Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obamaville 9/15 - A Sad Ending to the Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints affair


Last January I wrote a Super Bowl preview and said the following. This week the last action I predicted, the Reggie Bush would lose his Heisman trophy came true when he returned it, the first time in history a Heisman has been forfeited. All the penalties I predicted were imposed.

It was the end of a dark chapter in college football and one the NCAA and NFL must address if the sport is ever to be completely cleaned up. While the school, USC, lost millions of dollars in revenue, lost the ability to appear in bowl games and had to forfeit a national championship, Bush suffered as well. But the sports agents who lured him into the illegal acts go unpunished.

The time is long overdue for the NCAA and NFL to take strong actions against the predatory practices of unethical sports agents by banning them, preferably for life, if they harm a career of such a youth as Bush. A kid in college can easily be seduced by the temptation of cash and gifts while in college and those who make such offers deserve to be banned from the sport for the damage they have done to the player and the college.

Monday, January 25, 2010
Super Bowl Time - The Gladiators in the Coliseum - Are the Saints Angels or Demons?

I do have a problem with Reggie Bush, star of the Saints. There is something unfair about what he did when he was in college at USC and he won the national championship and Heisman trophy. A multi-year investigation by the NCAA is about to be released and I expect it will show Bush violated many laws in college accepting cars, cash, a home for his parents, trips and who knows what else from agents intent on getting a piece of his pro career.

If that is true, then USC will probably have to forfeit all the games he played in and might lose the national championship and Bush might lose the Heisman as the best player in college football. It would be appropriate for the severity of what he may have done. What is unfair is that the university can lose all that, be put on probations and lose millions of dollars in revenues from bowl games, lose tens of thousands of dollars in sports scholarships other deserving kids might have been given, but Bush, the one behind the disaster, loses his trophy and nothing more.

He still kept all the payoffs during his college career, his parents kept what they got, Bush got his millions of dollars in the pros, so crime seems to be very rewarding for him. You see, without the national championship and Heisman trophy he never would have got the millions he was paid to turn pro. If pro football wanted to run a clean house they would ban for life anyone who cheated in college to benefit in the pros.

As it stands right now the next generation of pro football players will be encouraged to cheat, take bribes and illegal gifts in college, further eroding the morality in amateur sports, especially if Bush and New Orleans wins the Super Bowl. It just does not seem right that the signal we send our youth is crime pays, and pays and pays, not just for the moment but throughout their career. This Super Bowl will be a bit tarnished if the Saints win.

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