Monday, September 20, 2010

Obamaville September 20


CNBC Spotlight Town Hall for Obama

In their continuing effort to prop up the favorite son of NBC the CNBC financial affiliate had a special town hall for President Obama today with 200 invited guests to give him a chance to reassure the American business community that he really loves private enterprise.

Unfortunately, it was more of the same in terms of his distancing from the business community, his failure to offer any new hope for business initiatives, his detemination to raise taxes on the wealthy even if they could create more jobs, his uncompromising attitude toward the Republicans and his failure to connect with the 15 million out of work in America.

To his credit he didn't bash Bush by name, didn't mention John Boehnerr by name, he didn't trash Christrine O'Donnell for winning the Delaware GOP Senate race, and didn't use a telepromptor.  Those in the business community expecting to hear any new policies for getting us out of the economic quagmire were ignored as well as anyone expecting him to take the opportuity to give us hope for the future.

In the end the election outlook didn't change. The Democrats are still on track to get pounded.

Liberals Careful to Show Bad side of 'Donnell

The liberal media cannot resist the chance to make Christine O'Donnell look bad and badder even using the worst photos possible to show her.  These are the two favorite photos used by MSNBC and other liberal media outlets.

These are photos they could have shown us.  Notice any difference?

As for the story lines, they have shifted from O'Donnell high school appearances talking about sexual abstinence to more than decades old interviews talking about witchcraft.  Now one might ask what 10-15 year old interviews with a kid have to do with that same person running for the Senate today?

MSNBC and their Morning Joes show is particularly adept at trying to make what happened years ago relevant to today but if they were fair they might tell us about the relevance of Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to today or what the unfortunate death of a congressional aide in Joe Scarborough's office about the same time he resigned from Congress had to do with today.  Stop playing games and promoting smear campaigns lest you find yourself on the receiving end yourselves.    


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