Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State of the Union - What Can We Expect from Obama, the Born Again Populist?


It's time once again for that great American drama, the event that proves we are in the depressing depths of winter and we really have nothing to do, the State of the Union speech by our president. Thanks to the complicity of the television networks the president gets to dominate the airways tonight to tell us all the things politicians tells us to reassure us we are in good hands.

Now I don't know about you but it is hard for me to take too seriously anyone in Washington, DC who has the audacity to say we are in good hands. I'm not sure but it seems as if we would be a lot better off if our politicians just shut up for a year or two and stopped telling us all the nonsense.

Fortunately, we have become accustom to these annual invasions of privacy by those who know better so we are not going to get our hopes up and expect a miracle, like someone might tell us the truth. After all the campaigning and the first year of torture under the control of the Democrats, I still really can't tell the difference between the elephants and donkeys, or is it jackasses?

The Washington Post, that revered institution of truth if you happen to think the liberal view is remotely related to the truth, says President Obama made about 360 promises of things he would do once he got elected. After a year they say he did 15 of them and none were much to talk about. Does that mean after four years of Obama in 2012 he will have delivered on 60 promises of the 360, or a total of 16% of all that he promised?

At the rate he is delivering it will take him 24 years just to do the things he promised before he got elected. That was before he got God, I mean lost in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, and suddenly changed his tune back to the born again populist. It was also before his policies were rejected in poll after poll by the public.

CBS news reports that our president gave 411 speeches during his first 365 days as president, including two speeches to joint sessions of Congress. He also gave 158 interviews and held four prime time news conferences. Just like his billion dollar campaign spending, that is far more than any previous president in our history.

Now we are being told by his henchmen that the people, we, did not understand his message so he has to try again but more forcibly so us stupid humans might get it. It must be a real burden for a person to have such an intellect and so much knowledge and be forced to speak to the six pack majority of America. How in the world will these people ever get it?

Well I don't get it. Congress doesn't seem to get it either. After a year of senseless blabber does anyone know what he wants in his health care bill, what the current bill will do, or why we need to throw out the whole health care system in the first place? Don't expect him to dwell too much on that issue except to say raising your health care costs will create more jobs.

In fact everything in his speech will most likely create more jobs even though not a single respectable economist can figure out the value of creating jobs if they cost about $500,000 each like the stimulus package has done. Does he even know millions of people lost their jobs since he became president?

How stupid of me, whatever went wrong this past year was Bush's fault. Maybe he won't need to say too much about Bush in this speech since he already blamed everything that went wrong the last century on Bush. I think that must be an Ivy League debate tactic, blaming everyone else for your failures.

Yet Obama did support the bank bailout and even kept it going. And it was Obama's AIG, auto, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts that cost us way over a trillion dollars. It was his inability to do anything to stop the banks that resulted in billions of dollars in profits for the very guys who ripped off the system and got the taxpayer to pay off their sins. Then they gave out $60 billion in executive bonuses just to remind the public how they could care less that we saved them.

Even today, the day of his State of the Union, Congress is holding hearings to determine how Obama's administration could bailout AIG and let them pay $62 billion in taxpayer money to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. The Obama gang say they didn't know it happened. If they didn't know $62 billion was ripped off in taxpayer money they should all go to jail for intellectual constipation and moral indifference.

But those are truths and when talking about the good old boys in Washington truth has no place. Wasn't it Goldman Sachs who financed Obama's campaign? Didn't Goldman Sachs pour millions of dollars into his and other leaders campaigns and get millions more from their partners for the politicians in the great American Monopoly game? In fact, weren't they behind the housing market collapse, the energy price increases, the economic collapse and over $20 billion in executive bonuses this year?

Well don't expect the president to tell us how the banks, insurance companies, health care groups, auto companies, pharmaceutical companies and unions, who all have gotten and/or made billions of dollars off the president and Congress, are now pouring millions more into the campaigns of our leaders in the nation's capitol.

However, our born again populist president, the man who taught us that the only problems we have are those he tells us we have, will most certainly double cross those other bridges when he gets to them. As for tonight, everything will be okay. He knows. He knows we don't know. All will be well on Wall Street because he is now going to give us tax credits, incentives, and even a federal spending freeze to save the day. Of course the freeze will not apply to 83% of federal spending but that is a trivial detail. And none of the credits and incentives are going to small business where jobs are created.

But the jobs, well, he is going to create more jobs than anyone in history as it will take more to make up for the disastrous first year in office. Of course the jobs may go to the unions who poured millions into his campaign and are pouring millions more into his campaign committee in 2010. Why does he need to raise tens of millions of dollars when he just got elected to a four year term? And why raise it from the very people you say are the bad guys?

Anyway, there will be millions of jobs created, probably most in government service which will not help the economy but will give the unions a great big payoff. Somehow Obama's Chicago gang has turned economic principles upside down. They have determined we should not worry about increasing the deficit by over $1.4 trillion a year. Why worry? Let the next generation blame it on Bush as the nation goes bankrupt.

So expect promises for a better economy, millions of jobs for the unions, billions to be spent on alternative energy which is not even cost effective but will make Al Gore and Goldman Sachs billions, billions more to prop up housing through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae because the Democrats cannot let those liberal bastions fail, billions more for education which will take care of those unions but insure that the inferior education system in America will continue to prosper, lots of billions for wars since two new ones are likely in Yemen and the Middle East while Iraq, another promise to get out, will continue and Afghanistan will expand, and a whole bunch of other things we didn't know we needed.

The State of the Union, about the 415th speech in the 370 days he has been president. Haven't we had enough? I mean he is a nice guy and all but doesn't he ever lose his voice or anything? Maybe he could go on another extended world tour and do to the world what he has been doing to us. We have 535 politicians in Congress, a president with a bionic tongue, a vice president who keeps stepping on his tongue, a bevy of presidential advisors, his personal army of drones spewing innocuous facts and engaging in flights of fantasy, and we pay for all that. As far as I can see the only jobs saved this past year were all the blowhards in DC.

When will it be time to really help the rest of us?


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