Friday, September 03, 2010

Reporting Live from Hurricane Earl Warning Zone - Southern Maryland - Part 3


It is difficult but we are still reporting as hurricane Earl drifts up the eastern seaboard.  Contrary to news reports that the storm has lost it's intensity, you can see things are more than a little intense.

Here you can see our local town crier, as we have no other means of communicating among towns folk, sidetracked on his daily mission by the hurricane winds.

I tried to get to the Post Office to pick up my mail but the conditions made it a little difficult.  Still it is better than sitting at the typewriter cranking out stories while trying to keep the pages dry.

I checked on the neighbor next door but no one seemed to be home so I just drifted back to my house and on the way passed more neighbors taking the storm much too lightly.  I mean I have guitars too but I'm not about to get them wet like that ukulele.

It was back to the safety of Park Place, my house, and I looked out back where I saw Hillbilly Joe trying to get to his truck and I just knew I was safer here in the comfort of the second floor.  Why it looked like the storm blew most of his clothes off.

I could see the park across the street and sure enough, the Watermen from Coltons Point, having given up any hope for fishing, crabbing, oystering or clamming were settling in to a game of soccer in spite of the high tide and weather.

So much for Earl, by the time he made it past North Carolina there was not much left in him.  Still, there are two more storms barreling across the Atlantic so maybe we will keep the emergency supplies handy for the next wave.

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