Friday, September 17, 2010

Today in Obamaville - September 17 - Sarah Palin Wins Again


The Delaware Senate Race - More Palin Power

Stunning upset winner Christine O'Donnell continues to be the focus of the liberal media firestorm as they attack her for just about everything just as they did Sarah Palin two years ago.  It didn't seem to destroy Sarah and O'Donnell has already raised over $1 million since the attacks started.

In her first debate last night she held her own and was clearly the crowd favorite if you watched the debate.  It was held at the Wilmington Jewish Community Center and if audience reaction means anything the vicious attacks and character smears underway are helping O'Donnell.

Her answers were greeted by robust applause that was edited out of the MSNBC video clips, more Lame Street Media dirty tricks.  Also the press seems to have forgotten that the people of Delaware elected her, not the Republican or Tea party.

Speaking of the election, what the media is not telling you is that Delaware may be a Democrat state, with 293,000 Democrats and 183,000 Republicans, but just 12% of the Democrats voted in the primry while 32% of the Republicans voted.  That means 58,394 Republicans voted compared to 35,128 Democrats.

They also forgot to mention that 146,212 registered Independents in Delaware did not vote in the primary which means there are 329,008 Republican and Independent voters compared to the 292,000 Democrats.  Those who shot off their mouths before the dust settled could eat their words if their doomsday predictions for her are proven false.

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