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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all God's Children



For all people of the world we offer prayers and hope for world peace and wish you happy holidays for (Christian) Christmas, (African) Kwanzaa, (Hispanic) Las Posadad-Noche Buena-Navidad, (Jewish) Hanukkah-Rosh Hashanah, (Persian) Yalda, (Islamic) Eid al-Adha-Muharram, (Buddhist) Rohatsu, (Hindu) Sankranti, (Celtic) Winter Solstice and (Chinese) New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas

Joyeux Noël et joyeuses fêtes

Buon Natale e Buone Feste

Frohe Weihnachten und frohe Feiertage

Vrolijke Kerstmis en Gelukkige Vakantie

Καλα Χριστουγεννα και καλες διακοπες

Feliz Natal e Boas Festas

И Рождеством Христовым праздники



This is Rockefeller Center in NYC which could be seen from my office above it on 5th Avenue.

From the Coltons Point Times -- have a great, safe and loving holidays....


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Dawn Over America - Obama Now Needs Evan Bayh


Well someone seems to have gotten the message from the disgruntled voters in the midterm elections and that someone includes President Obama, the Republican leaders, and even some Democrats. The message, cut the partisanship, work together, and give us back our government.

The result has been the most productive Lame Duck Congress in history as the spirit of bi-partisanship resulted in the stunning passage of tax cuts, extension of unemployment benefits, Continuing Resolution to fund the government, passage of Don't Ask Don't Tell, ratification of the START Nuclear Arms treaty, approval of the 9-11 health fund and who knows what else might be accomplished in just two weeks.

No one expected such a remarkable performance by leaders in Washington although I did predict the bills would all get approved just after the election, but I am the eternal optimist who believes our system of government will always prevail in the end.

Obama has set a great pace since suffering the humbling debacle last November which goes to prove he is more of a pragmatist than a partisan. Maybe, with the new Republican House taking office after the first of the year, he can continue to govern from the center and all will be well in America. If he falls back into his partisan mode which prevailed the first two years and nearly paralyzed the nation it will be a tough two years.

Good government has always been the art of compromise though our current leaders seemed to have forgotten the lessons of history the last two years, but if Obama can never lose sight of the will of the people he could become a formidable candidate for re-election.

Which leads me to my two year old campaign to get Obama to appoint Evan Bayh, the retiring Senator from Indiana, as his new chief of staff. The day after Christmas Bayh turns 55, a remarkably young age for such a highly regarded retiring Senator who is one of few people in Washington to be well respected by members of both political parties and the media.

Everything Bayh has done and stands for is exactly what Obama needs in the person leading his White House operations, managing his policy initiatives and working with what will be a likely restless divided Congress. Evan Bayh would be the perfect antidote after two years of the Rahm Emanuel take no prisoners management style. There would be no foul mouth expletives, no threats against political opponents, no attempts to steamroll Congress like we saw during the first two years.

Bayh is imminently qualified in terms of class, knowledge, communication skills, understanding people and knowing how to encourage bi-partisanship. No one in the Obama administration brings the same quality of assets to the table. The popular Bayh, if named chief of staff, could almost guarantee the re-election of Obama because Bayh is really that good.

If the president really wants to heal the country then he should name Evan Bayh his chief of staff.

As for the politicians in our nation's capitol, I believe the people have given them a chance to govern over all the people but if they slip back into their old ways of partisan bickering and dog fights, then the people will replace them. Main Street is hopeful, but will not stand for more of the same.

Republicans cannot move far to the right and succeed. Seeking a limited government with a balanced budget does not mean forgetting about the real needs of the people nor placing the needs of special interests above the people. Democrats must avoid forcing the agenda too far to the left as well since America is the great melting pot, and that means stick to the middle.

Much remains to be done. Tough budget decisions lie ahead. We still have 150,000 of America's finest fighting in two wars around the world and we should pray for thir safety until they are home. The economy is starting to recover but many pitfalls lie ahead. Our international standing is in need of repair. Over 31,100 Mexicans have died the past four years in our drug war.  In short, we have a long ways to go.

The last two weeks have been delightful to watch as our government actually acted like, well, a responsible body representing the people. What a joy to see. The surging stock market and increasing optimism of the people was the reward. Keep it up and more rewards will come. Let us hope we have seen the beginning of a new era of responsible government and pray that it stays that way.

Our leaders represent all the people all the time, not just the special interests that pour money into their campaigns. They forgot that the last two years. Maybe they will remember it this time. If so, then we have all been given the greatest Christmas gift possible, the gift of HOPE for the future of America.

St.Clements Island Maryland Colonial History - The Rest of the Story

Maryland and the nation owe a great deal to the brave colonists who ventured across the Atlantic in 1633 and landed on St. Clements Island in early 1634. St. Clements Manor, established within a couple of years, remains the oldest continually settled chartered community in colonial America.

The following series of articles gives the latest research and solves the enduring mysteries about the colonial days in England and Southern Maryland giving a fascinating glimpse into the lives and politics of the colonial era.

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Where in the world is Coltons Point?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Scenes from Coltons Point

Friday, July 10, 2009
St. Clements Island and Manor - Four Centuries of Uninterrupted History

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
St. Clement's Island Prehistory - Part 1.

Monday, August 24, 2009
St. Clement's Island Prehistory - Part 2

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Histories Mysteries - The Journey of the Ark and the Dove

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Histories Mysteries - Next King of England (Prince William) Shares St. Clements Manor, Maryland Bloodline

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Histories Mysteries - The Landing at St. Clement's Island in 1634


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Equinox, Solstice, Lunar Eclipse and Druid Day of Celebration


There is magic in the air today with the rare convergence of a stunning lunar eclipse falling on the same day as the equinox, the Winter solstice.  How rare you might ask?  Well the last one was in 1638, 372 years ago, and the next will be in 2094, 84 years from today.

It is the time when Druids rule the Earth, King Arthur has consolidated the English under one king, and Merlin the Wizard protects the first king to bridge the pre-Christian and Christian cultures.  Now that would take a mighty powwerful Wizard.

I journeyed to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in search of the ancient Celts and found them at Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, the Giant's Causeway and Newgrange, the ancient Irish tomb where the sun hit the center on the equinox.  I stood in the center of that tomb.

So today I celebrate magic, good magic that is, and the Celtic days of the Druids when all that was needed was provided without electricity, cell phones, television and computers.  How did we ever survive?

Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America - Part 6.


Where can the truth be found?

It has been eight months since I was first diagnosed with "possible" Lyme disease. My last report in June discussed how the conditions had settled in with swollen joints, numb hands, odd behavior from my neurology system and frustration finding the truth about the bacteria.

As for the treatment, nothing seemed to be doing anything more than keeping me from getting worse so I then turned to the Eastern and ancient medical treatments and I found a 76 year old Chinese Doctor who has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for over 55 years.

Dr. Shi-hua Wu, CMD, OMD is a professor of Traditional Chinese medicine, a US licensed Acupuncturist & Herbologist and a Clinical Consultant in Acupuncture & Herbology, quite a list of credentials for the diminutive doctor from China who works out of Chinatown in Washington, DC.

According to the professionals who came to my rescue in late November, Dr. Wu probably saved my life because unbeknownst to me, at the time I found him after several months of no progress in getting better, the weakness throughout my body was causing my organs to begin failing. That was in late September.

The numb hands led to nerve problems and two areas of pinched nerves in my spine which started after I got the disease and left me with occasional problems standing, walking and climbing steps. By October it had been months since I was in public and I had no intention of being seen as I looked like a drunken sailor trying to walk and I didn't even drink.

Dr. Wu formulated an extra-ordinary herbal tea for my condition using 24-28 Chinese herbs and requiring me to follow a full page of preparation instructions taking several hours to make a weeks supply. He also began twice a week acupuncture at his Chinatown office. He would study my condition each visit and put in 35-65 needles depending on what he found. He also gave me some other herbs to take daily.

If you know ancient Chinese medicine, to over simplify it, the intent is to restore your body to full functioning by bringing your body into balance. With a history of 2000 to 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness. The TCM approach is fundamentally different from that of Western medicine. In TCM, the understanding of the human body is based on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Daoism, and the treatment of illness is based primarily on the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes.

The TCM approach treats zang--fu organs as the core of the human body. Tissue and organs are connected through a network of channels and blood vessels inside human body. Qi (or Chi) acts as some kind of carrier of information that is expressed externally through jingluo system. Pathologically, a dysfunction of the zang-fu organs may be reflected on the body surface through the network, and meanwhile, diseases of body surface tissues may also affect their related zang or fu organs. Affected zang or fu organs may also influence each other through internal connections. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment starts with the analysis of the entire system, then focuses on the correction of pathological changes through readjusting the functions of the zang-fu organs.

Evaluation of a syndrome not only includes the cause, mechanism, location, and nature of the disease, but also the confrontation between the pathogenic factor and body resistance. Treatment is not based only on the symptoms, but differentiation of syndromes. Therefore, those with an identical disease may be treated in different ways, and on the other hand, different diseases may result in the same syndrome and are treated in similar ways.

The clinical diagnosis and treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine are mainly based on the yin-yang and five elements theories. These theories apply the phenomena and laws of nature to the study of the physiological activities and pathological changes of the human body and its interrelationships. The typical TCM therapies include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and qigong exercises. With acupuncture, treatment is accomplished by stimulating certain areas of the external body. Herbal medicine acts on zang-fu organs internally, while qigong tries to restore the orderly information flow inside the network through the regulation of Qi. These therapies appear very different in approach yet they all share the same underlying sets of assumptions and insights in the nature of the human body and its place in the universe. Some scientists describe the treatment of diseases through herbal medication, acupuncture, and qigong as an "information therapy".

The work performed by Dr. Wu became far more important as October rolled around and there were strange environmental factors that came into play. A persistent but undetected propane leak filtered into my house over several months and the silent gas, which cannot be smelled, poisoned me. At the same time a year of extreme rain had left the area filled with mold from the standing water and the fact the Potomac River was running at extremely high tides since early spring. Yet another complication for my weakened state.

Then there was the torrid heat wave starting when I got sick last May and extending through the entire summer meaning constant air conditioning in a closed in house that was contaminated by leaking propane and mold spores. Add to that the tragic death of my 250 pound Irish Wolfhound after two weeks of infection whose cause has never been identified, an infection so powerful it caused a 107 degree fever and stopped my dog from being able to stand in spite of the best treatment possible from his vet. After nearly two weeks in which I had to treat him, move him and feed him by trying to shove his massive weight around as I was too weak to lift him, he died in my arms.

By that time I was unable to even stand from the sheer exhaustion and dual emotions of fighting my own serious health problems while trying to save my best friend and protector. When he died it was the lowest point I can remember in my life. Though Dr. Wu was keeping me alive, the new environmental issues and death of Coolin magnified everything that was going wrong.

Sensing my rapidly weakening condition just before Thanksgiving my brothers came out from Kentucky and took me back for extensive treatment that would finally help me turn the corner and start healing. Once in Lexington and under the care of Debbie Alsheimer, a functional medicine practitioner and founder of Prospect Health Solutions.

It is the belief of people like Debbie that diet, nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins play a central role in the function of the body because they may predispose your body to illness, provoke symptoms and modulate the activity of biochemical mediators. What does that mean? Here is my lay person interpretation of what Dr. Debbie does after spending three weeks under her intensive care.

She uses a very sophisticated bio-feedback machine with the ability to analyze 10,000 frequencies in the cells of your body. It is based on earlier work of Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife in using electrical frequencies to destroy invasive cells in our bodies and bring our bodies back into balance. Her work involves the extraordinary combination of Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine with Chinese herbology, acupuncture, Western Medicine and Intuitive analysis.

The result is a microbiologic analysis of the cell structure identifying cells and organs that are damaged or corrupted and then developing a protocol to return your body to balance. Sickness or disease resulting from abnormal cell activity caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites is her passion and specialty and there is none more mysterious than the Borrelia bacteria found in Lyme.

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, which are microscopic, unicellular, and cell-cluster organisms. This includes eukaryotes such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes. Viruses and prions, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. Microbiology typically includes the study of the immune system, or Immunology. Generally, immune systems interact with pathogenic microbes; these two disciplines often intersect which is why many colleges offer a paired degree such as "Microbiology and Immunology". Microbiology is a broad term which includes virology, mycology, parasitology, bacteriology and other branches. A microbiologist is a specialist in microbiology and these other topics.

Previous articles I have written on the subject have detailed the difficulty of Western Medicine in identifying Lyme, the common misdiagnoses of Lyme as one of the 100 or so diseases it can mimic, and the failure to recognize and destroy the parasites that protect the Lyme bacteria from antibodies. I have also written about the incredible explosion of drug resistant cells now attacking our bodies as a result of the failure of our immune systems to operate properly due to the inability of Western Medicine to protect us.

The very nature of life in America requires a broad based approach to the diagnoses and treatment of diseases, especially in light of the proliferation of drug resistant illnesses rapidly affecting Americans. Add to that the severe environmental deviations we may encounter including physical location, exposure to air and water pollution, long term effects of fertilizers and pesticides on food supply, radiation exposure from television, cell phones, cell towers, computers, x rays, MRI, Cat scans, and excessive prescriptions for antibodies and vaccination protocols.

That still leaves the biggest sin of all - our personal health in America - our lack of proper diet and healthy eating. Every one of these factors contributes to the destruction of our immune system and it would be nearly impossible to find someone with a fully functioning immune system. Because of the over-prescription of antibodies and other drugs our bodies have developed a resistance to traditional Western medical treatment for diseases and these drug resistant cells that evolve are the greatest danger yet to successful health treatment and health maintenance.

People like Debbie Alsheimer understand the changing nature of our microbiology and the need to attack the problem from multiple disciplines using the best of Eastern Chinese medicine and acupuncture along with ancient herbs and Western Medicine techniques if we are to have a chance to rebuild our immune systems and be healthy again.

As a result of her efforts and that of Dr. Wu I am finally reversing the trend and recovering. Both found that Lyme was not the only problem I had in spite of my relatively good health before I got sick. It had been 26 years since I last saw or needed a doctor.

The remnant nerve problems and some parasite presence are the last of the Lyme issues to resolve and both are being treated with Chinese herbs, acupuncture and physical therapy. My goal is to be completely free of Lyme and other problems detected within four months, to have restored my immune system to be much stronger than before I got sick, and to be back on the golf course by spring.

If you are a victim of Lyme, or have fallen sick from some unidentified disease or "bug", you should contact Debbie or Dr. Wu for help. Of course if you were really smart you would contact them before you get sick. Both have the ability to read signs of impending problems in your body before they are detectable by conventional medical exams. You can reach them at the following.

Dr. Shi-hua Wu
Phone (202) 789-5466

Debbie Alsheimer
Phone (502) 290-9070

Finally, I have created a blog containing the complete Lyme Disease series of six articles I wrote so you can read them in one place. The link is /

and please share this link with anyone who might benefit from the series.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cheer with the Bud Clydesdale Horses


What could be more American than the Bud Clydesdale horses and the great commercials over the years?  Here are some of the best of the Christmas and other seasons with the world famous horse team.

As you can see from the photos, when the Bud team was in Souhern Maryland recently I was able to get up close and personal with my photos and they are every bit as big in real life as they appear on TV.  Enjoy this presentation.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finding what is right with America - a Journey to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky


I just returned from 3 weeks in Kentucky where I went to get help for my bout with Lyme disease and where I went to find people who in spite of the recession are working to resolve the problems caused by the political stalemate in Washington DC.

It was refreshing to find people who can ignore the chaos in our capitol and are diligently working to solve the problems others are ignoring. My intent is to report to you on all the good things being accomplished out in the real America in spite of the difficulties we all face.

It was a journey I made to find hope and I was pleasantly surprised to find it in many areas. A series of articles will follow telling you of breakthroughs in areas from teaching to medical advancements, from computer security to innovations that could help you find solutions to the many problems we face.

As a victim of the medical problems that are not being addressed which I discovered since being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I can tell you there are people who can help you. They are quietly working to help restore your health and they are not motivated by greed but by a desire to help people stop suffering and get well.

I apologize for not writing recently but I had to find positive stories to report and getting away from the Washington political and media circus helped me discover what I thought we had lost, the good old American desire to make a better life for every one. Our news is dominated with what is wrong but thank God there are many, many people who refuse to accept the news as being indicative of the true spirit of America.

I hope the next few articles will show you that there are souls out in Main Street America who reject the notion we are weak, people who are focused on fixing our problems and people who long ago knew that we are strong because of the people. Our leaders should take note of these innovators, should learn from them that tearing down each other accomplishes nothing, and that our greatness comes from the unselfish acts of kindness taking place throughout our great nation.

No trip to Kentucky would be complete without joining 23,000 fans at a UK basketball game which I did, watching the Wildcats beat arch-rival Indiana. While the state was being battered by frigid cold and snow we were inside the citadel of college basketball, Rupp Arena, in downtown Lexington, rocking as the Cats wore down the Hoosiers.

As we approach the sacred Holiday season I intend to tell you their stories about what is right with America and what is being done to help people. I hope you will share these stories with those who may benefit from the information.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WizArmor™Avatar - Cyber Bodyguard for Youth Internet Computer Security - Unleashed on Internet


Using fascinating new stealth technologies, algorithms never seen before and incredible futuristic cloning techniques, there may be hope for Internet users, especially the unsuspecting youth, from the WizArmor™Avatar cyber security techology.

Modern technology, especially the Internet, has opened a world of opportunity and wonder with incredible learning and skill development opportunities for our Youth.

At the same time, the Internet is unregulated by any government, beyond the control of any nation, cannot be censored for moral or crime prevention purposes. Children are often victimized by the most vicious and sophisticated criminals, hackers and predators in our history.

Our Youth, our Teens and Tweens, face very real but invisible Internet dangers including Predators, Pornography, Crime, Identity Theft, Child Porn, Scams, Sexting and Invasion of Privacy. In fact more and more Youth every day become victims of the "creepo" deviants seeking to entrap and victimize them.

The WizArmor™Avatar incorporates next generation computer security technology featuring unique patented techniques to create a clone of the user system and route all incoming traffic into the clone for testing, thus capturing all known and unknown malware before it can infect the user pc.

Upon identification of the invader the WizArmor™Avatar destroys the clone along with the invader and never allows the user computer to be infected. A new WizArmor™Avatar clone instantaneously replaces the destroyed clone.

The WizArmor™Avatar protects the individual user computer from all known types of malware such as viruses, worms, spyware and other techniques of invisible predators intended seek out and find potential victims without their knowledge.

WizArmor technology takes a new approach. It does not care how the potential offender “looks” – it does not depend on a database of known viruses or worms. Instead, when installed, the system builds a “clone” of your computer. All the potential offenders are directed into that “clone” and tested there. If the “clone“ is harmed – it is destroyed along with the offender and a new “clone” is immediately erected.

All computer users are painfully familiar with the first generation "legacy" security systems purportedly protecting their computers – the endless “patches” and the urgent updating for “newly discovered critical vulnerabilities”. And, of course, “scanning” – the most annoying activity of searching all your files for the known malware that has already infected and is hiding in their computers. We all know that this scanning usually comes at the worst time, ties up our computers for a long period, and usually is hopeless.

The reason for shortcomings in the first generation "legacy" computer security systems is the principle they are based on. These systems can protect only against known to the database offenders. How do these offenders become known to the database? Simple -- by infecting computers. In other words, when a new virus is released it is not known to the database, so it easily gets through all the defenses and infects computer. Then, if somebody figures out what happened, a “patch” is developed, and the virus is added to the database. But it’s too late; a lot of damage has already been done. Needless to say, maintaining the active virus database and developing “patches” is cumbersome and expensive, and the user eventually pays for it.

Is the threat real? On September 17, 2010 Congressman Chris Smith (R-N.J.) told a House subcommittee that stronger efforts need to be made to curb the scourge of child sex-trafficking, which has gained new fuel through the internet.

A 2009 National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, America’s Prostituted Children, conducted by Shared Hope International, found an estimated 100,000 U.S. minors are victimized annually with the average age of initial exploitation between 12-13 years old.

The US State Department’s recent annual report on human trafficking estimates that the number of “adults and children in forced labor, bonded labor, and forced prostitution around the world” is 12.3 million.

Identity theft through malware and hacking results in the hijacking of bank, credit card and other personal information then used to victimize Young users and can lead to long term credit and other problems that can plague them for years.

The WizArmor™Avatar is your cyber bodyguard to protect our Youth from all such unknown attacks that infect personal computers. You can even watch the attacks in Real Time while your Avatar seeks out and destroys your enemy. For information please visit our web site at and discover for yourself how the WizArmor™Avatar can protect our Youth while allowing Parents the knowledge that a powerful invisible Sentinel is always on guard defending our Children from harm.
Wiz Enterprises of Virginia today released the first new generation of Internet Computer Security for our Youth, called the WizArmor™Avatar, designed to provide a cyber bodyguard to protect teen and tween users from the multitude of Internet predators seeking young victims on the Internet. Go to and see.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Think You Had A Bad Day? Check out WGN News


The news anchors on a morning show at Chicago's WGN certainly let out their (tongue-in-cheek) sadness and near-rage when a bridge that they had been training a camera on for minutes imploded the second they cut away from it. In fact, they nearly had a comic meltdown, banging their fists on the table, yelling, throwing and even eating the papers on their desks.


Cyber Security - Kids in the Internet Age - an Opportunity or Tragedy? Computer Security Risks


What a decision for parents, deciding how to let your teens and tweens use the Internet. I mean look at the pressures to give them free rein of the cyber world.

Modern technology, especially the Internet, has opened a world of opportunity and wonder with incredible learning and skill development opportunities for our Youth.

At the same time, the Internet is unregulated by any government, beyond the control of any nation, cannot be censored for moral or crime prevention purposes. Children are often victimized by the most vicious and sophisticated criminals, hackers and predators in our history.

Our Youth, our Teens and Tweens, face very real but invisible Internet dangers including Predators, Pornography, Crime, Identity Theft, Child Porn, Scams, Sexting and Invasion of Privacy. In fact more and more Youth every day become victims of the "creepo" deviants seeking to entrap and victimize them.

There are thousands of predator sites that use spam, viruses and malware to gain secret access to unsuspecting youth and they are masters at appealing to the lonely, outcast, curious, thrill seeking and just plain lack of common sense attitudes that may prevail when kids take to the cyber highways.

Most kids have no idea they have even become the victims of these cyber predators until they are too far along to face the embarrassment of admitting to their parents they no longer control their own destiny. If they have the inner strength and courage to ask for help it is there, but hundreds of thousands don't and they could get caught up in a world of darkness that may threaten their very lives.

It is estimated over 300,000 youth in America have gotten caught up in child prostitution because of the need for money for drugs or status symbols, or perhaps because of the need for personal attention. Never underestimate the ability of the professional predators to identify the weakness in kids and exploit it to their advantage.

Identity theft through bank, credit card or cell phone records that can be hacked can also cause severe financial distress and may even impact on our kids ability to get into college. And the unlimited and uncensored pornography rampant on the Internet is a big draw for those just coming of age and merely curious.

In addition to the silent and invisible threat on the Internet there is a second, almost as menacing a danger which will test the maturity of your young user, the social sites and their overpowering appeal to any kid who wants to be part of the Now generation. With texting and cell phone apps, applications to the older generation, kids can be wired into the Net 24-7.

We can ill afford to rely on the protection of current computer security systems to protect our youth and long ago the cyber thieves learned how to compromise the old security and parental controls of the current legacy security systems.

Every day there are headlines in cyber security telling of the hacking of files and security breaches in the most expensive, heavily protected systems in the world from banks and credit cards to the National Security sites of our top secret defense and intelligence agencies. If the top secret sites with the best possible security can't keep out the cyber thieves, what chance do our children have to be protected?

Internet use does open up untold wealth in the form of knowledge and learning to our youth. But there is risk involved - we must protected them from the harm on the Internet as well.

There are new generation security systems coming to the market that are designed to meet the needs of the future and the time is long overdue for security systems designed to protect us and our kids today and far into the future.

Using fascinating new technologies to enhance the stealth or invisible appearance of your records and personal information, using algorithms never before in existence and incredible cloning techniques that may only be found in the most technologically advanced intelligence and defense security systems, there is hope for Internet users, especially the unsuspecting youth who have become obsessed with the Internet.

We hope to be able to tell you about these exciting new technological breakthroughs any day now, as soon as the system is available to protect our youth. There are too many hypothetical solutions to our problems and not enough real ones. Too many are discussed in future terms when the problem is immediate.

Our children need effective help now. They need to be protected from the bad guys and their evil ways today. When we report on a breakthrough in Internet Security, we won't be reporting on some theoretical technique far into the future, we will report on something you can use now because hundreds of thousands of our youth will never get to experience their future if we don't act fast.

Stay tuned because there is a tsunami of change about to be available that is the result of some of the greatest minds with the most extensive and diverse experience in intelligence and security who have been working as part of an international team for many years to finally give us the security we deserve today to meet the demands of the future.