Thursday, June 12, 2008


Big Brown stunned the world with his loss in the Belmont race for the Triple Crown. His loss so overshadowed the victor of the race that no one remembers who won. The horse racing analysts are having a field day explaining what happened to the powerful Big Brown but we at the CPT know the truth.

This horse wins every time the jockey lets the horse run his race. He did it in the Kentucky Derby and again in the Preakness. But in the Belmont the jockey decided to let the horse know who was in charge, a fatal mistake. Big Brown was about to settle on the rail for a long haul, one in which he surely would have run down the leaders as they faded toward the end, when the jockey jerked his head toward the rail.

Still the horse recovered and was focused on riding the rail when the jockey looked at the horse next to him and made the fateful decision to change the race and take Big Brown off the rail to the outside.

With his ears laid back Big Brown was ready for the fight but the jockey was not content to let the powerful horse have his way and again jerked the reins, this time slowing the horse and sending him to the outside around two other horses just after the first turn. Big Brown actually was being asked to slow down early in the race and then circle outside behind the leader. A really strange strategy in such a long race. Suddenly the ears went straight up as he was slowed and then eased to the outside.

As they flew down the track Big Brown looked back at the jockey with the most disgusted look I have ever seen on a face. He continued with his head up and glancing back at the jockey as he moved off the rail around the other horses.

The last thing anyone should do is change a horse during the most important race of its life. Like triple-crown champion Secretariat, Big Brown was well aware of what it took to win and how to achieve it. Each race in the triple-crown Secretariat ran differently and Big Brown was doing the same, until there was human interference. Now the horse was third on the outside.

By the last turn of the longest race in the triple-crown the jockey had Big Brown way to the outside, meaning he had to run much farther than any other horse. Big Brown quit because he knew how to win and was not about to let the jockey tell him different. Will we ever learn to trust the instinct of animals?

This is what his trainer had to say about the race. Dutrow — who spoke publicly for the first time since the Belmont, telling The Daily Racing Form he feels “like a loser” — said this regarding Desormeaux’s ride. He told the racing publication that he did not know why Desormeaux had to ease the horse at the top of the stretch. Dutrow said he was sure that Big Brown had no idea “what the hell was going on going into the first turn,” because Desormeaux “was switching him all over” the track. “I don’t know what he was doing,” Dutrow said.

If the trainer was confused how in the world could the horse have known what to do? The only time Big Brown was running his race, when he was finally settled at the rail in photo 3 his ears were laid back and he was focused. By the time the mixed signals from the jockey had him going to the outside his ears are straight up, a sign of confusion and frustration. For comparison, the following is the stretch run at the Kentucky Derby when he was left alone. Note the ears are way back as the horse thunders to victory.

So Affirmed remains as the last triple-crown champion and it will now be at least 31 years since the last winner.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination and now begins his magical quest to become the first Black president in the history of the United States. On March 6 The Coltons Point Times declared Obama would be the Democratic candidate and would become the 44th President of the United States. As we said in the earlier story:


The Lincoln Connection

In his Second Inaugural Address March 4, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln said the following:

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Such words of Abraham Lincoln seem as valid today as they did 143 years ago so perhaps the hand of destiny may play a part in this election. Whoever wins will become president in time to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth on February 12, 1809. The fact Lincoln lived in Illinois throughout his career is another interesting parallel with Barack Obama.

The artwork preceding this article depict Lincoln and Obama in Springfield, Illinois and in time may depict them in our nation's capitol. His success in the general election and as president will be dependent on whether he grows into the role of leader of the strongest nation in the world. Many such as Lincoln and John Kennedy have done so and there is no reason to expect otherwise.

Obama has already done what no Bush has ever accomplished, defeated the powerful Clinton machine and he started as an unknown while the senior Bush was the incumbent president. So do not underestimate the maturity of our young presidential candidate. He understands the need to break from the past and the need to embrace the future.

His first test will be selecting a vice president and Hillary supporters aside, as she more than anyone represents the link to the past, he needs to make a mature, reasoned selection that will complement his portfolio and strengthen his administration. We believe the best choice for Obama will be former Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia.

Not only was Sam Nunn one of the most respected members of the US Senate but he has fought his entire political career for the elimination of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons throughout the world and is responsible for eliminating over 5,600 nuclear warheads from the American war machine. His age, 70, and experience make him most complimentary to the Obama ticket and his early retirement from the Senate because he felt he was not accomplishing anything demonstrated his commitment to his beliefs.

Stay tuned as history is made in America.

Monday, June 02, 2008


The Bush Administration continues to ignore the realities of world oil prices as spokesperson Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on June 1 that oil price increases are due to “supply and demand” issues. Just a couple of days earlier the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a federal regulatory agency, announced a massive criminal investigation of price manipulation in the oil futures markets.

The CFTC indicated the investigation had been quietly launched six months earlier and the announcement sent shock waves through the financial sector. The Coltons Point Times has written 14 articles about the financial manipulation of the oil futures markets over the past 18 months so we are pleased a federal agency has actually started the process.

However, the CFTC may not have the ability nor the resources to undertake such a massive investigation as their targets would have to be the largest financial organizations in the world. We already disclosed that equity owners of the London oil futures market, ICE, which is a USA company but not subject to federal regulation, include two of the largest investment houses in the world, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, three of the largest oil companies in the world, Royal Dutch Shell, BP Amoco and Total Fina Elf, and two of Europe’s leading financial institutions, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale.

The price manipulations under investigation could be the result of actions by these and all the other top financial houses and oil companies in the world and the CFTC says it has just five lead counsels to handle the cases. There are already over forty investigations launched. To give you an idea of the limits of the CFTC a spokesperson testified just ten days ago before a Senate Committee and listed reasons for the record oil price as “the weak U.S. dollar, demand from emerging economies, world unrest, bad weather and supply disruptions.” No mention was made of financial manipulations.

Now Secretary Paulson should have known about the CFTC investigation before he spoke, everyone else in the world knew. Paulson used to head Goldman Sachs, one of the certain targets of the investigation, and he knew Goldman Sachs was one of the owners of the oil futures market. Are the Bush people really that disconnected from reality or is there another reason for the refusal to acknowledge the potential for price manipulation from speculators?

Bush recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and asked OPEC to increase oil production to lower prices and they told him it was speculators driving up the price, the financial institutions, not the producers. Both the president and treasury secretary continue to get the wrong information and that raises a lot of questions about the quality of the staff in the Administration.

The CFTC was set up in 1974 to protect Americans from manipulations in the commodity markets. It was last updated in 2000 even though in 2006 a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said there was substantial evidence of price manipulation in the commodity oil futures markets and a gaping loophole in U.S. Regulations that would lead to further speculation and manipulation.

That was the same year the Administration allowed ICE, the new oil futures market owner in London to trade American oil futures in London. Oil prices were $59-60 per barrel then and since the gaping loophole in our regulation prices have more than doubled, meaning the price impact of speculation could be $60 per barrel today.

So Goldman Sachs represents ICE in securities offerings and was an original equity owner of ICE. The current Treasury Secretary was former head of Goldman Sachs. The current head of NYMEX, the New York Mercantile (Futures) Exchange whose contracts can be bought through ICE in London, is James Newsome who also sits on the Dubai Exchange, the third and last oil futures exchange in the world. Interestingly Newsome is a former chairman of the CTFC.

The current CTFC Global Markets Advisory Committee includes Newsome and Jeffrey Sprecher, Chairman and CEO of ICE, along with representatives of J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, UBS and Barclays among others. The CTFC Energy Market Advisory Committee includes Newsome and Sprecher from the futures exchanges along with Goldman Sachs, Shell Oil, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, J.P. Morgan, and others.

So the two key advisory committees to the CTFC contain many of the very firms that are under investigation by the CTFC and the largest investment houses, banks and oil companies of the world are the target. The five CTFC lawyers could spend decades searching for truth.

Why did Congress and the Administration refuse to act to close the huge CTFC regulatory loophole two years ago when it was identified? Why were no changes made in CTFC regulations to enable it to effectively stop oil price manipulations since Bush took office? Why does the Treasury Secretary ignore what may be massive oil price manipulations by the financial sector speculators? How can the CTFC investigate the largest and richest corporations in the world with five lawyers?

If Congress or the Administration have any sense they will assign all the investigative resources of the federal government to the CTFC investigation including the FBI, SEC, FTC and any intelligence service monitoring the world oil situation. If ever there was a need for a national security investigation this is it as our economy and the world economy are at risk. This could be the last chance for Bush to actually do something for the good of the people before his Administration becomes a target of the investigation.

And don’t forget these same financial and oil companies have already given $1.6 billion to the campaigns of our U.S. Senate, House and presidential candidates in this election year and another $1.6 billion will be given before November. Let’s hope $3 billion cannot buy the influence of Congress. They have also paid over $20 billion in fines for fraud and stock manipulations in recent years so such behavior may not be anything new.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee finally met to decide what to do about the Michigan and Florida primaries, those bad boys who ignored party rules and set their own date for primaries. Of course this had already been decided last year that no votes would count and no delegates seated at the convention, an action agreed to by Hillary and Obama.

But Hillary lied. Now she wants the votes counted, the delegates seated and Obama penalized because he stayed out of the Michigan primary. This latest lie by Hillary could lead to a hijacking of the presidential nomination by her in that Obama leads in popular vote and delegates but Hillary already claims according to a new ad that started running just today to have the most popular votes in the history of American primaries.

In order to have the most popular votes every single vote in Florida and Michigan have to count, and since Obama was not even on the Michigan ballot in accordance with DNC rules, he would get zero votes in Michigan. Hillary’s claim is bogus, confusing, misleading and consistent with a campaign that ignores the rules and changes them in the middle of the game if they are losing.

The DNC Rules committee didn’t authorize counting the votes in those two states but did change their mind and allow all the delegates to attend the convention except the delegates each get half a vote not a whole vote. Clinton’s enforcers promptly announced this was unacceptable and they would take their fight to the Credentials Committee of the convention.

This means the nomination will be fought over on technical grounds requiring an overturning of DNC rules and will not be decided until August. It also means the DNC rules action that already overturned some of the DNC rules did not go far enough to appease the Clinton thugs. Does all this nonsense mean that if Hillary were president and didn’t like some rules, like the freedom of the press or religion, then she would ignore the rules to suit her own purposes? Of course it does!

It also means if she is successful and can steal the nomination from Obama on idiotic technical rules that the Democratic party will have successfully driven all the minorities in America including the Blacks and Hispanics who are part of the foundation of the Democratic party back into the Republican fold. Over 140 years ago when Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves all Blacks were Republican but over the years they all drifted to the Democrats. Hillary could care less.


What is it about people in religion and their obsession with getting center stage in the political world? Do they really think shooting off their mouth is a good way to increase the size of their congregation or the amount of donations flowing into their coffers? Don’t they already make more than enough tax free money?

Good God, putting up with them in the pulpit is bad enough to drive herds of people to atheism but now that both Democratic and Republican candidates have had to denounce the endorsement of men in cloth because of their bionic tongues and the demagoguery of their preaching enough is enough.

Our Founding Fathers sure knew what they were doing when they made certain there was a separation of church and state. Maybe our current crop of Congress should take the next logical step and ban the big mouths from political campaigns as well. We could always take away their IRS tax exemption for lobbying without registration and blabbing without purpose.