Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carter: 'Probably superior' to other ex-presidents


The headline said it all as President Carter again showed that fellow Democrats are a president's worst friends.  Once again, as Obama was getting preferential treatment from NBC and MSNBC with a special televised economic town hall to demonstrate his concern for the horrible economic conditions leading into the Midterm elections yet another Democrat knocked him off the front pages and this time it was Carter declaring he was a "superior" ex-president to all the other ex-presidents.

After 40 years he still can't get over being walloped by Reagan in the 1980 campaign so in order to hype his new book proving he is a legend in his own eyes the loyal liberal network gave him a break and he took it and completely undermined Obama's effort to focus attention on the economy for the struggling Democratic candidates trying to get re-elected in a time of excessive inertia.

Of course if I had been the victim of the man-eating rabbit attack when I was president and had to fight off the rabbit with a boat oar, I guess I would want to focus on accomplishments after I was president.  Still, the highlight of his one term was the infamous rabbit attack as reported at the time.

Between fighting off the rabbit, attacking Ted Kennedy for blocking Carter healthh care, and trashing the ex-presidents Democrat and Republican alike, Carter has truly established his place in huistory.  At least he knocked Christine O'onnell off the front pages for a day.


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