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Harvard versus Yale - The Ivy League versus the World - The Presidency of the United States to the Winner


Will the Yale and Harvard Streak End?

Now average Americans are going to have a hard time accepting this because average Americans consider the Ivy League to be something found in the history books, movies, or maybe in prose or fiction books.  The Great Gatsby comes to mind.

When it comes to power, the Ivy League is IT but normally in terms of the dominant Ivy influence over Wall Street, the international banking community, and the engines of commerce.

Where did the following Latin phrases come from?
In Deo Speramus - (In God We Hope)

In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen
 - (In Thy light shall we see the light)

Quisquam qui ars
  - (Any person -Any study)

Vox clamantis in deserto
 - (The voice of one crying in the wilderness)

Veritas -(Truth)

Dei sub numine viget
 - (Under God's power she flourishes)

Leges sine moribus vanae
 - (Laws without morals are useless)

Lux et veritas
 - (Light and truth)

Those are the mottos of the eight venerated Ivy League schools.


It seems we understand the power and influence of the Ivy League in terms of commerce but we really do not when it comes to national politics.  In fact, the attitude of the general public, in terms of the Ivy League in politics, is rather bleak.

According to recent Rasmussen polls, only five percent (5%) of American Adults think it is better for America to have presidents only from Ivy League schools.  A recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 85% believe it is better for the country to have presidents who come from a variety of schools.

Try this!

There have been 43 men who served as US President including President Obama,  It is often said that President Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. However, President Obama is only the 43rd different person to serve as President of the United States. This is due to the fact, that President Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms and so is often counted as both the 22nd and the 24th President.

  • Fourteen out of forty-three presidents have attended one or more Ivy League schools.

  • Twenty-five out of one hundred U.S. Senators have attended one or more Ivy League schools.

  • Fifty-seven out of one hundred and nine Supreme Court justices have attended one or more Ivy League schools.

All considered, more than a third of all U.S. presidents, Supreme Court justices, and currently serving U.S. senators have attended an Ivy League school for undergraduate or graduate study.

It gets better.
When Obama completes his 2nd term next January we will have had 28 straight years of presidents from Yale and Harvard alone, consisting of Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama.  In fact, in the 227 years we have elected presidents, remember George Washington first took office in 1789, the Ivy League has held the presidency 85 of those years, or 37% of our history.
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the 15th president from the Ivy League and that may be a bit much for a nation in which the Ivy League represents just 8 out of 4,140 institutions of higher education.
For those of you into decimals the Ivy League makes up under two tenths of one percent (.001932) of our institutions yet controlled the presidency 37% of the time.

Public 4-year institutions        629
Private 4-year institutions   1,845
Total 4 year                            2,474

Public 2-year institutions    1,070
Private 2-year institutions      596
Total 2 year                            1,666

Total 4 and 2 year                 4,140

Money talks and legacy institutions prosper but you may be surprised when it comes to the costliest universities in America, long thought to be dominated by the Ivy League.

A recently compiled list of the 20 Most Expensive Colleges in the country shows prices, which include Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, range from $63,750 to just under $67,225 per year.

   #1  Harvey Mudd College $67,255
   #2  Columbia University $66,383
   #3  New York University $65,860 
   #4  Sarah Lawrence College $65,630
   #5  University of Chicago $64,965
   #6  Bard College at Simon's Rock  $64,519
   #7  University of Southern California $64,482
   #8  Claremont McKenna College  $64,325
   #9  Oberlin College $64,266
 #10  Scripps College $64,260   
 #11  Bard College $64,254
 #12  Haverford College $64,216    
 #13  Duke University  $64,188      
 #14  Dartmouth College  $64,134  
  #15  Northwestern University $63,983
 #16  Trinity College $63,970  
 #17  Pitzer College $63,880
 #18  Southern Methodist University  $63,840  
 #19  Amherst College  $63,772
#20  John Hopkins University $63,750

Source: Business Insider and U.S. Department of Education

To my amazement only two Ivy League schools, Columbia and Dartmouth, made the list.

Compare that to a list of the best colleges and universities in the world for 2016.

  1. California Institute of Technology - United States of America
  2. University of Oxford - United Kingdom
  3. Stanford University - United States of America
  4. University of Cambridge - United Kingdom
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - United States of America
  6. Harvard University - United States of America
  7. Princeton University - United States of America
  8. Imperial College London - United Kingdom
  9. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Switzerland
  10. University of Chicago - United States of America
  11. Johns Hopkins University - United States of America
  12. Yale University - United States of America
  13. University of California, Berkeley - United States of America
  14. University College London - United Kingdom
  15. Columbia University - United States of America
  16. University of California, Los Angeles - United States of America
  17. University of Pennsylvania - United States of America
  18. Cornell University - United States of America
  19. University of Toronto - Canada
  20. Duke University - United States of America
Source: The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016

Sorry rest of the world, but fourteen of the top twenty are from the United States, including six of the top ten.  Harvard is the top ranked Ivy League school but six of the eight Ivy League schools are in the top twenty in the world.  

What does this all mean?  Here in the colonies it seems the more other schools catch up with the Ivy League in terms of the number of schools and the cost of education, the stronger those dastardly Ivy League schools get control of our presidency and political processes.

Harvard was the first university in America founded in 1636.  By 1800, six of the first 16 universities in America were Ivy League, 37%.  Now the Ivy League represents less than one percent of institutions of higher education.  In spite of that we are completing 28 straight years of presidents from just two Ivy League schools, Harvard and Yale, and now Hillary or Donald assure an extension of that Ivy stranglehold on the presidency up to 36 straight years.

Isn't it about time we give someone else a chance like The California Institute of Technology, Stanford, MIT, Slippery Rock, or even The Pennsylvania State University New Kensington Campus of the Commonwealth College, (the longest college name in the USA)?
My goal was to attend Yale for undergraduate and Harvard Law for graduate school and I went through the multi-year application process, but fate had other plans for me and I wound up at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Though I retain my Ivy League loyalty, even I think enough is enough, give someone else a chance.

What happens to Liberal Media if Trump Wins? Will Media Bias Backfire?


If we awake on November 9 to news that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States, where does that leave the most biased media in the history of American political campaigns?

This was the year for coming out of the closet by the media, not in terms of sexual preference, but in terms of ideology and tactics.

It took a long time for them to wake up to the Hillary Clinton vulnerabilities as there was never a doubt in the minds of the main street media that she would continue the cozy sweetheart relationship between the media and the liberal and progressive politicians.

As President Barack Obama comes to the twilight of his run as president, the media expected to transition into a Hillary presidency surrounded by all the people in the Establishment from past years.

The possibility that Trump could be a viable candidate for president never crossed the minds of the media when they helped create the Trump tidal wave that swept all the legitimate (in the minds of the media) GOP contenders from the race

They dreamed of a match up between the vaunted and feared Clinton machine that has controlled the news media and Democratic Party for twenty-four years and the oddball from Trump Tower, the Donald.

Well they got it and no one has learned the lesson better than the news media, be very careful what you wish for because you may not get what you expect.

In a state of panic since the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary as she failed to crush the GOP upstart and put Trump away, they seem paralyzed with fear she really might lose.

If it happens, the transformation in the news media in a Trump administration may be just as cataclysmic as the fading legacy of Obama when Trump focuses the light on the real failures of the Obama administration while president.

Many media personalities crossed the line in journalistic ethics by using their media positions to promote Hillary and destroy Trump.

Bias has dominated the media coverage of the campaign and the role of individual anchors, reporters, producers, and editors made a mockery of the journalistic ethics that call for an independent and objective media when operating under the protection of the Constitution.

There is a definite liberal progressive dominance in the news media, very inconsistent with the middle of the road philosophy the people of America share.  The Obama politics of partisanship, promises, and pandering fell flat though he was the first media-anointed candidate for president.

Unfortunately, for the liberal media, Bill and Hillary Clinton long ago figured out how to use the news media, Democrats, and liberal progressive wing to make a fortune.  Long ago, they joined the one-half of one percent elite establishment controlling the country and world.

That is the face of the darlings of the news media.  That is not what the American public wants to see and hear.  So if Trump wins, what happens to the news media?

Will Trump abolish the White House Press Corp, as unlike the Clinton and Obama families who mastered the use of political power to manipulate the media, Trump neither drinks nor likes to hang out with media?

Will the new Trump administration conclude self-serving news networks no longer serve the best interests of the public because they filter news, not report it.  As a result, the members of the Trump administration will no longer participate in news shows not serving the public interest no matter if they are on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, etc.

Will Trump welcome the foreign press correspondents to briefings instead of the political press in order to get honest information to foreign countries highlighting American involvement in world affairs?

Perhaps Trump will institute an entirely new concept in news coverage of the White House by having regional news conferences instead of national to avoid the control and filtering of the New York and Washington, DC media over national news.

Trump could also eliminate public information offices in all the departments, especially State, Justice, and Defense, and consolidate the communications under the Office of the President thus greatly reducing the leaking of classified or confidential information by the highly competitive departments.  It would also eliminate the use and abuse by media of secret or anonymous sources "inside" the departments.

As I said, I hope the media knows what could happen, if the efforts to create a media bias against Trump or any other opponent to Hillary Clinton fail.  There are consequences.

A genie jumped out of a bottle and asked the master for his wish.

I wish there was no more sickness in the world.

Your Thoughtful wish is granted master.

Every sick person in the world dropped dead.

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Into the Future - Presidential Election Results November 8 and 9, 2016


News Bulletin!
Dateline: Washington, D.C.
November 8, 2016 - 10:00 pm EST

Polls Close in East - Hillary Declared Winner

The polls just closed in the East while remaining open in the Midwest and West, but the mainstream media has already declared Hillary Clinton the 45th and first female in our nation's history President.

Based on the results of Exit Polls throughout the country, most media declared Hillary the decisive winner.  The Exit Polls are interviews with actual voters leaving the voting booths.

Unlike other political polls of which there are many, only one presidential Exit Poll exists and is taken.  Since the poll is owned by a coalition of the major television networks, and it is not released in it's entirety to the public, there is no way to validate or verify the results.

In spite of the tremendous media bias against Donald Trump and media devotion to Hillary Clinton, it still seems a bit odd the networks declared her the winner with just below 5% of the national vote cast and counted.

Over 50% of the public still has time to get out and vote.  One might suspect there is media collusion in trying to discourage possible Trump supporters in these states to give up and not vote for Trump.


News Bulletin!
Dateline: Washington, D.C.
November 9, 2016 - 1:00 am EST

Historic Hillary Victory a Tidal Wave claim Pundits

The polls have now closed in the continental United States as the nation and world await the results of the presidential election.  So far just 22% of the popular vote has been reported.

Early absentee voting tallies indicate a record number of Americans cast their ballots before election day.  Political pundits say it is another great sign for a Hillary landslide.  "Banner headlines" in the major newspapers early editions, along with a never ending stream of "braking news" bulletins on television networks rejoice in the Clinton victory over Donald Trump, as projected by the media.

No results are official until certified by the election boards in each state.  None have been certified yet and the national tracking map indicates no electoral votes have been awarded.


News Bulletin!
Dateline: Washington, D.C.
November 9, 2016 - 5:00 am EST

The national media continues to tout the Exit Polls and a Hillary landslide but the release of actual vote totals is at an excruciatingly slow pace by the states.

Those votes reported to the media indicate a much closer race than the Exit Poll blowout projection.  No pattern is emerging in voting other than a near dead heat in national vote total while the seven key swing states remain too close to predict at this time.

Could it be the national news media Exit Poll is wrong?  Early indications suggest if the TV networks actually reported the results received in Exit interviews, the voters were giving misleading answers to the media.

Perhaps voters believe they have a right to keep silent when it comes to elections, an exercise of their right to privacy.

At the same time, there are reports of much higher new voter totals than expected, and the turnout among Independents and Republicans is up significantly.


News Bulletin!
Dateline: Washington, D.C.
November 9, 2016 - 10:00 am EST

Clinton Landslide fails to Materialize - Exit Polls Wrong - but How Wrong?

A haunting silence has overcome the nation as Americans wake up and go to work expecting to hear from our new President Hillary Clinton.  Instead, there is a heightened sense of anxiety on the part of those prematurely declaring Clinton the victor.

After late night calls for a Clinton victory celebration, her failure to pull away in the electoral count has stunned and silenced her Establishment friends.

While all seven key swing states hang perilously in the balance, the leader in popular votes swings wildly from Clinton to Trump and back like a pendulum on steroids.

Perhaps the Populist Revolution did not fade away as predicted by the Establishment and their news media.  Maybe the election has nothing to do with Donald Trump but is a referendum on Clinton and the Establishment.

If proven true, it will be the greatest upset in election history far surpassing the Truman - Dewey race in 1948.


News Bulletin!
Dateline: Washington, D.C.
November 9, 2016 - 6:00 pm EST

Populist Momentum Carries Trump to 270 electoral votes as America's Version of the UK Brexit Vote Stuns the World


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What the National News Media Failed to Tell You about the Election, Hurricane, and Haiti


Long ago when I worked for the federal government I learned that often the foreign press tells a much different story than the American news media when it comes to politics in America.  So I began checking the foreign news on a daily basis and compared it to the USA news media coverage.

Not only is the difference remarkable, our Constitution and the guarantee of individual freedom and freedom of the press has no real impact in determining the truth.

In over fifty years of monitoring the media, however, there has never been such a dramatic breakdown in telling the truth as this year.  The good news is the public is highly skeptical of both candidates and parties so few believe the news media version either.

In the past media outlets tended to be ideologically linked to a political party or a political philosophy and often both.  This year you can throw out history because the lines of demarcation between the warring parties has been blurred, compromised, twisted and turned.

Perhaps Bush had to endorse Clinton

Forget truth, it does not stand a chance.  At the same time polarization has achieved such a miserable level that the difference between political parties is even blurred as both are addicted to massive corporate funds.

Once upon a time networks sought and told the truth.  Sadly, that day is far behind us.  More truth comes from illegally hacked emails than from politician's mouths.  More truth comes from the downtrodden and often forgotten than from the powerful special interests who rule America.

In the interest of passing on truth to you, the following links, most to foreign media outlets, will give you another side of the campaign our media media fail to identify.  Yes the world is watching, and the first thing they notice is the institutional bias, deception, and manipulation of the news.

Hurricane Matthew and Haiti Coverage

The Independent UK
Hurricane Matthew: In Haiti the death toll stands at 877 but the US media does not seem to care

Al Jazeera News

Horrors left by Hurricane Matthew become clear in Haiti

Haiti and Clinton Foundation

Telesur News of Latin America

Hillary Clinton Already Has Destructive Legacy in Latin America

Politico News
The Clintons’ Haiti Screw-Up, As Told By Hillary’s Emails

Huffington Post
The Clintons’ Haiti Screw-Up, As Told By Hillary’s Email

National Review
How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

Democratic Underground
The Clinton-Bush Fund has closed up shop in Haiti

Hacked Email Story

BBC World News

Hillary Clinton's Wall St speeches published by Wikileaks


Are You Ready for Election Day and the End of the Dark Side of the American Soul?


This inexplicable presidential campaign will end in less than thirty days and become one for the history books.  Think about that.

History is nothing but content interpreted by people - people with an agenda.  In order to understand history you must first know the motive, intent, or bias of the author.

What has overwhelmed the news media for the past two years, the presidential race to succeed Barack Obama and his presidency, has its consequences.

Perhaps half of the voter-eligible public pays little or no attention to the news media and the same might be said about what happens within the beltway in Washington, DC, our capital.

The other half following the campaign, have created an atmosphere of polarization, mistrust, bias, or even hatred, so extreme, the wounds may be far too deep to heal.  At times, it feels as if we are in the last years of an empire, like the Roman Empire.

History says most empires that fail or fall, will find the end preceded by a period of the breakdown of institutions, the loss of morality and ethics, and a period where greed, lust, and power superseded love, compassion, and truth.

It is a time when people become complacent, leaving the future of the world in the hands of others to fret over.  They pay no attention to the news media because people know they do not tell the truth.  People become self-absorbed while ignoring the world outside their private domain.

When such darkness overshadows the empire, what do the good people do to stop it?  Do they take to the streets to protest the dark forces?  No, back in the Roman days they went to the Colosseum to watch the lions murder the innocent Christians and others - and they cheered!

Today, in our darkest hours, when we have the responsibility to create the history about these times, what will we do?

Make no mistake, whether you are involved or complacent in this election, you are responsible for the outcome.  Well, make that you and Yale University, that venerable Ivy League institution.  A Yale University graduate has been president for twenty of the past twenty-eight years.  The only other president was Obama from Harvard.

If Hillary wins, Yale wins again.  Trump, to the astonishment of many, is also Ivy League but from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of Pennsylvania University.

If you do not register to vote, apathy wins.  If you vote third party you help Trump.  If you vote Clinton, you are satisfied with establishment control.  As for Trump, well vote for him and you show disgust with the whole establishment, bureaucracy thing.

Should either candidate be as bad as the people seem to think, the empire then comes to an end.

You are living a moment in history certain to be part of future History books about the worst of times in America.  When you read them a few decades from now, you, and only you, will know the truth.