Monday, January 04, 2010

Obama - The Harvard President - Are We Better Off Today than a Year Ago?


Congress and the White House lost a golden opportunity to make America energy independent this year when they forgot to capture all the hot air this year in our nation's capitol. The green energy movement would have been stopped in it's tracks if they had paid attention.

It was a mean and nasty year for debating between the politicians from both parties and it was most certainly inspired by the attitude of being neighborhood bullies evoked from the White House and Little Napoleon Rohm Emanuel. Then again, what could we expect with all that "experience" in the new White House.

As for the president, he wowed the international community before giving them ulcers with his promises and then waffling on a whole host of foreign issues and in the process upset some of our best allies like Russia and China. Most of the world remains at the end of the first year as it was before the Obama cornation. In fact, most things in America are very much the same as they were at the beginning of last year.

Health care reform got unreformed on the way through the Senate but in the high and lofty words of our Ivy League president any health care bill is better than none so we at least might end the year a step better than none. There is still time for Congress to not double cross the public and reject the debacle but the president will try to force through a mangled bill. Tell Congress to "just say no" to the fraud.

The green revolution we were promised remains a distant dream. Cap and Trade was put under the microscope and failed the test of merit. It still languishes in Congress along with all the other promises. We have the ability to become energy independent by improving efficiency with current fuels available and abundant to America, oil and natural gas, if we can stop the Wall Street (Gore) and socialist interests who have hijacked the environmental movement. Once again just tell Congress to say No!

Obama did get Guantanamo on it's way to being closed but only because he is moving most of the inmates to Illinois and creating a few hundred jobs. However, with this administration, Biden assures us jobs are jobs. The same Biden who is saving the American economy one job at a time in spite of the cost of over $500,000 for every job Obama has saved or created with Stimulus money.

Watch for the price tag for the new Gitmo on the Mississippi to rocket past $100 million pushing the new cost per job under the Obama-Biden jobs program over $1 million per job the first year. Wouldn't it be cheaper to pay people $50,000 a year to not work? Then again, maybe the administration is making a mockery of the stimulus jobs cost to force us into an expanded welfare and income redistribution program.

Thanks to our progressive president we are also going to be spending more than $77 million on security for terrorist trials that didn't need to be in NYC, on top of the $100 million or so for moving the hundred prisoners from Cuba to Illinois. The Obama-Biden-Pelosi stimulus bill job costs seem to be out of control. Wish I understood the Ivy League economic principles.

Speaking of the Ivy League and our president with the detached demeanor of a tenured Ivy League professor funded by a wealthy endowment fund, now is the time to ask if are you better off under a president from Harvard rather than the previous three presidents from Yale? After 20 years of Yale rule under Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2, the first year under Harvard Obama rule didn't do a lot for me. However, Wall Street fat cats seem to be pleased by the direction the country is moving.

As for the Obama campaign promises, they were never meant to be taken seriously, that is the currnt state of politics in America. It is also why politicians rank at the bottom of the barrel in terms of the eyes of the public, just below the news media. "Throw them all out" sounds better every day.

Speaking of our jet setter president, Obama broke all kinds of records for presidential travel expenses this year with very expensive trips to Copenhagen twice while returning empty handed (the Olympics and Global Warming) , trips to China and Russia and who knows where else also returning empty handed. It seems the only trip that resulted in something was his fly-over of New Orleans on his way to San Francisco to pick up a few million campaign bucks.

Obama's most successful stimulus program was when he packed his family and a couple of hundred security and staff to go to Cape Cod on vacation and then to NYC and Broadway for a play. Based on what happened in Washington this past year, it was probably a good thing Obama spent so much time globe trotting as think of the mess if he had remained in Washington at the office.

Washington spin this year reached new lows as the president and both parties seemed to think the public would never check the facts on what they promised and how they viewed the world. The only truth we could find is that we set record spending deficits, added to a record national debt, and still had time to promise global warming people $100 billion a year and maybe pass a health care bill that might cost another trillion or two.

Iran has made more progress on nuclear arms since Obama started making advances to them. Israel still does whatever it wants with American money despite the threats from the Obama people. North Korea even got Bill Clinton to come over and pick up a couple of Al Gore's girls captured in North Korea and still North Korea ignores Obama pleas to negotiate.

Wall Street got away with the biggest raid of the American Treasury in history and didn't even get their wrists slapped by Obama and Congress. Most reforms haven't reformed anything to date. Michelle Obama did touch the Queen of England, a major diplomatic breakthrough. The pres bowed to the Saudi's and Chinese setting off an international debate on protocol and etiquette.

According to Glenn Beck there were more terrorists on the White House staff than in Afghanistan or Pakistan. According to national polls, Sarah Palin has now become more popular than Barack Obama. According to inside reports, no less than a dozen top progressive elitists have threatened suicide if the Palin polls are correct.

Katie Couric blames Sarah Palin for her consistently poor Nielsen ratings. Oprah, on the other hand, got a huge increase in ratings when Palin dropped by her show. In fact Palin is the most sought after hated celebrity by the Hollywood television shows in history. She is also the most respected non-politician in America for her values and principles.

Oh yes, and Palin just topped Al Gore nearly doubling his favorable numbers in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. Of course NBC has not mentioned the poll on the air and Palin's numbers are certain to be even better now after the Gore Obama fiasco at the Copenhagen Global Warming Conference. And speaking of Copenhagen, Obama might want to cross that off his list of places to keep visiting after his Chicago Olympics and Global Warming disasters.

I say the only good Cap and Trade program is if we cap Gore's mouth and trade him to Copenhagen for a couple of their famous red sausage. Barney Frank should be made the new Housing Secretary since he already pushed through the progressive reforms that destroyed the housing market in America. The White House economic team, Emanuel and a host of Obama Treasury officials have done all the damage possible to the American economy so maybe they can move on.

Obama should set up shop in Hollywood since the only accomplishment that might do the country good would be for him to spend the next three years writing his life story and filming the movie of how he saved America from those fools on Main Street.

In short, it was a weird and wild first year for our young savior turned socialist and the guest list at the White House read like a casting call for a new epic on how the radical rebels of the 1960's waited nearly 50 years before finally taking control of the very institution they were sworn to destroy. Maybe Obama should spend more time on his basketball court in the White House and less in the oval office or on television.

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