Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Palin, James DeMint & Tea Party Trounce Media and both Political Parties in Final Primaries


There is one clear loser after a tumultuous primary season and that is the eastern news media, the so called political analysts of both parties, and the leadership of the two parties who failed to awaken to the news that they have been buried in the rubble of a political system that is owned by special interests, with the news media and political parties the biggest of special interests.

From the view of Main Street far removed from our nation's capitol and Wall Street, where our news media and politicians call home, there is a comedy going on out east as the professionals and pundits continue to ignore a grassroots movement that is overthrowing a political system that is to corrupt, to beholden to special interests and to arrogant and egotistical to see the light.

Class warfare is alive and well in America fueled by the disconnect between the media, professional politicians and special interests versus Sarah Palin, Senator James DeMint and the People. Now the principles of Palin, DeMint and the People are poised to trounce the elitists and arrogant pros once and for all in the Midterm elections.

This time the Republicans will benefit not because they are more closely aligned to the new American coalition but because they are the outsiders. I mean the GOP establishment suffered more defeats than the Democrats in the primaries but it is only a foreshadowing of the pounding the Democrats will take in the Midterm elections when the massive number of Independents finally join the battle.

Just look at the numbers. Well over 4 million more Republicans than Democrats voted in the primaries in 2010, the first time since 1930 more Republicans voted in the primaries than Democrats. Yet sitting on the sidelines because they were denied the right to vote by archaic campaign laws is the mighty Independent voting block and they are just as mad as the "rogue" Republicans who have been leading the attack.

Take New Hampshire for example. The latest polls show 70% of Independents are dissatisfied with the direction our federal government is going. In yesterday's primary there were 266,144 eligible Democratic voters and about 70,000 turned out. There were 264,451 eligible Republican voters and about 152,000 turned out, more than twice as many Republicans. Yet there are 388,589 Independent voters who did not vote. If 70% are fed up with the direction of Obama and the Democrats they will be joining the vote and bring about a Republican landside in November.

All the political spin in the world will not change what is forthcoming. People are mad as Hell and they are not going to take it any longer. Pundits from Carl Rove of the GOP to the host of liberal Democrats claiming victory because of GOP defeats have failed to read the tea leaves and are standing on the shore with a life jacket while a 400 foot tsunami is bearing down on them.

When the tens of millions of disgruntled Independents finally join the fray come November the face of the political landscape in America will be shattered. The day of the party bosses is over and the politicians caught up in the special interest games will be exposed and eradicated.

The People know the American political system is truly broken, the American news media is as addicted to the old ways as the politicians, the special interests own the country and neither political party has the guts to fix it. It is time to give someone else a chance and the People are taking control of the political system.

People are demanding honesty in politicians and when the old boys keep compromising their principles to protect their system the People know it. Sarah Palin, like her or not, has always stood by her principles no matter how brutal the attacks from the left. Senator James DeMint from South Carolina, an almost unknown national figure from South Carolina has done it as well and will be elected to a second term overwhelmingly. Both have proven they are not about to sell out their principles because the political parties or news media don't like what they say.

They exemplify the honesty of principles lacking in Washington and they have demonstrated a respect for the people that is scorned by the elitists in Washington. That arrogance and scorn will be the eventual downfall of the media and the political establishment.

It is too late for the party pros, pundits and media to see the light. America is being Taken Back in spite of the claims to the contrary. From this point forward it will be fun to watch the dismantling of old style politics in America and it is long overdue. A new dawn is coming to America and the day of special interest control and political party manipulation is nearing an end and with it will go the media and pundits who have worked so hard to preserve a broken system.

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