Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Conversations with Melchizedek – Colossal Changes coming to Political Systems

After his brief trip to the UK, NATO, and a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, President Trump has once again left the politicians and political activists aghast at his words and actions.  In fact, if you listen to news accounts you might think he just started Armageddon, the final battle before the Apocalypse and the End Times.  Amazing to what lengths the media is prepared to go to destroy Trump.

As for the professional political crybabies on television, they are screaming demons and one should take the time to ask why.  What is it about our corrupt, archaic, political system and institutions that is so precious to the radical left and radical right they will do anything to stop Trump?

Melchizedek says we are entering a three-year period of “colossal changes coming to political systems.”  I say it is about time.  The radical liberals and conservatives, the Democrat and Republican parties, the hysterical Trump haters and the so-called news media are the puppets and pawns of a much darker force than Donald Trump.

Have we forgotten that America is the boldest and grandest experiment in the history of mankind?  We are the only major nation on earth in which 95% of our population are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

Truly we are the only true melting pot in the world where people of any race, religion, ethnic background, political persuasion or culture are all guaranteed the same rights, protection, and equal opportunity.

By our very nature, promise and Constitution we are protected from dominance by any one philosophy, culture or movement because individual freedom and equal opportunity are the bedrock of our existence.

Since we are the only true melting pot our Republic is built on a foundation of respect for differences and compromise for accommodation for all.  The people reaffirm this right in elections every two and four years.

When special interests demand one ideology be dominant in our land, whether it be liberal or conservative, Democrat inspired or Republican, and when people attempt to usurp the power of the people by imposing a single philosophy on others it is doomed and results in polarization and eventually fails.

Today we have lost the ability to communicate.  Hatred and fear have overridden all possibility for compromise and progress.  Without compromise there can be no progress.  When that happens, and it has happened many times in our short history, the Constitution provides a mechanism for the people to save our government from special interests and unfair laws.

Once again, we face the same dilemma.  People are concerned with control and dominance, not fairness and justice.  Those advocates of control and their supporters have no place in a house built on compromise, individual rights, and guaranteed equality for all.

When our Fourth Estate, the news media, lose their sense of objectivity as it has and starts trying to promote one side of a policy over another the media no longer functions as a watchdog for the people, all the people, but as an advocate for special interests.  One wonders if maybe biased media should be required to register as a special interest lobbyist to show their true colors.

In the past presidents have always worked with Congress, majority and minority parties, toward compromise in order to solve problems.  That ended in the Obama years.  Unfortunately, he had neither the foresight nor experience to forge political alliances and preserve this presidential function.
When leaders want to impose their agenda on the people, rather than carry out the agenda of those who elected them, they are doomed to failure in a Constitutional Republic designed to prevent dominance by any one person, group or party.

Any crisis America faces will be solved when the people decide what is needed and they use the ballot to force change on the system.  Once again, we have reached the crisis stage, and once again only the people can say what America must do.

The shocking victory of Trump in the GOP primary, the only non-politician among political giants, was the first sign of a major political overhaul of our system.  His subsequence election victory over the overwhelming favorite Hillary Clinton was the people’s stunning reaffirmation that enough was enough, our political house must be disassembled and rebuilt in order to return to a Constitutional Republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Unfortunately, it seems memories are short in our nation’s capital.  Both the news people and politicians seem to be suffering from hysterical amnesia.  They are no longer twisting the media spin to their benefit but are living the lies they manufacture to justify their hate-filled rants.

As the news media paraded an endless stream of intelligence officials and national security “experts” to trash Trump before the cameras yesterday, I noted the incredible hypocrisy of the anti-Trump legions.  Just a decade ago the same people were trashing Presidents Bush and Obama because of the massive and illegal actions by the very same intelligence agencies, including many of the current TV stars being interviewed from those agencies, for the greatest invasion of privacy in history and trampling over of our individual rights.

Not only was every American citizen a victim of the insidious “Big Brother” action, so were the heads of state of every major nation in the world including our closest allies.  Their private phone lines were illegally taped and monitored by US intelligence agencies.  How quickly we forget the truth.

Yesterday’s villains are today's heroes, at least in the minds of the news media and misguided followers who actually believe their brand of nonsense.  Never have I seen so many people so hysterically embrace hatred, bias, distortion and misdirection with such passion, possibly since the time of the persecution and murder of Jesus of Nazareth, and that job was botched up as well.

By now, after almost eighteen months of the Trump presidency and with all the power and resources of the intelligence agencies, the Justice Department, the news media, the Democratic and Republican parties, and their friends and benefactors who control much of our wealth, their relentless effort to throw out Trump has failed miserably.

No politician in our history has been under a more massive and coordinated attack for such a sustained period of time yet Trump continues his own relentless campaign to clean up the mess we call government.

Why, because he is not a politician.  He is an outsider who happened to succeed without the help of big bankers, big corporations, political parties and Wall Street.  Trump was not bought and paid for like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

Funny, all three became multi-millionaires because they were president or nominated to be president.  Trump did not need a government job and power to make millions, he earned it before he ever ran for public office.

Make no mistake, Trump is far from an endearing president but perhaps he is just what was needed to reign in the power of government, stop the corruption at all levels of government, reform laws and regulations not in the public interest, and to realign our position in the world.

No professional politician stood a chance of bringing about such badly needed reform.  There was no accountability in government nor responsibility for the actions of the government.  The financial predators and sharks controlled the money for campaigns and leveraged it to buy off enough elected officials to maintain a system that was rotten to the core, not just in America, but around the world.

Yet people, the voters, understood, at least the vast majority of people who were not part of the partisan political cesspool.  This did not happen overnight.  Way back in 1972 Ross Perot, a businessman and Independent, got 20% of the presidential vote costing George Bush his re-election and thrusting Bill Clinton to the presidency with barely 41% of the registered vote.

By the time Barack Obama was first elected in 2008 nearly 50% of all eligible voters refused to even register to vote, such was their disgust with politicians.  When Obama was re-elected in 2012 it was the first time less than 50% of eligible voters participated in an election.  In truth, only about 25% of eligible voters voted Obama president.  Still it got worse.  By the end of Obama’s presidency in 2016 for the first time in our history there were more registered Independents than either Democrats or Republicans.

One need only ask Bernie Sanders how honest the political system was when he faced Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary campaign.  Secret deals between Obama and Clinton were made to bankrupt the Democratic National Committee (DNC), then allow the Clinton campaign to secretly bail out the DNC while giving Hillary control of the actions and resources of the DNC.  She was in a tightly contested primary battle with Sanders when this took place.  Bernie never had a chance to win the primary because the DNC Super Delegates were already secretly pledged to Hillary.

By the way, in light of the current media hype about how Putin said he wanted Trump to win against Hillary, you might have noticed what the media forgot to ask.  Why did the media not ask if he wanted Hillary to win?  Putin and Hillary were mortal enemies ever since she was Obama’s Secretary of State and used her office to condemn him and place sanctions on Russia.  Trump was not even a viable candidate at the time Hillary was hacked and Trump was given no chance to win anything.

When Trump stunned the world and won the primary there was no other choice for Putin but to hope Trump won, against all odds.  Make no mistake, no one’s hands were clean during this election campaign.  Trump knew nothing of the political process and showed it.  Still, he was the last one standing and the only non-political outsider available to the people.

No one gave him a chance to win right up to election day when all the media predicted a solid Hillary victory.  No one, that is, except me when I predicted a Trump victory several weeks before the election and posted it in the Huffington Post as a Huffington Post Contributor.

My conclusion was based on a multi-decade trend of increasing distrust of all politicians from both parties born out by the polls.  In addition, I watched the increasing flight of Democrats and Republican voters switch to the Independent registration.

Trump’s victory had nothing to do with Russia or Russian collusion.  It had everything to do with voter frustration over partisan politics in Washington, D.C., the cozy relationship between professional politicians and financiers, and institutional corruption.

Today, the losers from both ends of the political spectrum, Democrats hating Trump and Republicans afraid of Trump, sense the death knell of their quest to deny Trump his presidency.  As do the losers in the media who are in danger of losing all their anonymous sources of classified government information.

Trump is no saint, but he certainly is an agent of change who was given a chance to fix what the politicians could not fix.  He was also given a chance by the American voters to show us what he can do to clean up the mess.  His opponents are fueled by blind hatred of the outsider.  They ignore the Constitution and will of the people.  In truth they are the protectors of the status quo.

To succeed they ignore their own religious beliefs and the teachings of Jesus and embrace a very dark and toxic attitude.  They will fail.  Trump will easily win re-election in 2020 and may finally get the chance to show us what he can do.

At that point we can give a great big sign of relief in knowing our Constitution is intact, it worked as expected, and once again the People have spoken.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Conversations with Melchizedek - Why are we so sad, hateful, disrespectful and depressed? Are we, the master of, or victim of, our environment?

Are you hiding behind your fears?

It matters not what side you are on, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, victim or perpetrator, majority or minority, republican or democrat, Christian or Islamic, not even race, color or creed, it only matters that you have created barriers to hide behind.

All it took was a little effort on your part to decide you were different, not one of them, an outsider, and you were determined to never become one of them.  They, your polar opposite, are your enemy.

Funny thing about humans that distinguishes us from about everything else in Creation, we think this Earth is our very own world made for the only creation with the ability to “think” and with the choice of a “free will.”  I guess we think we are the Masters over our creation and know what is best for Earth and mankind.

I do not remember reading anything in my research about God’s Creation being sold to the highest bidder.  Not a penny, pound, shekel, dirham, riyal, dinar, ruble, euro, renminbi, yen, franc, or peso among others, was paid to God so we could “own” the lands.  It was given to us, all of us, as a gift.

Earth was never ours to own, possess, control, dominate or abuse.  More than likely the Creator intended for us to use what we needed and leave the rest for others.

I have a lot to say about the self-bestowed title of “Master of the Earth,” given to humans by humans.  Then, not content with destroying the Crown Jewel of the Universe, Mother Earth, [so we think], we have now turned our attention to imposing our dominance on the rest of the solar system and universe.

Are we exploring the unknown of outer space to discover the full scope of the universe, or are we fleeing from our own self-destruction?  Perhaps, we made some bad choices along the way and might want to reconsider the path we pursued.

So, let us start with the environment of Earth that causes us to embrace all the wrong things on the Road to Kingdom Come.  We share the same environment with all other creations.  We think we are entrusted as masters of earth by the Creator.

Our natural or physical earth is protected by a series of miraculous creations.

The complex atmosphere of our earth…

The magnetic attraction of gravity…

The penetration of natural electromagnetic waves from the Sun…

The land, water and air supporting us…

And of course, the miraculous vessel we call Earth which was created and never ceases to continue recreating, repairing, and purifying so we have a place to exist.

Thus, when I say natural environment I mean like our oxygen-based atmosphere, our magnetic polarity resulting in gravity, the magical interdependence of the Earth, Sun and Moon in stabilizing the solar system, the life-giving natural electromagnetic waves from the Sun vital for maintaining our existence, and the land, water and air we require to exist.

Well, all of these things are contributing gifts from our Creator and when they function in harmony and unity, when we see the face of Jesus in everyone else, and when they see the face of Jesus in you, me and us, we are almost back home again.

As for us, the humans, remember we fellow homo sapiens were not the first life forms on the planet Earth, we were more like the last.

Give or take a few billion years, let us assume all of Creation as we know it is at least thirty billion years old, since the original Big Bang of Creation at the beginning of time, Earth has evolved and matured in our solar system.

After say ten billion years of evolution earth finally reached the physical stage, acknowledging that earth began in a gas form, which eventually evolved into the earth, Sun, Moon and galaxies.  Once physical the earth then created a permanent atmosphere, which transformed the once invisible planet into mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, continents and oceans.

After the addition of birds, animals, reptiles, bugs, mammals, a range of living species from ants to dinosaurs, along comes mankind now that earth can provide all the needs of humans.  Thus, in truth we are the first alien species to occupy the earth.

Can you imagine how Earth must have felt when the Creator said now that we have the Crown Jewel of planets in the skies, Earth gets to be permanent host to mankind.  Sounds more like Earth was being punished than rewarded.

Just look at the results.

Noting that the very first humans on Earth were created, then seeded throughout the world, and all subsequent generations of humans have been conceived, not created, one thing is not clear.  After the spiritual and cultural evolution of a whole bunch of known and unknown civilizations over the billions of years since humans were first seeded on Earth, what have we achieved?

One day our true history will be known.  Melchizedek says there have been seven disruptions in the evolution of mankind, when humans strayed too far from the plan of the Creator thanks to their free will, and it was necessary to make natural adjustments to the earth.  The vast majority of humans were lost in those meteor strikes, floods, droughts, maybe even wars.

At best our known history only covers the current cycle of civilization.  Far more information will be released in the coming days that will greatly extend knowledge of the existence of humans on the planet and shed light on our prior civilizations.

The vehicle of Earth has survived every imaginable catastrophic event throughout time and it is still here providing for our needs.  For billions of years Earth withstood the far more devastating natural disasters ranging from monstrous comet strikes powerful enough to create the Gulf of Mexico, super-volcano eruptions blowing holes in the Rocky Mountains and creating a debris field in the sky thick enough to block the Sun for years, ice ages that buried the Earth under glaciers, warmups and floods so severe man barely escaped extinction.

As if the really big disasters were not enough, there were the endless weather anomalies over the billions of years with “once in a lifetime” blizzards and freezing cold, relentless floods and drought, volcano eruptions burying towns and villages, earthquakes that swallowed up entire cities and continents, and fires that scorched massive quantities of forests.

Those are the natural earth changes.

Humans, of course, have become a force for concern because of our contributions to the destruction of the earth as well.  Whether we rape the land of resources, disrupt the balance of nature through development, blow up 2,000 nuclear bombs testing to see if they work, try to harness rivers not meant to be controlled, build on beaches not meant to be human habitat, destroy natural resources, become dependent on things excessive to our needs, we are not a good partner to Earth.

Perhaps, we should recognize the tremendous ability of Earth and protection of the Creator for our planet.  Melchizedek says humans will not destroy the Earth.  If we do bad things there will be bad consequences to pay, but it will not in our power to destroy Earth.

However, if we do not use our energy to learn to co-exist through the Creator’s commandments of love, then continue to sow the seeds of hate and polarity, judgement and war, dark over light, we will fail.

There is one aspect of our environment we do control, the negative energy we introduce to our world, the same negative energy we are so quick to inflict on our enemy no matter what human form it may take.  You might call this the spiritual environment of Earth, and it has been seriously neglected over the years.

Can you give up your prejudice and hate, your bias and fear, and replace it with love as the Creator and Jesus instruct?  Are you willing to project s positive message of hope for all humans if we just accept our equality as creation of the Crestor?

We shall soon learn the truth…