Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews first Media Person to Get It?


Last night as the legions of political analysts and media personalities were absorbing the astounding results of the latest Tea Party movement in the Tuesday primaries of all the media coverage on television including the cable trio of CNN, Fox and MSNBC the normally liberal Matthews was the only person on television who seemed to sense the real ground swell of the Tea party and Independent movements.

As the Democratic and Republican leaning networks and announcers were declaring the Tea party win in Delaware as a blow to the GOP efforts to win control of the Senate, Matthews was the only one to urge caution in interpreting the results as a GOP defeat in the Midterm elections.

We have been writing in the Coltons Point Times for over two years aboutr the rapid polarization of the Independents in America as the total registered Independents have surpassed the total number of either Democrats or Republicans. The Independents feel alienated by both parties and are mad about the growth of government, reckless deficit spending, an increase in the national debt and a failure of our political system.

Somehow the Lame Street media has completely missed this growing discontent. At the same time the Tea party movement has evolved which was castigated by the media as radicals and lunatics. Yet the Tea party, fueled first by Sarah Palin and then Senator James DeMint, pulled off stunning upset after upset up to and including last night. The principles articulated by this group matched the goals of the ignored Independents.

It was only a matter of time before the interests of the Tea party rogues and Independents merged and that is now as we approach the November election and the huge Independent base can finally flex it's muscle after sitting on the sideline all year. To his credit Matthews is the first media person to acknowledge this potential powerhouse and ask if all incumbents may be at risk and if the Democrats might be in danger of losing in a massive landslide. We hope he keeps his eyes open.

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