Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Faces the Lions - The GOP - Now Must Tame Three Wild Beasts


What am I trying to say you might ask? Let me tell you, I have not been particularly kind to the Obama administration although I do have the utmost respect for the president. On the other hand, I have been as pointed toward the White House staff under Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress as I was with the Bush advisors and Congress.

It is now clear after listening to Obama have a question and answer session with the Republicans in Congress, a first for his presidency, that he really has his hands full. Politics, and nasty politics runs deep in our nation's capitol. A sad but true situation. It is fueled by the news media and lobbyists who take sides with their mouths and money.

Obama has been criticized for being too much of a teacher and not enough of a leader. Yet my many articles over the years have pointed out that the problem in Washington is so deep that it encompasses both political parties, both houses of congress, the news media, the political commentators, and especially the White House staff.

This was the Republican chance to show that unlike the White House staff and Democratic Leaders in Congress they were willing to listen to the people and make a sincere effort to work on a bi-partisan agenda with the president and the Democrats for the good of the nation.

About half of those asking questions did that to some degree. The rest fell back into the same old sniping and politicking that has disgusted the public and makes all politicians look bad. So when a question was asked to make political hay the president shot back to set the record straight.

There is a lot the GOP and president agree upon. Even those present had to agree. But if Obama is honest and really sees the light and need for bi-partisan work, he has really got his work cut out. He is surrounded by ideologues on the left and right, Democratic and Republican partisans, media maniacs, conservative and liberal fanatics and political jerks in the White House.

I am beginning to believe none of them really want him to succeed. Even the Democratic leadership has done everything to inflame relations between the president and Republicans. His own staff cannot help offering a daily dose of negative nitpicking about conservatives, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Fox News or who knows what else.

Obama will have to be the best teacher in history to pull off teaching this class. Bringing peace to these polarized barbarians will be like converting cannibals to vegetarians. I'm beginning to think Coltons Point, where I live should not secede from the Union but should lead a national referendum to force Washington, DC to secede and take with it all the White House staff, Democratic and Republican politicians, media, lobbyists and special interests.

If we really wanted to defeat the terrorists we would send the Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House staff and Washington media to the war zone and you can bet every terrorist in Afghanistan and Pakistan would be consumed by the bickering, badgering and bullsh-- spewed across the landscape. Maybe it is a good thing Obama is like a teacher although it might even be more important to be a psychiatrist, wizard and sorcerer to try and tame this crowd.

Today Obama justifiably got a little testy at some of the pointed questions and nonsensical commentary before questions were asked. His White House staff said in advance that he was going to teach the Republicans a lesson. A typically stupid move. Give him an A for trying, a B for listening, a C for his comments and an M for martyr for entering the Coliseum to face the lions nearly naked.

All of Washington has demonstrated over and over again that they intend to ignore the people and they have disenfranchised the voters in the process. Many of these old politicians will be retired this fall and that is a good thing. Many more should be. It is a real shame we can't vote on the media and White House staff because then the needed housecleaning would be thorough and complete.


UFO Video from Dublin, Ireland


For those of you interested and open minded there has long been a fascination with UFOs in America, ever since the ancient Indian petrogliths depicted strange creatures and space ships thousands of years ago. The Rosewell incident in the summer of 1947 heightened the interest and the USA space program has added to the mystery.

In my work with the Hopi Indians over the years numerous elders and wisdom keepers made casual reference to me of these Blue People who came many centuries ago and have helped the Hopi over the centuries. In fact there is a grave of one such person I was shown in Arizona. The wisdom of the Hopi, the truth of the spiritual leaders, and the ancient prophecies of the Hopi give far more truth to what they say than our government.

Last fall I was shooting photos of the unusual circle formation at the top of this story from my porch at Coltons Point. I then zoomed in on the contrail cutting across the circle and got the two shots showing some kind of a sphere crossing the circle. At the same time I took a photo of another contrail showing a plane and the aircraft were clearly distinguishable from spheres.

Ironically one of the greatest series of sightings in American history took part in the Washington, DC area in the 1950's, confirmed by officers at Andrews Air Force base, and spheres were reported in the sklies south of our nation's capitol. Coltons Point is south of Washington, DC.

About ten years ago I was at a base in the frontier outside of Moscow, Russia reviewing secret KGB film archives and came across many Soviet government photos of ufos. Interviews with former Soviet officials indicated the existence of ufos was accepted by the Soviet Union and encounters were well documented.

In my years in various US government offices I interviewed many people from the armed services and associated with Project Bluebook, the alleged government cover up of ufo activity. The private acknowledgement of the officials was in sharp contrast to the official denial of ufos.

This past week a video was shot in Dublin, Ireland with night vision and it showed the following.

As a reporter one must remain open to truth. Signs and symbols seem to indicate there is a great deal more truth to the statement we are not alone than many might suspect and there is reason to believe such truths may be proven in the very near future. You might want to consider the possibility.


UFO Video from Dublin, Ireland

Al Gore Finally Gets Unlikely Ally for Global Warming Crusade - Osama Bin Laden


After jet setting around the world for eight years in his private jet, former vice presidential candidate Al Gore finally found a sympathetic voice for his lonely cause to awaken the people to the end of the world. The world's most famous terrorist and architect of 9-11, the legendary and somewhat mythical Osama Bin Laden, joined Gore today in saying America is responsible for global warming.

Certainly Osama has done more than anyone to stop the American economy, the machine behind global warming according to Bin Laden and Gore, than any other person as his attack on New York sent the world into a decade long economic collapse. While Gore was making a hundred million dollars for himself Obama was spending a hundred million to stop America and global warming.

Other than the hundred million there is not much similarity between these odd allies. Bin Laden has been on a survival diet while Gore seems to have been on a Big Mac diet. Gore lives in million dollar mansions and flies in private jets. Bin Laden lives in caves and travels by horseback. Gore has partners on Wall Street like Goldman Sachs while Bin Laden tries to destroy Gore's partners on Wall Street like Goldman Sachs. Gore sells alarmist books while Bin Laden sends out underwear bombers.

Still there are a few similarities. While Gore warns of the end of the world Osama does his best to bring it about. Gore wants global warming to be a war while Osama already made it a war. Both used to be on the government payroll, Gore in Congress and the White House and Osama for the CIA. I suppose that makes them both eligible for Obama's health care and government pensions.

Most important both figured out a way to use the sinister action by Clinton officials at the end of his term, action that led to the housing, oil and economic crisis that nearly destroyed the world, to advance their causes. Gore rode the ushering in of a decade of greed to a personal gain of $100 million and billions more in potential income from Obama's cap and trade while Osama rode the decade of greed into undermining the world economy.

If it all sounds like a surreal movie then reality follows fiction more than we might think. Maybe the Nobel Peace prize committee in Oslo will decide that Osama has just as much potential to bring about world peace as Barack Obama, and Al Gore, two former winners of the world's strangest awards show, and give it to Osama to encourage him like they did our president.

In the meantime the newest winner of the Nobel Peace prize, President Barack Obama, will continue his massive military build up in Afghanistan with 100,000 US soldiers now committed to killing Osama Bin Laden. Somehow it would only be appropriate to give it to Bin Laden. I mean look at all Gore and Obama have done to advance the cause of peace.

It is times like this when I think we really do live in an alternate universe, like Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Hijacks Palin Agenda for Born Again Populist Pitch


Obama talks for 70 minutes, people are still not sure what he said. But he did smile a lot, tell a few jokes, lecture the public, scold the Supreme Court, castigate an inept Congress and hijacked a bunch of Sarah Palin's agenda that he condemned so viciously last year.

So now, will the liberal elite who buried Palin in insults and smears claiming she was too inexperienced to be babysitter let alone president when she was really running for vice president, now apologize to her since the Chosen One has now seen the light and co-opted her platform and that of the Tea Party? Why he didn't even credit the source of the ideas.

Off shore oil drilling, business tax credits, eliminate capital gains taxes, hiring credits, more nuclear plants, coal and natural gas production, he used a whole lot of the Palin platform to try and win back the independents and people who expect government to be competent. You don't think it has anything to do with the polls do you?

Just so you know he was not completely out of form, as the original Obama was quite the entertaining speaker, he did point out that recent letters he has received from people tell him of the suffering and pain Americans feel about jobs, housing, healthcare and education. You would think after campaigning for president for two years and being president for one year he would have known how bad people were suffering but at least he reads the mail.

Did he hear anything the people told him? Guess not as he said the anti-Washington feeling sweeping across the nation and sweeping politicians out of office was the same wave he rode on his surfboard. I don't think so Mr. Obama. How in the world could someone with all the experience you had as United States Senator and community organizer make you an outsider? Anyone mistaking Obama for anything but a Washington insider would be the same people who mistake Bambi for a serial killer.

Anyway his long and often used "outsider" pivot is another area where he ripped off Sarah Palin who really was an outsider and did fight the political establishment. Heck, Obama even made reference to the bank bailout being like a root canal. Does that mean he ripped off Palin once again with her "drill baby drill" mantra during the campaign? After all the flip flops and absconding of Palin's agenda and platform he would have been a lot better off to have had Palin as VP and kept Biden in the doghouse.

Okay, then there were the 66 references to the almighty "I", another consistent Obama trait that leaves one wondering if the virtue of humility has any place in our young president's worldview. I'm beginning to think he has no foundation to his worldview but snatches the last argument he heard about what to think, whether it came from Sarah Palin or South Park. Then he throws out all he stood for in the campaign which seems to upset those liberal groups expecting socialism to already be here.

Did Obama pivot on his policies like he did his Palinesque rhetoric? Let's see. He still wants his health care bill, cap and trade legislation, pending jobs bill, maybe another similar stimulus since the first one did not do what he wanted, and he now has better ideas for the Tarp funds repaid by the big, bad banks. One might have thought the bank payments would go to reduce the deficit but not our president.

Overall there is one difference between what Obama proposes and what Palin, the Republicans or the Tea Party people would want. I'm sorry Mr. President but you are not the poster boy for the Tea Party and you are most certainly not the Washington outsider you claim. You made the deals to bailout out the banks, insurance companies, auto companies and save the unions and Goldman Sachs from huge losses for irresponsible investing.

You along with most of the politicians in Washington take the money from the lobbyists, banks, insurance companies and every other group like trial lawyers and pharmaceuticals and stick it in your campaign coffers. Some outsider. If you could just tell us the truth and say you will stop being a politician we might believe you. But you act as if you are disgusted by the very practices you encourage behind the scenes and behind closed doors. Where I come from that is being a hypocrite.

Beyond the rhetoric and entertainment there were a couple of ominous signs that would scare the hell out of any God fearing, patriotic American but our adoring media seemed to not notice, and they all too often seem to not notice when Obama makes no sense. This time he made sense.

First he threatened Congress when he said if they didn't give him a bill he wanted he would just sign an executive order and eliminate the need for Congress to act. So the Executive branch can eliminate the need for the Legislative branch to perform their duty. It has already happened under Obama with the cap and trade fiasco demonstrating a distain for such Constitutional principles like the separation of powers and checks and balances between the Executive and Legislative branches.

The House passed the Al Gore/Goldman Sachs cap and trade carbon emissions retirement bill but the Senate wants to think about it, so it spins in the wind doing nothing while others investigate it. Obama's Environmental Protection Agency then decides it knows how to cut Congress out of the decision by declaring carbon dioxide a toxic gas thus making it subject to federal regulation with no action by Congress. One again the Administration has demonstrated a disregard for the Constitutional separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches.

My advice to EPA is to go out and arrest all the trees of the world because they emit carbon dioxide when they are cut down. Forget about the fact they also absorb nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide through their natural photosynthesis process. Arrest all the people burning wood for heat because they are directly polluting our atmosphere. And arrest the oceans while they are at it because the sea both generates carbon dioxide and absorbs it to the tune of 60% of all emissions.

The Obama Administration disregard for our Constitutional protections, ones which our forefathers warned us about, is quite disturbing. Why do they think they can ignore elements of the Constitution that guarantee the separation of powers and assure the checks and balances between each division of our republic? Not content with ignoring the separation of powers with the Legislature, he then took aim at the third division of government, the Judiciary.

He scolded the Supreme Court, condemning their decision on corporate free speech, and seemed to try and embarrass them as they sat in the front row watching his speech. One was visibly upset, not by the criticism but by the fact Obama did not even tell the truth about the decision. Obama said the court action will allow corporations, including foreign corporations, to own the US election process. Well foreign corporations are prohibited from contributing to our campaigns and the Supreme Court decision had nothing to do with that.

Obama also forgot to mention he and the Democrats already have taken millions of dollars from corporate executives while the political parties take money directly. He also forgot to mention that anytime Obama and Congress want to fix the system of campaign financing they can do it if they have the guts. However, corporations are betting millions that Obama and our political leaders in the capitol will do nothing.

The thought that a president thinks he can ignore the Constitution if the Legislature and the Judiciary fail to do his bidding is very scary. Finally, his criticism of both parties for not doing what he wanted is a joke as he was the one who refused to work with both parties choosing to work directly with the lobbyists of the special interests. His approach resulted in a new meaning for pork barrel as he gave away $60 billion to the unions without Congressional approval, tens of millions of dollars to the people of Nebraska and Louisiana to bribe their Senators, and billions in protection to the pharmaceutical companies.

Well, he can say what he wants but it sure seems to me as if politics as usual is alive and well in the back rooms of our nation's capitol from the White House to the Halls of Congress. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric. Don't be fooled by the pivots. Don't be fooled by the new found or born again populism. No one in Washington, including our Ivy League educated president, is a friend of the people over special interests or Wall Street.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union - What Can We Expect from Obama, the Born Again Populist?


It's time once again for that great American drama, the event that proves we are in the depressing depths of winter and we really have nothing to do, the State of the Union speech by our president. Thanks to the complicity of the television networks the president gets to dominate the airways tonight to tell us all the things politicians tells us to reassure us we are in good hands.

Now I don't know about you but it is hard for me to take too seriously anyone in Washington, DC who has the audacity to say we are in good hands. I'm not sure but it seems as if we would be a lot better off if our politicians just shut up for a year or two and stopped telling us all the nonsense.

Fortunately, we have become accustom to these annual invasions of privacy by those who know better so we are not going to get our hopes up and expect a miracle, like someone might tell us the truth. After all the campaigning and the first year of torture under the control of the Democrats, I still really can't tell the difference between the elephants and donkeys, or is it jackasses?

The Washington Post, that revered institution of truth if you happen to think the liberal view is remotely related to the truth, says President Obama made about 360 promises of things he would do once he got elected. After a year they say he did 15 of them and none were much to talk about. Does that mean after four years of Obama in 2012 he will have delivered on 60 promises of the 360, or a total of 16% of all that he promised?

At the rate he is delivering it will take him 24 years just to do the things he promised before he got elected. That was before he got God, I mean lost in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, and suddenly changed his tune back to the born again populist. It was also before his policies were rejected in poll after poll by the public.

CBS news reports that our president gave 411 speeches during his first 365 days as president, including two speeches to joint sessions of Congress. He also gave 158 interviews and held four prime time news conferences. Just like his billion dollar campaign spending, that is far more than any previous president in our history.

Now we are being told by his henchmen that the people, we, did not understand his message so he has to try again but more forcibly so us stupid humans might get it. It must be a real burden for a person to have such an intellect and so much knowledge and be forced to speak to the six pack majority of America. How in the world will these people ever get it?

Well I don't get it. Congress doesn't seem to get it either. After a year of senseless blabber does anyone know what he wants in his health care bill, what the current bill will do, or why we need to throw out the whole health care system in the first place? Don't expect him to dwell too much on that issue except to say raising your health care costs will create more jobs.

In fact everything in his speech will most likely create more jobs even though not a single respectable economist can figure out the value of creating jobs if they cost about $500,000 each like the stimulus package has done. Does he even know millions of people lost their jobs since he became president?

How stupid of me, whatever went wrong this past year was Bush's fault. Maybe he won't need to say too much about Bush in this speech since he already blamed everything that went wrong the last century on Bush. I think that must be an Ivy League debate tactic, blaming everyone else for your failures.

Yet Obama did support the bank bailout and even kept it going. And it was Obama's AIG, auto, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts that cost us way over a trillion dollars. It was his inability to do anything to stop the banks that resulted in billions of dollars in profits for the very guys who ripped off the system and got the taxpayer to pay off their sins. Then they gave out $60 billion in executive bonuses just to remind the public how they could care less that we saved them.

Even today, the day of his State of the Union, Congress is holding hearings to determine how Obama's administration could bailout AIG and let them pay $62 billion in taxpayer money to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. The Obama gang say they didn't know it happened. If they didn't know $62 billion was ripped off in taxpayer money they should all go to jail for intellectual constipation and moral indifference.

But those are truths and when talking about the good old boys in Washington truth has no place. Wasn't it Goldman Sachs who financed Obama's campaign? Didn't Goldman Sachs pour millions of dollars into his and other leaders campaigns and get millions more from their partners for the politicians in the great American Monopoly game? In fact, weren't they behind the housing market collapse, the energy price increases, the economic collapse and over $20 billion in executive bonuses this year?

Well don't expect the president to tell us how the banks, insurance companies, health care groups, auto companies, pharmaceutical companies and unions, who all have gotten and/or made billions of dollars off the president and Congress, are now pouring millions more into the campaigns of our leaders in the nation's capitol.

However, our born again populist president, the man who taught us that the only problems we have are those he tells us we have, will most certainly double cross those other bridges when he gets to them. As for tonight, everything will be okay. He knows. He knows we don't know. All will be well on Wall Street because he is now going to give us tax credits, incentives, and even a federal spending freeze to save the day. Of course the freeze will not apply to 83% of federal spending but that is a trivial detail. And none of the credits and incentives are going to small business where jobs are created.

But the jobs, well, he is going to create more jobs than anyone in history as it will take more to make up for the disastrous first year in office. Of course the jobs may go to the unions who poured millions into his campaign and are pouring millions more into his campaign committee in 2010. Why does he need to raise tens of millions of dollars when he just got elected to a four year term? And why raise it from the very people you say are the bad guys?

Anyway, there will be millions of jobs created, probably most in government service which will not help the economy but will give the unions a great big payoff. Somehow Obama's Chicago gang has turned economic principles upside down. They have determined we should not worry about increasing the deficit by over $1.4 trillion a year. Why worry? Let the next generation blame it on Bush as the nation goes bankrupt.

So expect promises for a better economy, millions of jobs for the unions, billions to be spent on alternative energy which is not even cost effective but will make Al Gore and Goldman Sachs billions, billions more to prop up housing through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae because the Democrats cannot let those liberal bastions fail, billions more for education which will take care of those unions but insure that the inferior education system in America will continue to prosper, lots of billions for wars since two new ones are likely in Yemen and the Middle East while Iraq, another promise to get out, will continue and Afghanistan will expand, and a whole bunch of other things we didn't know we needed.

The State of the Union, about the 415th speech in the 370 days he has been president. Haven't we had enough? I mean he is a nice guy and all but doesn't he ever lose his voice or anything? Maybe he could go on another extended world tour and do to the world what he has been doing to us. We have 535 politicians in Congress, a president with a bionic tongue, a vice president who keeps stepping on his tongue, a bevy of presidential advisors, his personal army of drones spewing innocuous facts and engaging in flights of fantasy, and we pay for all that. As far as I can see the only jobs saved this past year were all the blowhards in DC.

When will it be time to really help the rest of us?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Politics Today - Just Fun

In an effort to give us all a break from politics, especially with the Obama State of the Union speech tomorrow and the US Budget next week, we present for your sanity a couple of YouTube favorites.

First there is the dog protecting his bone. Look who tries to steal it.

Next is a fun video of what can happen on the way to the train.

Next is a rare view of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, late in 1983 when he showed a private audience how he was going to stop IBM from taking over the world computer market in 1984 with his McIntosh Super Bowl ad. To this day it is one of the top ads to ever run during the Super Bowl.

Finally, with the upcoming Super Bowl, here are the top ten rather humorous ads from Super Bowls.

Tomorrow back to saving the world from the politicians.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Bowl Time - The Gladiators in the Coliseum - Are the Saints Angels or Demons?


Don't know about you but the one time a year when I like pro football is when it is time for the Super Bowl, football's version of the World Series, or is it the clash of titans? At any rate, this is the one game every year when there is so much money riding on the outcome, both legal and illegal, that you can almost count on an honest effort by everyone involved.

Gambling, yet another nation pastime that remains outside the law in most states, has had a corrupting influence on most sports over the years. Illegal gambling is like playing the hedge funds or derivative markets on Wall Street where you can bet and win for or against the team or fund depending on whether you can anticipate the outcome. All the better if you can influence it.

Many a great sports career has been tarnished or ruined by people trying to influence players or officials to throw games, fake injuries, or simply hurt an opposing star. Kind of like an investment house betting the housing market will collapse or oil prices will skyrocket and then influencing the news media to make it happen in the press.

In the league finals between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings it was like watching a gang of paid assassins trying to permanently damage the Vikings legendary quarterback Brett Favre. I can't tell yet if the Saints are angels or demons so I guess I will have to see if Payton Manning can avoid what they did to Favre.

Not that pain isn't part of the game, and Favre can take as much pain as anyone, but the viciousness and excessiveness of the quarterback attacks seemed to go way beyond good sportsmanship and even resulted in a couple of penalties from the see nothing do nothing officials.

As for the overtime in pro football, sudden death should be declared dead on arrival. That is the most unfair method of determining a winner I have ever seen and the only overtime format in all of professional sports where it is entirely possible the skill of both teams may never get tested in overtime. I mean even tennis has a multi-point winner, not the first to score, and in soccer both teams get shots to win.

But professional football has a system where a team can score and the other team's offense will never get a chance to play in the overtime, like what happened in the New Orleans game. College football needs a real playoff and pro football needs a real overtime that rewards skill, gives equal opportunity for both teams to demonstrate their offense and defense, and awards victory to those who earn it.

As for the New Orleans Saint and whether they are angels or demons, does it really matter in a sport where strength, hard hitting, bashing, shooting off the mouth and grandstanding are all considered part of the sports mystique? The Super Bowl will determine the real champion and if the game is lousy which does occasionally happen at least we know the commercials will be entertaining, even during an economic recession.

So we have the Indianapolis Colts and Payton Manning who won it a couple of years ago against the New Orleans Saint who have never even been in the Super Bowl. People like underdogs and of course the Saints are underdogs. However, both teams were first in their leagues and league champions do not often make it to the Super Bowl.

Manning is not Favre, he is much bigger, younger and stronger and the Colts are a lot more protective. It seems the most successful sports franchises protect their stars at all costs. Look what happens when an opposing pitcher hits one of the Yankees baseball team starts. Someone is going to get hit in retaliation. Indianapolis will protect Manning if he even needs it.

I do have a problem with Reggie Bush, star of the Saints. There is something unfair about what he did when he was in college at USC and he won the national championship and Heisman trophy. A multi-year investigation by the NCAA is about to be released and I expect it will show Bush violated many laws in college accepting cars, cash, a home for his parents, trips and who knows what else from agents intent on getting a piece of his pro career.

If that is true, then USC will probably have to forfeit all the games he played in and might lose the national championship and Bush might lose the Heisman as the best player in college football. It would be appropriate for the severity of what he may have done. What is unfair is that the university can lose all that, be put on probations and lose millions of dollars in revenues from bowl games, lose tens of thousands of dollars in sports scholarships other deserving kids might have been given, but Bush, the one behind the disaster, loses his trophy and nothing more.

He still kept all the payoffs during his college career, his parents kept what they got, Bush got his millions of dollars in the pros, so crime seems to be very rewarding for him. You see, without the national championship and Heisman trophy he never would have got the millions he was paid to turn pro. If pro football wanted to run a clean house they would ban for life anyone who cheated in college to benefit in the pros.

As it stands right now the next generation of pro football players will be encouraged to cheat, take bribes and illegal gifts in college, further eroding the morality in amateur sports, especially if Bush and New Orleans wins the Super Bowl. It just does not seem right that the signal we send our youth is crime pays, and pays and pays, not just for the moment but throughout their career. This Super Bowl will be a bit tarnished if the Saints win.

By the way, one last bit of advice for the pros. The Pro Bowl, in other words the all star game for the pros, is the week between the League championships and the Super Bowl. That means all the star players on the top two or four teams in pro football cannot play in the all star game. Isn't that a bit stupid and a rip off for the fans who want to see the top stars in the all star game? Change the schedule so real all stars can play for the fans.