Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Care Reform - What Summit? What Bi-Partisanship?


The president held his long and tedious health care summit yesterday but was he really a summit moderator when the only thing he endorsed was the Democrats position in the House and Senate bills? How does one negotiate when they start out saying this is what I want? The entire political sideshow was an attempt by the Obama White House to make the Republicans look bad while helping Democrats keep from getting routed in the fall elections.

A few weeks ago the White House did catch the Republicans off guard but this time it just might have backfired. For it was Republicans in the form of Lamar Alexander, Tom Coburn and Paul Ryan who provided calm, reasoned arguments on behalf of the GOP regarding fraud, waste, competition and cost reduction proposals that have not been considered by the Democrats. In fact the performance by Coburn and Ryan was so dominating they might have become new Republican stars.

By the end of the session it was clear the Republicans had many good proposals for change in health care and that they had the facts to back up their proposals. More important, they were making an effort to be bi-partisan even though the deck was stacked against them. It is not the Republicans fault there is no health care, not when the Democrats have the votes if they really wanted health care. The only current obstruction to health care is the division within the Democrats. Pelosi and Reid cannot control their own members and need a scapegoat for their incompetence as leaders of the majority party.

In their opening statements House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Reid were apparently so disgusted with the whole affair they couldn't look at the Republican speakers during the session and refused to embrace the GOP ideas, even when other Democrats were saying the ideas made sense. In fact they raised only partisan issues and were more than a little defensive. It was as if they already planned on going ahead without the Republicans and would try and ram comprehensive health care with all the secret deals and payoffs down our throats.

In fact Pelosi showed such little regard for the outcome she had Charles Rangel make the closing statement for the Democrat majority the same day a House Ethics panel said Rangel violated many House ethics rules with tax fraud and other ethics violations. Rangel, Pelosi's Chairman of our tax writing committee, seemed to have forgotten to pay taxes on apartments he owns in NYC, foreign investments, made illegal use of campaign funds and who knows what else. What a slap in the face to America when you flaunt tax cheats in a national forum.

Before the conference even closed, Harry Reid was proven wrong when he started the conference saying there was no truth to the rumor the Democrats planned to use the highly controversial Reconciliation rule to force a vote by simple majority in the Senate. His own staff and White House staff were already hard at work planning on the Reconciliation vote before the Easter break, in just four weeks. So a Summit that starts with false statements and no indication of a spirit of compromise wound up giving the public all the more reason to question the leadership, or lack thereof, of the Democratic majority.

Why is it health care reform means many different things to different people? Maybe they people in Washington should get their terminology straight before they make wild claims and declarations. The whole discussion with health care centers on why the United States has the most expensive health care in the world yet gets treatment that ranks 37th out of 191 countries. A secondary issue is what to do about health care for the uninsured. This will increase the cost to government.

Thus any discussion of reforming health care should first be based on lowering the cost or upgrading the service. If a proposal does not generate either result forget it. Federal government policy must be based on several key factors. Does the federal government have the legal and Constitutional authority to address each aspect of the policy proposed? Is there enabling legislation clarifying the role of the federal government in the specific aspect of the issue? Has the federal government appropriated the money to pay for that aspect of the issue?

Once a proposal passes these first tests then another series of requirements must be met. Is the current method of implementing the proposal the best use of government resources and funds or is there a better way to do it more cost effective and resulting in better program efficiency. One must first question whether our entire health care system is the best way to keep Americans healthy. This has not been done in any of the legislative proposals.

For example, there are alternative treatments including ancient techniques using herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, massage and numerous others that have been proven successful over the years that are used for health maintenance. These would include disciplines like Yoga, Tai Chi, and herbology, many from ancient Far Eastern cultures. Many are not allowed under health insurance plans even though they are ways to lower all health costs with preventive maintenance to the body.

The cost of these treatments is a fraction of any Western Medical cost for examination and testing to find problems to treat. The cost of a CAT scan can run up to $6,000, an MRI can cost $3,500 and myocardial perfusion scans may cost $5,000 - 6,000. This is the cost of the machine doing it's thing. There are addition fees for the appointment, doctor's analysis, cost for the clinic or hospital and on and on. The use of such scans is exploding, perhaps as a way to protect doctors from malpractice suits. CAT scans alone have quadrupled over a ten year period, myocardial perfusion scans increased 40% the last three years..

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) did a study, which analyzed three years (2005-2007) of medical data from nearly 1 million adults aged 18 to 64, and found that such procedures are bombarding a significant number, about 4 million Americans, with potentially cancer-causing doses of radiation. Yet the tests are often used in situations where their value hasn’t been proven. The study showed there are 163 imaging procedures performed on every 1,000 people in America. This includes the CAT scan and myocardial perfusion scans (a nuclear stress test used to evaluate the heart) and MRI. The first two tests accounted for 21 percent of the total number of procedures undertaken by the one million people in the study but more than 75 percent of the total exposure to radiation. That means is has cost about $6,000 plus just to examine the patient through imaging before any diagnoses or treatment has been undertaken. No wonder health care costs so much.

Another major issue with health care cost is what is being done to bring new treatments into the health care system. Our Food and Drug Administration approves new drugs in America whether those drugs are natural or fabricated. Major pharmaceutical corporations control the approval of new drugs and have spent up to $50 million getting new drugs through the FDA process. The fees from these drug companies paid to FDA give it millions of dollars in revenues.

How can a small company possibly get approval for new drugs or treatments when the maze of tests and the requirements for data by FDA drive the cost into the millions of dollars? Better yet, how many cures for cancer and other diseases are not available in America because small businesses cannot afford the fees and the companies refuse to sell out to the major pharmaceutical companies trying to force them into selling or attempting takeovers. These predator practices are encouraged by FDA whose revenue is dependent on the large drug companies.

We have only begun to root out the corruption in health care within the government, within the health care industry, between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, hospitals and clinics (kickbacks), between investment houses and stock of the health care providers, and who knows what else. Billions of dollars in unnecessary costs and fraudulent billings may be involved and billions more in investment capital and the manipulation of stock may be underway. Don't we need to get rid of the waste, corruption and fraud before we spend another trillion dollars on a broken system?

When President Obama and the Democrats try and ram their bill down the throat of the public abusing the Reconciliation rule of Congress and formally try to protect the secret deals and payoffs they intend to make it will be the beginning of the end of the current leadership of the House and Senate. It will provide the foundation for the taxpayer revolt and it will finally demonstrate that our charismatic president may indeed have more sinister goals than knowing what is good for the public.


The Canadian Olympic Hockey Girls Golden Moment - Smashed and Trashed


Girls just want to have fun!

After four years of hard work the Canadian Women's Hockey team finally beat the USA in the finals and are the best hockey team in the world taking home, well they alreay were home, the Olympic gold.

About 30 minutes after the gold medal ceremony, the same team was back on the ice in the deserted hockey stadium armed with beer, champagne and cigars getting smashed and trashed in the spirit of Cindi Lauper's rock classic, Girl's just want to have fun.

It was an early demonstration of the benefits of winning gold in Canada as it seems all laws regarding underage drinking were waived, don't forget the team did have underage teenagers, not to mention drinking in an Olympic stadium.

So the Olympic Committee gave the team a tongue lashing about how the drunken celebration was not in the Olympic spirit. Are they crazy? I, for one, think after all those years of training and competition the girls deserved to let loose.

Here in America our teens don't even need an excuse like winning Olympic gold medials to have a party and get smashed and underage drinking is most certainly rather common.

Not that I am condoning it mind you because we know every adult in America has never done such a thing. But no one was in danger of drunk driving when they were sprawled on the floor of a hockey rink, unless it was the girl who tried to drive the ice cleaning machine and she didn't evenhave the keys.

Canadians, well they are Canadians, and don't think for a moment they don't know how to party. I say forgive them their errors of judgment. Any nation that can provide the energy needs of the USA should be allowed an occasional party.

Besides, what is going on here during Mardi Gras, New Years Eve, Super Bowl Sunday and March Madness? And we do this every year, not every four years.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama's Return to Health Care - A Case of Chicago Arrogance?


Tomorrow Obama has scheduled a bi-partisan meeting on health care. Unfortunately, he has already taken the Senate and House Democratic bills and combined them into what he calls a template for a final bill. We are talking about over 1000 pages consolidated into a template. That is rather absurd. But giving the president the benefit of the doubt, so he has a template.

However, he has already said, before the meeting took place, that if the Republicans don't do what he wants them to do he will force his bill through Congress using a reconciliation act. Now that seems to take away any interest in bi-partisanship, any intent to negotiate, and any concern for the public will which is obvious from the elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts or the polls showing the vast majority of Americans do not want a wholesale overhaul of health care. The public just wants the problems fixed.

As for the reconciliation procedure to circumvent the Senate rules, it was established for the sole purpose of establishing a mechanism to deal with contentious budget issues, not general policy. To date it has only been used for budget issues. The Byrd rule within the reconciliation procedure says no bill may be considered that will increase the national debt at the end of ten years.

With all the confusion over the impact of health care reform, and the dependence on certain budget assumptions by the White House regarding unemployment and tax revenues over the next ten years, does anyone really think this White House can be wrong on every economic and budget projection to date and not be wrong on a ten year health care projection. Not to mention that the health care reform goes way beyond a budget bill and impacts on federal policy and programs in many none budgetary ways.

So, what does it all mean? First, in the interest of transparency which Obama hails as a first step toward getting this done, the President must reveal his deals with the unions contained in this bill. He must also reveal how the auto bailout has already given the unions a multi-billion dollar payoff for health benefits. Then he must reveal any secret deals made between the White House, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in particular, to protect the union benefits far exceeding normal health care benefits and pharmaceutical corporations to protect them from foreign competition. Finally, he must reveal any deal with the Trial Lawyers that might prevent tort reform from being included in the package.

One last item. Our health care system is built around a maze of stock ownership positions as most health care providers are private corporations. Also in the interest of transparency the White House should disclose those investment houses they have discussed health care reform with and what promises might have been made to the Goldman Sachs, JP Morgans and banks regarding their investment in these health care special interests. Far more than the insurance companies stand to gain big bucks from the Obama plan and the involvement of Wall Street in the White House plan must also be disclosed.

There is no way the president will allow the truth about any of those questions to come out as they would undermine any bi-partisan efforts and result in outrage by the public, Republicans and moderate Democrats. Obama as much as said it already by threatening to shove the bill down our throats with the misapplication of the reconciliation procedure.

Now if the Republicans do not press for answers on these issues they are just as delinquent as the White House. The Republicans must have an alternative to the Obama plan, and they must demand answers in the interest of transparency on these issues.

It is clear Obama's Chicago gang has no concern for the public will and events starting tomorrow will demonstrate if the Democrats and Republicans chose to ignore the public as well. If our elected officials do not listen to the mood of the public, and pay attention to all those polls they claim they do not read, then we know they are serving special interests and not the public interest.

The Administration and Congress are at a crossroads. They have to decide whether their campaign funds are more important than the public good. They need to pass a health care bill that reduces the cost and improves the service without impacting on the national debt. Will they serve the public interest or the special interests. We may soon know.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who is this character Ron Paul, the Texas Populist and Thorn in the Side of Big Spenders?


I must say that early in the 2008 campaign I had occasion to interview a number of college age or college bound kids in an effort to measure the potential for participating in the presidential election. At the time it seemed to me that Barack Obama, the young politician from Chicago riding a wave of change and hope might be able to capture the bulk of the youth in the election.

On the other hand, after years of scientific polling and working on the development of perception analysis rather than stated preference in polling I knew predicting the eventual vote of any demographic group was a most difficult task. I must say I was quite astounded to learn that the most dominant candidate among those youth I studied was not Barack Obama at all but a little known Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul.

Ron Paul broke every mold for being the darling of the youth vote as he was 72 years old, was a medical doctor, was rock solid conservative, pro-life, pro-family and that was just the beginning of my surprise. This standard bearer for youth stood for libertarian values, was a conservatives conservative, wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve, supported the right to bear arms, opposed the post 9-11 Patriot Act and the torture, national ID cards, domestic surveillance and the draft contained by that act, opposed the United Nations, opposed the Iraq War, opposed the many ways the federal government takes over state functions, and was about as opposed to what I perceived as the youth movement as possible.

Now Ron Paul first took office as a Congressman in a 1976 special election when I was working on Senate races at a time when Republicans didn't win anything, the post Watergate years. Paul lost his election to a full term in 1976 but was elected again in 1978, 80 and 82 before losing a Senate race. He then disappeared from the scene until emerging again in 1996 by running as a Republican against the Republican incumbent who was endorsed by the Republican party and forcing a runoff election which he won. It was his third election to Congress as a non-incumbent establishing him as a true outsider.

Once again he ran as a Republican opposed the Republican party candidate and this time legendary baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan was his campaign chair and tax activist Steve Forbes of New York, Forbes Magazine, backed him against the establishment. Paul won only to face a furious effort by the AFL-CIO in the general election to stop him which he also overcame and he has been preaching his brand of economics ever since.

Paul adheres deeply to the Austrian school of economics; he has authored six books on the subject, and displays pictures of Austrian school economists Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises as well as one of Grover Cleveland on his office wall. Ron has opposed all government spending initiatives, increased taxes and increases in the federal deficit.

Now is this the portrait of a person being embraced by the youth of America? Hardly I think. So what is it about Ron Paul that drew his attention to our youth and made him the standard bearer for youth in America? Well we can look back to a fateful event hosted by MTV and MySpace just three days before Super Primary Tuesday in February of 2008. It was the MTV/MySpace Candidate Dialogue called "Closing Arguments" and Ron Paul appeared with Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

MTV was the backer of Obama and did a poll of those youth listening to the debate, a poll Obama had won with 75% of respondents the previous debate. Of course with his billion dollar campaign Obama had stacked the audience at the debate and was prepared to ride the wave to the presidency.

Listeners were asked which candidate did they agree with on issues like Darfur and Ron Paul, opposed to international intervention stunned the sponsors by winning 61% of the youth online vote to Obama just above 50%. It was the beginning of an avalanche as Paul drew 76% support for his stand on the response to 9-11, 78% regarding energy independence, 81% for his foreign policy, while Obama consistently got about 50% and Hillary got between 20-30%. In fact, just over half of the entire listening audience said they would vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Of course the results were so opposed to what they expected and what they had tried to manipulate that MTV and MySpace never mentioned them again during the campaign. However, Ron Paul's popularity with youth continued to grow. After the election he didn't go away and as the disenfranchised youth who did support Obama have moved back to Ron Paul, the old Doctor from Texas stands alone in being the favorite of our youth.

Ron Paul's message is even starting to be heard by those in Congress who have ignored him all these decades as recently the House approved his bill to audit the Federal Reserve and more and more of our elected officials are starting to talk about big spending and the bigger deficit and national debt. Today, at 74, Ron Paul is the beacon of hope for youth because his life has been dedicated to making sure there is something left of America for them to inherit.

I was honored to have articles I wrote for the Coltons Point Times appear on one of his websites:
where my article on The Obama, Goldman Sachs & Rothchild Connection still appears and is recognized for connecting the dots between these people and groups.

You should read up on Ron Paul and what he is doing to protect America from itself. You will find that this independent revolutionary is truly acting in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, something our youth seemed to have already discovered for themselves. Is it any wonder that Ron Paul won the straw poll for president this past weekend at the national Conservative convention, to the absolute astonishment of the media and the Republican party?


Friday, February 19, 2010

What Do the President, Congress and Tiger Woods have in Common? They all owe us a Mea Culpa


Today Tiger is going to explain to the American people, or is it the corporate sector, why he should be forgiven and forgotten and let him return to making millions. It is an event the media, sports community and sponsors all want because they are all losing mega bucks with Tiger in rehab.

But don't the president and Congress also owe us a Mea Culpa as well? I mean for the last decade or more Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, have been spending money like drunken, well, politicians I guess, without a care in the world about paying for the spending. We now have record deficits and a record national debt and right now not even our great grandchildren will be able to pay for our sins of gluttony.

President Obama promised us a change from the old way of politics. He promised us new and responsible government and he promised no more deficits like Bush. He then proceeded to rewrite the record book for deficit spending and increasing the national debt in his first year in office and has done nothing but make excuses why he was forced to be just another politician once he became president.

Along came the public who promptly said, the idjits in Washington still don't get it. Then the public did something that caught our politicians flat footed, they started throwing out politicians through the ballot box. First came New Jersey and Virginia and then came Massachusetts and suddenly the back room politicians took notice.

Now the president, Congress and even the media seem to have undergone divine enlightenment and suddenly they are acting as if they knew all along what the public wanted. Well look at the record my friends, our elected leaders and our news media were dead wrong in reading the public, dead wrong in how they managed the public trust, and dead wrong in their dramatic, born again attitude that maybe the liberal spendthrifts were leading us astray. It was not the liberals, it was the whole damn bunch!

Now, we are supposed to forgive the president and Congress for prior spending discretions. But unlike Tiger Woods, whose apology may be a bit hypocritical since it has a lot more to do with money than honesty, but at least he did apologize, when are the president and all of Congress going to also come forward with their Mea Culpa and admit they were wrong?

An addiction to spending money cannot be stopped until there is an acknowledgement it was wrong in the first place. As they do fall in line and adopt the fiscally responsible way DO NOT let them off the hook until they have attacked the causes of their spending addiction. We all know how easy it is to stop an addiction only to start again. However, until you throw away and stay away from prescription drugs, booze or tobacco if that is your addiction, you will always be stopping but never be finished.

There are root causes to our political addiction to big spending which have not been acknowledged and are not being addressed by our born again leaders. While we know they can play the role of Uncle Sugar and throw money at anything and everything, we also must know that they are awash in money because of their uncontrolled spending. Yes, our politicians have legislated themselves legal grand larceny with the ridiculous campaign finance laws and the sea of special interest money they are drowning in.

Here is a profile of our born again politicians as we enter the 2010 election cycle, and remember we are only s little over 6 weeks into the year. So far candidates for the House of Representatives have raised over $370 million. Candidates for the Senate have raised over $239 million, and the Democratic and Republican party combined have raised over, get this folks, ONE BILLION DOLLARS! That means over $1.6billion is already in the bank, or is it pockets, of our elected officials.

Incumbent politicians, those the public distrust the least, hold an enormous advantage raising five times more than their opponents in the House and eight times more in the Senate. Now where do you suppose all those hundreds of millions of dollars come from? Special interests, lobbyists, PACS (Political Action Committees) for special interests and employees of special interests.

An avalanche of dollars from finance, insurance, real estate, lawyers, lobbyists, single issue groups, health, communications and labor make up the top contributors to our elected officials. Where I come from that is called a conflict of interest, a bribe, a kickback or whatever. Our elected officials are owned by special interests so what chance does the public have to clean out the mess?

There is only one chance and that is if Congress and the president back campaign finance reform and I do not mean the smokescreen reforms of the past where more and more loopholes were created, I mean once and for all slamming the door shut to buying our elections. Remember, all this money was raised before the Supreme Court threw out limits on contributions by these same industries and organizations. Billions more may now be spent to protect the politicians who protect the contributors.

Public funding of federal campaigns is the only way to break the cycle of corrupted politicians. If our leaders would set up a non-partisan election fund and only allow special interests to contribute to this fund there would be no more shenanigans in the Halls of government. To substantially reduce the cost of campaigns, thus the eventual cost to the government, also ban campaign expenditures for media ads, radio, television and the Internet.

At the same time require all television stations, radio and Internet service providers to make available at no cost time for each qualified candidate for federal office. They should also be encouraged to have debates as part of their news responsibilities. Remember, our government licenses all television and radio stations and networks so why should they benefit from billions of dollars in campaign costs for commercials when they are just selling the airways granted by our government.

Of course the media will scream but the media has a special responsibility to the people as they are protected by our Bill of Rights in the Constitution, something no other industry can claim. Don't they have a responsibility to help keep campaigns free from special interests, even if they are the special interest? Most certainly.

Eliminate campaign ads on the airways and you reduce the cost of campaigns by more than 50%. Provide public funding and all candidates, incumbents and challengers alike, are on more equal footing even though the incumbent still has great advantages. At least the financial gap is closed. Eliminate all special interest funding for campaigns, instead telling those that would buy favor with their money to contribute to the non-partisan federal campaign fund. And eliminate special interest funding to the Democrat and Republican parties since these contributions are simply a way to circumvent the federal campaign finance laws and there is nothing in our Constitution that says only the Democratic and Republican parties know what is best for the people.

This is just the beginning of reforms needed but it takes the billions of dollars in special interest money off the table, money that buys favor and buys politicians. If our born again leaders can't take this first step toward breaking their addiction to campaign money from special interests they will never stop spending your tax money to help the special interests. America will lose!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Todd Palin, The First Dude, Sarah Palin's Soul Mate and Advisor


I just love it when the media gets so carried away with Palin bashing that they go brain dead trying to find the newest way to stop her. Recently thanks to the unrelenting liberal obsession with smearing all things Palin they got hundreds of emails from Sarah's time as governor publicly released and surprise, surprise they discovered that Todd Palin actually helped his wife in the office.

Of course they forgot to mention that Todd was listed as an unpaid advisor to the governor and had taken a leave of absence from his job on the North Slopes and that all that help did not cost the public a single cent but then the leftists never let facts get in the way of a good Palin story.

So what is the story? It was a question posed to me by someone insinuating they were Glenn Beck so Glenn or your imposter here is my report on Todd. The First Dude is an Independent union member from the United Steelworkers. Sarah's high school sweetheart, something that I'm certain irks the liberals and their distain for family values, they eloped to save money and have been happily married ever since.

A steelworker, jock, commercial fisherman, championship snowmobile racer, motorcycle rider, father, family man and pilots his own private plane, by any definition Todd is truly a Dude. Being Sarah Palin's husband also makes him the target of outrageous media attacks and liberal charges. It is a good thing he ignores the vicious attacks because the First Dude could whup any ten liberal elitists with one hand tied behind his back.

As for Todd helping out in the governor's office, well let's explore that charge of a spouse of an elected politician helping out. Hummm. I guess we could start with Hillary Clinton. She not only helped her husband in the governor's office but in the White House as well with her own staff and office. Did anyone hear the liberal media squawking?

When President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in office his wife ran the presidency and she wasn't elected. Franklin Roosevelt had Eleanor and she riled a lot of feathers interfering in office affairs. People said Nancy Reagan was the best access to Ronald Reagan if you wanted to get something to his attention.

So maybe the response to what Todd was doing should be, his job as a husband, helping his wife and trying to protect her from the sharks. The same thing Hillary and many other spouses have done over the years. In fact if more politicians would put their spouses beside them in the office there might be a lot less affairs and hanky panky by our elected officials.

If I were Sarah Palin I would have anyone who wanted to see me arm wrestle the First Dude before letting them in and she might save herself from a lot of wasted time being nice to those who want to see her career come to a crashing end.

By the way, in the 30 some campaigns I was involved in at the local, state and national levels you always knew that the spouse was the most important person in the campaign next to the candidate and the more the spouse knew about the office the better the candidates chances of winning and serving successfully. Sarah you keep that First Dude between you and the cold, cruel world you want to help and your chances of success increase exponentially.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she is one person I have written about who always gets significant attention from the public so I thought you might enjoy seeing the articles I have written about her since she stepped into the national limelight about 18 months ago. You can copy and paste the following links to see how she evolved nationally and in the eyes of the Coltons Point Times. Enjoy.

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