Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Politics Today - Just Fun

In an effort to give us all a break from politics, especially with the Obama State of the Union speech tomorrow and the US Budget next week, we present for your sanity a couple of YouTube favorites.

First there is the dog protecting his bone. Look who tries to steal it.

Next is a fun video of what can happen on the way to the train.

Next is a rare view of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, late in 1983 when he showed a private audience how he was going to stop IBM from taking over the world computer market in 1984 with his McIntosh Super Bowl ad. To this day it is one of the top ads to ever run during the Super Bowl.

Finally, with the upcoming Super Bowl, here are the top ten rather humorous ads from Super Bowls.

Tomorrow back to saving the world from the politicians.



conjo1963 said...

Good memories from great video's. Not sure I agree with the Top 10 Super Bowl Ads but enjoyed seeing them all again.

Phyllis, Las Vegas said...

Thanks for the fun, Jim! Since I'm viewing this AFTER the Obama "lecture", it is especially refreshing!!!