Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obamaville 9/15 - The Mystique of the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero


In yet another development misinterpreted by the media, especially the liberal media and Obama people, as the shroud of mystique is peeled away from project there is no doubt the sponsors will have to give up hopes for placing the mosque at Ground Zero.

The liberals, Obama people, Mayor of NYC and many others expended a great deal of political capital trying to justify the right to build it at Ground Zero but common sense will prevail in the end and it will be moved. Legal opposition from first responders, legal action by New Jersey residents, questionable funding sources and bizarre threats of retaliation by the Muslim world if it is not built there have all combined to make it impossible in our opinion and you will soon learn it will be moved, or dropped altogether since the money was never there in the first place.

In the future let us hope our political leaders are a lot less politically correct and a lot more in support of the majority of Americans who have said all along it is not appropriate to build it there. It was never a matter of did they have the legal right to build it there and always a matter of common sense, why would anyone want it there. In the end common sense will win out.


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