Thursday, September 30, 2010

Die Hard Yankees fan Sees Phillies win World Series


Okay, so the playoffs haven't even started.  And yes the Yankees are in the playoffs for the 100th or so year.  They are the defending champions and they have won so many World Series NYC lost track.

Then this is the year old George Steinbrenner died and the Yankees broke the bank spending on talent.  When talent fails a team like the Yankees tradition can usually carry them.  Coach Girardi is a clever dude and he may have been resting some the the Yanks these last few weeks and they may suddenly come to life.

But I have an instinct about some things.  I had it when I was in the clubhouse of Yankee stadium and then the dugout with the likes of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford back in the early 1960's.  Even when I attended parties at Yogi's house in Jersey when I worked for the New Jersey governor.  Of course Yogi was a Jersey treasure longbefore he was a national treasure.

But my instinct tells me the Yankees are a little too tired to win the Series this year.  I think the Philadelphia Phillies will win the world championship because the are the hottest and most fearless team in the majors right now.  If they don't Ihope it is the Yankees.


Remember When - The Ads that Formed America


I made it all the way from the corn fields of Iowa to the canyons of Madison Avenue in good old NYC and even played a role in a lot of ad campaigns to sell America on something they may or may not need. Still, I enjoy looking back at what was done years ago when it came to molding the minds of America and when I see these old ads it makes me wonder how we ever survived. Just think of the lawsuits if they were to run today.


Stonehenge - Where Mystery Reins Supreme


I have always been drawn to the ancient Stonehenge in England and to the world of Druids and Wizards, King Arthur and Dragons.  Growing up in Iowa just didn't offer the thrills of warriors and nature and spirits and good over evil.  Now we can't even tell the diffence between good and evil, they all look the same.

So I made a couple of pilgrimages to Stonehenge and sacred sites throughout the British Isles and Ireland and explored the far reaches of Scotland and Wales.  It was like going home and I hope to make many more journeys to my past.

I found the following article about Stonehenge which just adds to the mystery and mystic.  I also lived in Nebraska for a number of years and we had our own Stonehenge as you can see from the photos.  Not quite the 5,000 year old (or much older) vintage of the original but it is Nebraska.

Stonehenge skeleton came from Mediterranean

By RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Writer Raphael G. Satter, Associated Press Writer – Wed Sep 29, 3:41 pm ET

LONDON — A wealthy young teenager buried near Britain's mysterious Stonehenge monument came from the Mediterranean hundreds of miles away, scientists said Wednesday, proof of the site's importance as a travel destination in prehistoric times.

The teen — dubbed "The Boy with the Amber Necklace" because he was unearthed with a cluster of amber beads around his neck — is one of several sets of foreign remains found around the ancient ring of imposing stones, whose exact purpose remains unknown.

The British Geological Survey's Jane Evans said that the find, radiocarbon dated to 1,550 B.C., "highlights the diversity of people who came to Stonehenge from across Europe," a statement backed by Bournemouth University's Timothy Darvill, a Stonehenge scholar uninvolved with the discovery.

"The find adds considerable weight to the idea that people traveled long distances to visit Stonehenge, which must therefore have had a big reputation as a cult center," Darvill said in an e-mail Wednesday. "Long distance travel was certainly more common at this time than we generally think."

The skeleton, thought to be that of a 14- or 15-year-old, was unearthed about two miles (3 kilometers) southeast of Stonehenge, in southern England.

Clues to the adolescent's foreign origins could be found in the necklace, which isn't a recognized British type. But he was traced to the area around the Mediterranean Sea by a technique known as isotope analysis, which in this case measured the ratio of strontium and oxygen isotopes in his tooth enamel.

Different regions have different mixes of elements in their drinking water, for example, and some of those are absorbed into a person's tooth enamel as he or she grows up. Analysis of the isotopes of oxygen and strontium carried in the enamel can give scientists a good but rather general idea of where a person was raised.

The teen, whose necklace suggests he came from a rich family, is one of several long-distance travelers found near Stonehenge. The "Amesbury Archer," so-called because of the stone arrowheads he was found with, was buried three miles (5 kilometers) from Stonehenge but is thought to have come from the Alpine foothills of central Europe. The "Boscombe Bowmen," also found nearby, are thought to have come from Wales or possibly Brittany.

It isn't clear precisely what drew these people to Stonehenge, a site which has existed in various forms for some 5,000 years. It clearly had an important ceremonial function, and the area around it is dotted with the remains of prehistoric monuments and tombs. Some say it was at the center of a sun-worshipping culture or that it served as a kind of astronomical calendar.

Others, like Darvill, also say it might have been an important healing site, drawing pilgrims from across Europe like a prehistoric version of Lourdes.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obamaville - September 29 - Latest Poll Results


Thank goodness the politicians in Washington, DC have set a fine example and we are no longer required to tell the truth about anything because otherwise the latest polls would make little sense. However, the die is cast and the truth is lost and we only have about 5 more weeks of nonsense before the elections so here are the latest poll results as I see them.

Obama has slipped so low in the polls 2/3 of all Americans now want him to be Prime Minister of England or Australia.

The leftist liberals are held in such low regard by most Americans that the only TV ratings now recorded for MSNBC and CNN, America's answers to socialist Europe, are the staff of the two networks watching each other.

Of course liberals aren't the only ones having problems as the same poll shows all Republicans and Democrats over 65 and Newt Gingrich no matter what his age need to be sent out to pasture.

At the same time the people also believe the voting age must be raised to 28 years of age since the dumb kids got us into this mess electing Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to lead us out of the darkness and into the night.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, 80% of all people refuse to believe she is the leader of the majority party as even Democrats can't be that stupid.

Voting for the person the public most wants to see on Dancing with the Stars next season was tied with over 90% wanting Barack Obama and Sarah Palin for the next two seasons, 2011 and 2012, so both will be too busy to run for president.

In terms of education issues, over 70% of the public says the Obama's could not have attended the exclusive Ivy League schools of Columbia and Harvard for Barack, and Princeton and Harvard for Michelle, and still claim to be plain old American middle class folks.

An astounding 100% of the people want to see only one debate in this fall's election, and a team debate at that. They want the team of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for the right wing against Arianna Huffington and former VP Al Gore for the socialists with the winners decided by whichever team can figure out what the hell the other team is saying first.

The Supreme Court decision to not allow election ballots to offer the choice, "none of the above", which was rejected by the Supreme Court on grounds the public has no right to so directly influence an election, was opposed by 83% of the public.

67% of the public say VP Joe Biden was inconsistent when he admonished fellow Democrats to stop whining the same day Barack Obama was again whining about the endless curses George Bush left him over the past eight years even though George Bush left office nearly two years ago.

Oh yes, and 91% of the public believes we are much safer and the economy will recover only if congress and the Obama's stay on vacation all the time.

What Weird Weather - Weird is now the Norm!


Did any of you notice that the weather reports are so consistently wrong that you might as well be watching the Comedy Channel instead of the Weather Channel on television? Yesterday Los Angeles set a record for September 28, or for any day depending on which liars you tuned into, when it hit 113 degrees. The old record was 112.

Texas had a record heat wave when the temperature was over 100 for a month or so. There were record floods in Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, India, China, Europe, and about half the civilized world. The uncivilized world around Washington, DC saw a year of record rains, record snows, record tornadoes and outrageous winds mostly emanating from the wind bags in the Halls of Congress.

Here in Southern Maryland and all along the Atlantic Coast we watched as hurricane after hurricane came roaring across the Atlantic Ocean bearing down on us only to turn into a harmless summer rain by the time it reached us. There hasn't even been a hurricane in the Gulf that hit land with any force to speak of. There were some mighty powerful earthquakes but no tsunamis and surprisingly few deaths for such powerful quakes.

Things have gotten so good in terms of the lack of weather disasters except in Pakistan where the floods really wiped out the substandard housing and ghettos where people already were dying that it is taking all the fun out of the dooms day prophets predicting the end times.
 As a society Americans continue to get more cynical of presidents, politicians, preachers, pretenders and weathermen or women and making weather predictions now has about as much chance of being accurate as the stock brokers and credit rating firms who cost us trillions of dollars the past couple of years.

I say turn off the weather reports and just read the Old Farmers Almanac that has been around for 200 years, at least they are 85% accurate. My older brother says Obama and the feds are withholding critical weather information from us so we don't know the world is coming to an end. My younger brother says stupid is as stupid says but I have no idea what that means.

I just sit on my front porch with my giant Irish Wolfhound and watch his friend the tiny but brave frog try and jump up into the flower pot. The six inch jump is a long ways for a tiny frog and if he makes it the first jump the weather report will be wrong that night. Two jumps means he will be wronger. Three jumps means there is a 50-50 chance of being right and a 100% chance the frog will catch a lot of bugs tonight.

Friday, September 24, 2010



The war of annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

ISBN 0964599317
LCCN 2004095812

Available worldwide through Amazon Kindle books

Finally a book that brings history to life in a way that captures your attention and shatters your perception of truth. Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler & Stalin uses a layered history technique that should become the standard for any “objective” treatment of our past.

Through this technique the author, Jim Putnam, weaves the threads of hundreds of seemingly disparate and disconnected events and people into a breath-taking mosaic of astonishing truth.

Most people know what happened in the 20th century. Yet the author’s investigative reporting techniques help you discover why things happened, who was behind them, and what was hidden from the public.

From beginning to end you are bombarded with an avalanche of new information that peels back the veils of deception and leads to truths hidden from us for more than half a century. If you grew up like most people thinking history was boring and inconsequential this is a must read for history will never be boring again.

This is not a recitation of facts and figures about some long ago events that took place in some distant places. What happened in Hitler’s Nazi Empire and Stalin’s Communist Empire was directly connected to events in America and throughout the world.

In fact, before the Bolsheviks could steal Russia from the Provisional government that overthrew the Tsar in 1917 it would take millions of dollars flowing into Russia from American Communist sympathizers. When the Bolsheviks did take power, two thirds of the new Communist government leadership came from the East Side of New York.

Sometimes the passage of time can open the door to new information and better perspectives of what took place. Some events like World War II are so overwhelming, we are unable to step back and understand the relationship of that war to other things going on in the world. And typically the first books after an event, those purportedly documenting history, are written by those who are least objective with a cause to advocate.

Saviors makes no such mistakes. It is a refreshing, objective and comprehensive look at the inevitable war of annihilation between Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Communists, what happened and how it happened. The world is the canvas for the picture Saviors paints and the colors run through continents and across time engulfing the entire world into the revolutionary fervor of the 19th century, leading to the destruction of the 20th century.

The popular X Files TV series had the theme “The Truth is Out There.” It certainly was, and the truth was discovered and exposed in the landmark work Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler and Stalin. As a historical work it has opened the door to a new and objective look at the past. As a political and philosophical work, it makes sense of events and developments that made no sense before.

The author describes his hope for the impact of the book as “being like a pebble tossed into a still pond. A tiny pebble can send ripples across the pond to the farthest shores. If the ripples represent the threads of truth unveiled, then others will be awakened by the ripples and can pursue the truth further."

He was right about awakening the truth. But he was wrong about the pebble. Saviors was not a tiny pebble leading to truth but a giant boulder of granite. And it wasn’t a ripple that resulted when it hit the water but a tidal wave.


What Happened to the Housing Sub-prime Mortgage and Foreclosure Crisis?


Was it just three years ago that sub-prime mortgages, or was it the scandal of sub-prime mortgages, was the trigger that set off the worldwide economic collapse and it became the first priority of the newly elected Obama administration in terms of getting out of the recession? It seems like light years away yet there is probably no one in America whose home equity and 401K or other pension program is still not suffering as a result of the crooked manipulation of the housing market.

So where are we in attacking the first of the economic disasters that hit? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two troubled mortgage giants, were seized by the government nearly two years ago and now own or guarantee 56% of all American mortgages, and they are losing billion of dollars. Nine out of every ten new mortgages originating today are backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the Federal Housing Authority.

The government has already pumped $150 billion into the two giants and some economists estimate it will take up to $1 trillion to keep them afloat. They now hold $210 billion in bad loans. In July there were over 2.02 million homes in foreclosure and 5 million more homeowners were behind on mortgage payments.

The Federal Reserve now owns around $1.09 trillion in mortgage-backed securities. The Obama $75 billion mortgage rescue program was a failure. Housing prices continue to remain at a six year low while inventories are bloated. At the same time the Fed loans money out to lenders at a 0-.025% interest while mortgage rates remain at the lowest levels ever seen in modern times.

Curiously, Obama did not include housing reform in the financial reform package even though the fraudulent housing securities were the main cause of the economic collapse. Much work remains to be done to stop people from walking away from mortgages worth more than the homes, to halt the record number of foreclosures, to stabilize housing prices, to sell the huge housing inventories and to encourage home building and purchases.