it was a sign from heaven. Both the place and the hour were significant. Moscow, 1917. Far to the west, the German-Russian phase of the First World War was drawing to an end in crumbling trenches; in the streets of the capital, the Russian Revolution was ebbing and flowing. Alfred Rosenberg, the son of a shoemaker, born in Reval (Tallinn) on the Baltic, was then twenty-four years old; he was of German descent but as an Esthonian, he was a subject of the Russian Tsar. He had been raised in the German and Russian languages; he had first studied engineering and architecture at Riga, also on the Baltic; then, when the German army occupied Riga, he had fled. Now he was studying in Moscow.

The globe was afire. The Tsar’s empire was crumbling. Perhaps there would never again be peace. Perhaps this book would tell him why. The demon, who had incited the nations against each other, had spoken…

The demon of world domination has spoken. He has proclaimed the great secret: the world can be dominated. Bowed with weariness, the peoples demand subjection. And those who resist will be tamed by terrible blows and sufferings. Modern society is charged with a magical current which in all men creates the same thoughts. The masses expect great things of their rulers. And for that reason, great things are easy.

This is the true sense of the secret writings, which we today know as The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. Everything else in them develops from the basic idea that world domination is possible in our time; with sovereign contempt it is shown with what relative ease it can be achieved…

Its content is how to establish dictatorship with the help - and abuse - of democratic methods…

Furthermore, democracy, in the international field actually offers a dictator, who has firmly entrenched himself in one country, the possibility of world domination. This is the true content of the famous Protocols...

Three generations ago a brilliant thinker wrote this secret formula for the achievement of world domination. We know little concerning his life. He was a French lawyer named Maurice Joly. He was, at the time he wrote his little book, a conservative, ligitimist and monarchist. He had no thought of writing a secret document; on the contrary, he had in mind a satire against Napoleon III, then emperor of the French. Whether he ever perceived that he was leaving behind him the prophecies of a great seer; whether he ever guessed that his book embraced a political doctrine of world-shaking force, we do not know.

The work was published in Brussels in 1864, by A Mertens et Fils, as an illegal propaganda pamphlet; it was written in French and bore the title: Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu, ou la politique de Machiavel au XIX siecle, par un Contemporian. (Dialaogue in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, of the politics of Machiavelli in the nineteenth century by a contemporary.)

His anonymity did not avail the author. The police of the French emperor discovered him, he was sent to prison for fifteen months. His book was published in a second edition, then it was forgotten, and today scarcely any copies of it can be found.

This brings us to world domination. It is the secret necessity inherent in the mechanism of our existence; it lives in our minds as a secret goal; it stands in the sea of the future as a magnetic mountain, inexorably attracting the ship of modern society…

Is this the truth? Who has spoken? Perhaps it is only a half-truth, but even in its halfness it is of enormous import, which is not seen by most men…

History is the most skeptical of all sciences; it knows no absolute truths…

Joly’s magnificent portrait of modern tyranny underwent a strange fate. After thirty years of oblivion, its great day came. It was discovered by a group of Russian conspirators. Not, to be sure, by the Russian revolutionaries of that day, the Nihilists, Social Democrats, or Social Revolutionaries; but by a few crafty agents of the counter-revolution, members of the Ochrana, the tsar’s secret police. They wanted to frighten the tsar and drive him to bloodshed. To this end they persuaded him that the Jews of the whole world had devised a secret conspiracy to achieve world domination, first over Russia, then over the whole world.

Claims of this sort were not new; they lay to a certain extent in the air. In the nineteenth century the Jews had nearly everywhere - though not in Russia - achieved civil equality and thus taken their place in modern society. Some had amassed great wealth, a few - for example, the house of Rothschild - had even attained real influence, and inspired venomous anti-Semitism…

In 1868, Hermann Godsche, a German signing himself Sir John Retcliffe the Younger, wrote a novel entitled Biarritz. In it twelve rabbis from all corners of the earth meet in the Jewish cemetery in Prague. There they set up a cry of Satanic glee, for through accursed gold, through its mighty bankers, Judah has conquered the world, brought kings and the princes to the Church; Judah is wallowing in vice and glory. The rabbis represent the twelve tribes of Israel and speak Chaldaean…

Godsche’s text was childish and none too convincing. But suppose you take these rabbis conspiring in their cemetery and give them the worldly wisdom, the contempt for humanity, the seductive power of Joly’s tyrant…

That is what happened. The group of Russian conspirators dug up Joly’s forgotten book; they were also familiar with the horror story about the Jewish cemetery in Prague; they knew by the newspapers that in 1897 the Jewish Zionist Movement had very publicly been founded at a congress in Basel; finally, they knew only too well the golden awe emanating from the ancient fame of the Rothschilds. The ingredients of a magnificent conspiracy lay at hand, requiring only to be mixed.

The Orchrana, the tsarist secret police, furnished the means and the brain. Fiurst General Oryevsky, one of its heads, had a pamphlet prepared, based on the rabbis’ conspiracy in Godsche’s story. The novelty was that the pamphlet was written in the form of protocols; this gave it a much more serious look…

This was the work of General Ratchkovsky, the leader of the French division of the Ochrana…

Their plan was more than a simple palace conspiracy. It was the first great attempt at a mighty national counter-revolution against the democratic and socialist revolution of the nineteenth century. The plan was to fuse the passion of the people and the cold power of the state into a mighty, counter-revolutionary force that would shake society to its foundations…

Through this conspiracy, Russia became the spiritual mother country of modern fascism, as it later became the world center of Communism.

The name of the movement was “The Black Hundreds,” which meant simply; the black guard. The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion became the program of this movement; with it they were born and with it they grew. Even the primitive version, based on Godsche’s nocturnal conspiracy of rabbis, had a terrible effect. It was circulated widely, and in 1903 gave the signal for the Kishenev pogram, in which several thousand Jews were massacred…

A first version had been prepared toward the end of the nineties by Golovinski and Manuilov, two journalists in the service of Ratchkovsky…

In 1904-05, the pamphlet was refurbished as an attack on Prince Svatopulk-Mirski, minister of the interior, and Count Witte, the finance minister, who were too liberal for the Ochrana…

This is the origin of the supposed textbook of Jewish world domination. Today the forgery is incontrovertibly proved, yet something infinitely significant has remained: a textbook of world domination pure and simple…

The spirit of the Protocols, therefore, contains historical truth, though all the facts put forth in them are forgeries. Hence its influence on such varied times and peoples. When they were published, their deeper, genuine content beneath the varnish of falsification found a receptive mood in many sections of the Russian people - a mood of decadence and despair. The Russian literature of the period from Tolstoi to Sologub bears witness to this mood…

Sergei Nilus…Nilus was a religious writer…

He had written a book, under the influence of Soloviev, on the theme of the Jewish Antichrist. Its title: “Small signs betoken great events. The Antichrist is near at hand.”

This second edition was sponsored by the Ochrana and published in 1905 in the Imperial stateprinting shop in Tsarskoye Selo. Its appendix includes The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. This was the first publication of the Protocols in their present form, and it was claimed by Nilus that these Protocols were the minutes of speeches and debates which were made at the founding congress of the Zionist Movement in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897.

This much was true, that in 1897 in Basel the Jewish Nationalist Movement of the Zionists was born. The goal of this group, to put it simply, was to lead the Jews back again to Palestine; to state it more exactly, to create for those Jews who were leading an intolerable life of oppression, especially in Russia, a ‘legally assured homestead’ in Palestine…

This was the purpose of the Basel congress. But, if we believe Nilus, its true, secret aim was just the opposite; that is, the foundation of an uncontested world domination by the Jews. He claimed that the public congress was a mere blind for a number of far more secret sessions. In those secret sessions the Zionist leaders set forth their plan for Jewish world conquest…

These speeches were taken down in shorthand and entered in the minutes. A courier of the congress was supposed to bring the terrible papers from Basel to the German city of Frankfurt am Main, to be preserved in the secret archives of the Rising Sun Lodge of Freemasons…

But there is one point to which he always adheres: that he himself had received the papers from a certain Suchotin, marshal of nobility in the district of Chernigov, who had received them from Ratchkovsky…

In 1917, during the World War and after the tsar’s downfall, Nilus published the last edition of his book, with the Protocols in the appendix. This time it was: ‘He is near, he is hard by the door.’ It is this edition which was placed on Alfred Rosenberg’s table…

Rosenberg believed in the secret session of Basel, at least he did then. For this we cannot be too hard on a lad of twenty-four. For beneath the heavy coating of a clumsily exaggerated forgery, the Protocols contain a genuine element which might well carry a strong, mysterious appeal to the modern intellectual…

With the book in his bag, he fled at the beginning of 1918 to his native city of Reval, later called Tallinn. German troops took the city. Rosenberg remembered that he was a German. He volunteered for the German army, to fight against the Bolsheviki who for some months had been in the saddle in Petersburg and Moscow. The German commandant distrusted the German Russian and rejected him…

The Bolsheviki, in a desperate life-and-death struggle, always in power but always on the brink of catastrophe, struck down their enemies by ruthless, barbaric terror. They acted in accordance with the recommendations of the Protocols of Zion. Were they not themselves the Wise Men of Zion? Hadn’t they Jewish leaders?

For at the end of 1918, Rosenberg was forced to leave Reval with the remnants of the withdrawing, disbanding German army. The Bolsheviki pressed after them, occupied Reval, took Riga, approached the German border…

In a swarm of Russian fugitives, officers, intellectuals, barons and princes, Rosenberg reached Berlin, then Munich. At the same time other refugees reached Constantinople, London, Paris; Russians, Germans, but also Englishmen, Frenchmen, even American, members of those Allied expeditionary armies who, after the outbreak of the Bolshevik revolution, had occupied, for a time, Russian territory in Siberia, in the North, in the Crimea…

A pity that General Ratchkovsky never lived to see the day. The shadow of Russia fell over Europe. From the Kremlin, Lenin exhorted the world to revolution, holding aloft the Communist Manifesto. Rosenberg comes, a humble fugitive, with the textbook of world domination in his battered suitcase.”

Upon reaching Munich those driven from the Russian territories by the Communists found a way of finding each other. They formed groups, often in secret, to plan conspiracies and raise arms to fight the Communists.

Rosenberg joined such a group, along with a young man named Rudolf Hess and an elderly writer named Dietrich Eckart. They shared the Protocols. The name of their secret group was called the Thule Society. Through them a German translation of the Protocols was issued with the distribution success extraordinary. Edition after edition followed. Soon it was released in England, France, Poland and even America.

The Thule Society finally decided to act, and decided to kill Kurt Eisner, the leader of the Bavarian Revolution. Unlike Lenin, whose Judaism could be traced only as far as his grandmother, Eisner really was a Jew. But while the Thuilists and many other groups made plans to recapture Bavaria from the socialists, a young Jewish officer the Thuilists had rejected from membership because he was Jewish beat them to the act.

Count Anton Arco-Valley, insulted by his rejection by the Thulists and determined to shame them, shot Eisner in the midst of his guards on an open street. It was the very day Eisner was going to resign. In the chaos that followed the Communists seized power from the socialists and Eisner became a martyred hero.

Remnants of the Bavarian army recaptured Munich; they were part of a group called the National Socialist Workers Party, dedicated to hunting down the Jewish Bolsheviks. Rosenberg was invited to speak to their group and along with the Thule members Eckart, Hess and Feder became a part of this rapidly growing political movement.

In time a young soldier assigned to keep watch on potentially subversive groups would speak to the new organization, and then become a member. His name was Adolf Hitler and the Protocols became an essential source of his attitudes toward the Soviets (the Antichrist), and the Jews (the Wise Men).

Whether the document was true or not the response this amazing document achieved wherever it was published served the purpose of inciting people against the Jews. If it indeed was a hoax it was one of the more elaborate and comprehensive hoaxes in history.

That it was mysteriously received by Rosenberg in Russia, and delivered by him to Hitler personally is quite coincidental, or is it? The entire text of the mysterious Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion appears in the appendix of this book.