Friday, January 22, 2010

Tweedledee and Tweedledum - 48 Hours after Massachusetts both Parties Double Cross Public


In a stunning reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on campaign finances, both Democrats and Republicans seem to be suffering short term memory loss from the Massachusetts Senate debacle and they immediately took the most hypocritical and self-destructive positions possible. One thinks the American public knew this was coming, just more of the same politics as usual.

As for the lesson at the Boston Tea Party last Tuesday night, it fell on deaf ears in the White House and in both political party caucuses in the House and Senate. People are fed up with politics as usual. The Wednesday morning after the election Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Republicans all said they recognized the angry mood of the public.

By Thursday both parties hoped the public would remember what they said Wednesday and forget what they had said before Wednesday. Thursday both had returned to vintage form in responding to the Supreme Court decision regarding campaign finance. You need a daily scorecard to keep track of how many times they change positions per day.

Obama led the Democrats in condemning the Supreme Court decision saying it opened the floodgates to corporate financing of candidates. Duh... As reported before, Obama and the Democrats are the chief beneficiary of corporate money in campaigns. They also failed to mention the unions were also given carte blanc to buy politicians by the Supreme Court. So the Democrats double crossed the public less than 48 hours after the campaign catastrophe in Boston.

How about the new found populist element of the Republican party? Well they double crossed the public in the same 48 hour period when they reacted to the Supreme Court ruling by saying it restored free speech in America or it puts media corporations and the rest of corporate America on the same footing. Either way it means the same thing, they supported the decision.

Both political party bosses and our young president sank back into the old world of politics before the ink even dried on the stories of how they learned their lesson in Massachusetts. My goodness, the mental institutions are filled with people with multiple personalities, self-destructive psychosis and subliminal paranoia.

Get out the straight jackets and move over patients, we have 539 politicians, (437 House, 100 Senate and 2 in White House - Obama & Biden) in need of a heavy dose of America's favorite cocktail, Prozac, or kid's drink, Ritalin, a straight jacket and a few years to sleep off their attack of sheer idiocy.

Obama, the Democrats and Republicans are all addicted to corporate and union money and all share in the spoils of hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into campaigns by special interests who own our elected leaders. Do not express your dismay, shock or approval in press conferences while you are stuffing your campaign accounts with money from these bad guys.

Any politician who takes the money or support from such dirty money should admit their deception immediately and give back the bucks or be thrown on the scrap heap of history. Untruth still rules our nation's capitol and the Non-political Independent movement that has already plowed through Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts the last few weeks can take aim at the rest of the gang in DC and keep on house cleaning.

We will continue reporting on the hypocrisy as long as the lies and cover ups keep flowing from the mouths of the guilty in Washington. Keep it up people, we have a lot of straight jackets to fill. In the meantime responsible public officials will eliminate private financing of campaigns, make corporate and union contributions of any kind illegal, provide limited public financing and require media to give ads to viable candidates. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to eliminate corruption, just an honest president and congress.


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