Friday, January 22, 2010

Supreme Court Knocks Down Corporate & Union Spending Limits - Time to Get Rid of All Special Interest Bribes


In a stunning decision the US Supreme Court knocked down the federal limits on non-candidate spending in campaigns. What this means is there is no limit to the money corporations or unions can spend in support of federal candidates for office as long as they don't give it directly to the candidates. The current spending limits on campaign contributions will remain.

Now we will see if our Congress and President intend to work for the people or for special interests. If they have heard the disgust of the people toward current campaign spending and special interest influence they will find a way to stop all corporate and union contributions and expenditures for campaigns on the grounds that it will protect the integrity of campaigns.

A ban on all contributions in the interest of fairness and assuring equal opportunity to get elected would go a long ways toward cleaning out the mess Congress has made of campaign finance laws. This action by the Supreme Court though stunning in throwing the door open to millions more in special interest money, also will demonstrate once and for all which elected officials serve the public and which serve special interests.

You will be kept informed of those that are for and against the people and the revolution of getting rid of politics as usual will have a daunting task ahead, purging our nation's capitol of corruption once and for all. Watch for campaign reform actions. If there are none then they are all crooks.

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conjo1963 said...

Jim...I expect they are all crooks. I keep waiting for a savior but no bright star in the east yet. Keep plugging away man...just maybe someone is listening!