Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Guaranteed Ongoing National Spotlight - Becomes Fox News Commentator


On the first anniversary of Sarah Palin's shocking selection as vp candidate by John McLean last September 1 I wrote the following:

Coltons Point Times - September 1, 2009

The only thing worse for Obama and the liberal elitists than Palin hitting the international speaking circuit would be if Roger Ailes, the genius behind the Fox News rating machine, decides she deserves to host her own national TV show for the millions of Americans dissatisfied with the Obama gang and their efforts to hijack the American government.

Yesterday word leaked out and today it was confirmed that Sarah Palin would be joining the Fox News Network as a news commentator and would also host her own specials on issues stressing family and mainstream values. Way to go Roger and Sarah!!!

Finally, our trained journalist will have a forum she controls and pursue topics of interest to her and her millions of followers. You can bet it will be the springboard she needed to become an expert at all those things the liberal media said she didn't or doesn't know.

As for Roger Ailes taking my advice from 4 1/2 months ago, I'm glad he listened (just kidding). I happen to like Roger. When I was running congressional and senate campaigns he was the political advisor to my candidates. Later I worked with him and the late Greg Stevens, an Ailes associate, when I worked for the governor of New Jersey. Then I helped him out executing the largest single day newspaper buy in the nation at the time when I was in media in NYC.

Shortly after he joined Fox News and the Murdock News Corp as President of Fox News. Fox has blown away the competition ever since. One day recently the Fox News ratings equaled the combined ratings of MSNBC, CNN and all three major networks ABC, CBS and NBC. That is how successful Ailes has become. Late last summer I did a feature story about Roger and you can read more about his career with Mike Douglas, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh in that story.

Sarah Palin and her astounding ratings and growing popularity will be welcome additions to the Fox News machine and will give her an adequate forum to silence once and for all the unfair critics. It is going to be an interesting 2010.

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