Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter 2010 is Not Through Yet


Just when you think we might get back to a normal winter which means it has to stop snowing since we are already way beyond normal snowfall, here it comes again. So this latest blast left about 10 more inches here but the quite cold temperature and winds of 40-60 mph drove the wind chill down to around 5 to -5 degrees.

This time the roads were frozen solid with a nice coating of ice. Of course Maryland, Washington, DC and the entire North Atlantic have closed yet again, the third straight day for the federal government and they announced they will be closed Thursday, the fourth straight day.

When I worked at the White House and Congress I never remembered snow like this and for good reason since Washington, DC and Coltons Point both broke records for the most snow in a winter in history. The DC record was set in 1898. I have no idea what the new records might be since we are already over 60 inches and it is only mid-February.

Now Coolin, my giant Irish Wolfhound, seen below trying to stay out of the blizzard while still staying outside, loves winter and cold and snow but hates ice. He is so conscious of his size he will not walk on ice, nor go up stairs with ice, meaning I have to put rugs on the steps when it gets icy which has been almost every day since about a month ago.

Maryland must have cut the budget for snow removal because there is little hope of getting anywhere in a storm or for the next few days after. Just tonight our governor declared a snow emergency (a little late after the state has already been paralyzed by the blizzard) and said the side streets would not be cleared for 72 hours.

Back in Iowa and Nebraska if a mayor or governor said roads would not be cleared of snow for a week, which is how long it has been between the last two storms, he wouldn't be a politician for long. And if he said any car stuck in the snow would be ticketed and towed with more charges he'd probably be lynched.

Since we have a bunch of Democrats in Maryland and Washington we can only assume this liberal snow clean up chaos is a result of Democrats being in control. Liberals must not like snow much and certainly don't want to jeopardize their base by making the union members on the highway crews go out in that awful cold.

We still have electricity and heat, food and clothes so things could be worse. It is supposed to get well below zero tonight with the wind chill and there are thousands of people with no heat or electricity so we hope they are okay.

Stay tuned for more from the Southern Maryland artic.

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