Monday, September 13, 2010

Why the Democrats and Liberal Media will be Blind Sided by the Independent Vote!


Sometimes the people in the most obvious places have the greatest difficulty seeing the obvious. In the case of the news media, most of which is liberal, and the political party that controls our government, the Democrats, nothing could be more obvious.

Every time a Tea party backed candidate pulls off an upset and topples a Republican backed candidate in the GOP primaries the media and Democrats start dredging up a false sense of hope based on the fact the mainstream GOP candidate lost. They always declare it means the losses to the GOP in the Midterm elections will be much less because of the failure of the GOP backed candidate to win.

I say hogwash. There are three reasons why Tea party primary winners may be a bigger threat to Democrats than mainstream GOP candidates. First, votes for them are a rejection of Democrats just as votes for mainstream candidates are a rejection of the Democrats. Republicans whose candidate lost a primary are not going to vote for the Democrat, they are going to vote for the party.

I mean Obama would not be president if Hillary Clinton supporters did not back him after beating Hillary in the primaries. Yet the political pundits and news media think Republicans will support a Democrat just because their candidate lost the primary?

Second, the driving force behind the Tea party are registered Independents whose vote was also critical in getting Obama elected. They have deserted Obama which everyone knows because he is not the person to cut spending and reduce the debt as they thought. This past year for the first time in modern times the number of registered Independents has passed the number of Democrats or Republicans.

Yet the Independents, because of protectionist election laws, are not even allowed to vote in most primaries or caucuses. That means those Tea party candidates who won a GOP primary did it without the support of their primary base, the registered Independents. Thus the Independent voters will join with the GOP voters in the November elections. Anyone who thinks they will vote for Democrats en masse is goofy.

Third, there is disillusionment and a lack of enthusiasm from the fractured Democratic base because the Obama administration took them for granted and because the Obama administration favored others much more like Wall Street, pharmaceutical executives, health care and other special interests. In other words, there is no compelling reason for these groups to mobilize for the president or the Democratic party.

It is highly likely that the most dangerous opponents for the Democrats this fall are the Tea party outsiders who are far more closely aligned to the mood of the people than either political party. So, a word of advice to the Democratic pundits and news media who herald a Tea party win as a GOP loss in the primaries, get used to sipping tea rather than champagne or bourbon, there is a change coming and a mighty wind is blowing from the west.


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