Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Obamaville - August 27, 2014 - Secret Obama "End of Days" Strategy Leaked


In yet another example of the porous condition of the Obama sinking Ship of State,  there has been another breach of security with the discovery of a top secret strategy for the remainder of the Obama presidency to divert the attention of the public, continue the intellectual constipation of the congress and hoodwink the lethargic news media while pursuing a new set of objectives before Obama's forced retirement in 2016.

Highlights of this top secret document by Obama Minister of Propaganda David Puff were found this morning on Twitter and include some of the following stunning revelations and a whole lot more unstunning things.  Ironically the Tweet was sent from the Twit Harry Reid website, Harry's Harangues, under the secret coding "End of Days".

In recognition of the fact Obama can never regain his popularity with the American public because you "can't fool all the people all the time", the Puff Master has concocted a new set of strategies to get what you want before it's too late, sort of a "bleed the beast" game plan.

The new Obama foreign policy doctrine - American Dwindlism - shall be pursued with vigor as it is the only policy initiative that worked in the eyes of the public.  Polling has shown that the gullible public will buy anything cloaked in the "more for less" strategy in which the less we do around the world the more we have to spend on our own special interests.

No one cares that millions are dying in Africa from wars and Ebola.  No one cares if women are slaves in terrorist states.  No one cares if Moslems kill Christians, Jews kill Moslems, Moslems kill Moslems, Jews are killed by Moslems, Russians kill Ukrainians, Ukrainians kill Russians, hip hoppers kill rappers, and cell phone radiation kills kids.

In fact, American funding of all our foreign enemies will end and Obama will no longer accept speaking engagements from any nation that has the audacity to ask us for handouts, and that does not have modern golf courses, although not necessarily in that order.

As for the home front here in the colonies, the Puffball has that all figured out as well.  The new Obama domestic policy is Selective Socialism Works Best, a new call to arms for all the Liberals who are bent out of shape by the bizarre Obama style of socialism.

Puffy encourages disenchanted liberals to pull up their skirts and focus on the possible like keep the news media attention on Gay Marriage so they don't look too close at failed health care.  Keep the attention on voting rights for illegal immigrants so the news media won't look too close at the collapsing education system.

There will be a new two-tiered wealth redistribution program 1.) from the Middle Class to the poor, 2.) from the Middle Class to the rich.

The new left motto is to be - Deconstruction rather than Resurrection - meaning I guess you have to die before you can be saved.

Other gems from the new Obama strategy include the Timothy Leary waiver of liability to any drug (pharmaceutical) corporation, selling legal or illegal drugs that are guaranteed to make people feel happy for as long as they remain under doctor's care, or induce forgetfulness on the addict that can be diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease thus making it eligible for lifetime medical assistance from Medicare.

Of course corrupt bankers, financial managers, home mortgage executives, auto industry executives, union bosses, lobbyists, politicians, Wall Streeters, MSNBC mouthpieces and Ivy League teachers and graduates still in good standing with the Obama Campaign Committee retain their shield of immunity until the end of the End of Days.

Finally, priority for White House party bookings will be given to any musical acts on the endangered species list that are threatened by bar fights, night club shoot outs, inflammatory lyrics, immoral actions or friendship with Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus.  I mean if Obama saves all those billions in foreign policy flops some should go to the personal enjoyment and gratification of those card carrying members of the White House hood.                  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Last American Icon - Marilyn Monroe - and the end of innocence in America


Who Done It?  The Murder of Marilyn Monroe!

It was 53 years ago last week that Marilyn Monroe died, at age 36, one of the brightest stars of post-World War II America.  Ever since her shocking death, with the death certificate listing suicide as the probable cause of death, controversy has swirled over what really happened.  

Goodbye Norma Jean Elton John official video

You help solve the mystery of who killed the most famous Hollywood icon of the 20th Century.  When the world awakened on August 5, 1962, the most celebrated actress in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, was found dead in her home in California at the young age of 36.

It was the end of a tumultuous and meteoric rise from rags to riches for America's sweetheart and Hollywood icon whose name crossed paths with the rich, the powerful, the revered and the most sinister characters in the world.

The medical examiner quickly concluded she died of an overdose of prescription medicine but forensic evidence was insufficient to declare it a suicide so her death was labeled as "probable suicide".

The mishandling of the crime scene, the manipulation of evidence, the inconsistency or her actions prior to the death and the onslaught of media hype pushing the suicide theory by powerful forces triggered a firestorm of suspicion and doubt.

But a series of national and international events the next 15 months would bury her story in the avalanche of media coverage of the Cold War with the Soviets, the Kennedy administration war with the La Casa Nostra, the evolving Vietnam war and the Kennedy assassination.

For the past 52 years the American public has been brainwashed with stories of the addictions and depression of film legend Marilyn Monroe that led to her death by suicide.  She has been pictured as an insecure and fragile girl whose mother was sent to an insane asylum as Marilyn was bounced from foster home to foster home to orphanage.

In fact according to Marilyn she was sent to ten total places, foster homes and the orphanage, before she married a merchant marine when she turned 16 to avoid being sent back to the orphanage.  Because of her shuffling between homes she attended 6 different elementary schools in seven years.

But the vast majority of her experiences were good, she got along well with other children and often created games for her friends to play.  It was during this period she developed her desire to be a star and began to create the persona she believed she needed to be successful.

Her first marriage lasted about 4 years, 1942-1946, although her husband was  away during most of World War II.  She was working in an armament factory toward the end of the war when she was discovered at an assembly line by a photographer searching for the next pin up queen for the soldiers.

By 1946 Norma Jean first began using the name Marilyn Monroe when her popularity as a pin up queen got the notice of movie studios.  Marilyn had already begun singing and dancing lessons and had developed exceptional fitness and diet routines on her own, routines that would result in her being known as the most beautiful woman in the world.

At first it was her voice that got recognized although she did not get along with the movie tyrant Darryl Zanuck, head of 20th Century Fox, her studio most of her short career.  Many of her early film roles were uncredited, even when performing songs, a way the studio could avoid paying performance fees to actors.

Marilyn seemed to know what was expected of Hollywood stars in the golden age of film and she gave the studio what it wanted.  She quickly grew from a $125.00 a week extra to singing and then acting roles as she became more popular but as did most studios at the time, she was treated as a commodity.

In 1952 and 1953 her film roles pushed her to the top of the list in popularity but her studio handlers still insisted she play the dumb blond in comedies and though her films made more money than those of Elizabeth Taylor, Monroe was paid $100,000 per film compared to Taylor at $1 million per film.

Our next installment will review the actions the supposedly dumb blond pulled that turned the movie industry upside down and eventually would force the studios to give her challenging dramatic roles like she wanted along with a salary equal to Elizabeth Taylor.

While she would be known as Marilyn Monroe from the late 1940's on she did not have her name legally changed from Norma Jean Mortensen to Marilyn Monroe until 1956.

As for the mystery of her death, by 1953 she was already acquainted with several people on the list of suspects or collaborators whose connections to others on the list in the immediate future would result in her becoming a serious threat to their careers and would endanger her life.

Probable Suspects, Collaborators and Contributors

Frank Costello, Joseph Kennedy partner & New York mobster
Sam Giancana, Chicago, Miami & Los Angeles mob boss
Joseph Kennedy, patriarch of Kennedy family
John F. Kennedy, former president
Robert Kennedy, former attorney general
Peter Lawford, Kennedy in law
Arthur Miller, former husband to Marilyn
Santo Trafficante, Jr., Florida mob boss
Ralph Greenson, Marilyn psychiatrist
Eunice Murray, Marilyn housekeeper

Who do you think did it?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taylor Swift 2010 Prediction Comes True - Taylor moves to Pop


January 6, 2010 I wrote the following article.  Country fans of Swift said it would never happen.  Today it did.  See second article on CMA and Taylor Swift.

Coltons Point Times
January 6, 2010

Taylor Swift carries Country Music industry but may soon be lost to Pop

Carrie Underwood - Yet Another Country Act Like Taylor Swift Lost to Pop?

Country music continued a decline in sales dropping 9% in 2009 although it was not because of Taylor Swift whose Fearless album was the top seller of the year in all categories of music and her millions of sales and sold out tours kept the country music industry from falling flat on it's face.

Like it or not Taylor Swift is a genuine pop star and her sweep of all kinds of awards this year have established that beyond a doubt. But she belongs in the pop world. Her lyrics, music, videos and appearances long ago left country music behind. More important, she made it with the sacrifice and help of her mother, not the production company from American Idol like Carrie Underwood, and all the while Taylor has carefully maintained creative control of her life while Carrie never had creative control.

In fact I was surprised Taylor Swift bought a condo in Nashville and not Los Angeles but with her wealth a second mansion in LA should be just around the corner. She should enjoy and take advantage of her position as the top selling female artist of all genres of music this year. To young Taylor Swift country was a stepping stone, not the end game.

Like a young Olivia Newton John, Taylor's transition from new country artist of the year to pop was lightning quick. As she solidifies her position in the pop world through her media savvy and television show appearances she will take along with her the millions of adoring fans who were new to country music this past year because they were not country fans in the first place but young teens who related to Swift and her saga of a teen's life.

She has a lot in common with her friend Miley Cyrus who is a wannabe fellow Disney protégé like Britney Spears, at least a Britney without all the hang ups, and also a young teen sensation. Country music is not their natural home, lifestyle or future.

Forget their roots, Hollywood has first claim on these rising stars with the combination of a far greater pop fan base, motion picture and television contracts, TV appearances and more money than Midas. It is a pretty irresistible lure for a teen queen and perhaps more so for someone later in their career. In truth they should capture the moment for such a moment may never come again in a lifetime. Celebrity worship in America is a very fickle and overwhelming occupational hazard.

Carrie Underwood is not Swift however. Urban backgrounds and leather outfits do not make one a pop star. Hers will be a more difficult path than that of her younger peers like Taylor and Miley. Underwood could have been a country queen but in the end I fear her country music career will suffer as she continues to push her way into the pop field. None of the ladies mentioned are pure country or even country pop and their fan base has not helped other artists sell records unless they happen to be touring with Taylor Swift.

Yet the country record labels will be betting their futures on finding the next Taylor Swift and more traditional country music will be pushed farther into the background with less opportunities for record deals and less opportunities for older, established artists. We will watch the next five years as country labels chase the dream of the next Taylor Swift and lightning doesn't strike that often. While pop songs and teen stars are pushed on the public the real country writers and artists will once again be shoved into the background with the door slammed shut rather than opened.

The handful of kings and queens of country will still rein supreme but the aspiring country songwriters and artists will have to adopt the pop genre to get a deal and make it on the concert tour. Once again country music seems to be self-destructing in the interest of maintaining formula songs and copycat acts.

Once upon a time country music encompassed a great range of styles and looks. Once upon a time country was the innovative genre in music and country fans embraced a wide diversity of styles and looks but once upon a time seems to be a thing of the past. In the world of today many great older acts will be pushed into early retirement by an industry whose obsession with the dollar will always trump their interest in preserving all that is good about country music.

As for Carrie Underwood, who could be a country artist, her handlers have demonstrated over and over again that the American Idol approach is the only one. How much do they understand the record buying public? Well they have captured some impressive pop sales from Idol but look at the enormous exposure it took to pull it off. Any aspiring artist given a television audience of 20-30 million week after week could sell records.

But do they always know what works? Simon Cowell is the genius behind American Idol and locks up the singers participating with his music company. He then works out deals with record labels to sell the records. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are country singers who won American Idol and both are being pushed into the pop fields. Surprised? Don't be. Look at the demographic profile of American Idol, which the New York Times’s Bill Carter described as “a phenomenon built on new artists singing mainly middle-of-the-road pop songs of the ’60s and ’70s.”

Susan Boyle, the frumpy Scottish loser of the British version of American Idol, also controlled by Cowell, came within an eyelash of beating Taylor Swift out for the most album sales of 2009 with her new and first CD, I Dreamed a Dream, shooting past 3 million in sales the first month. Music companies thought it would not succeed because she mixed a variety of pop styles on it and it was primarily marketed as a real CD, the kind you had to buy in stores.

The same American Idol team produced Carrie Underwood's televised holiday special that I watched just before Christmas and it confirmed my belief that yet another young country music artist has been lost to the lurid lure of the pop world joining fellow rising star Taylor Swift.

The special was billed as a holiday feature but there was very little country or holiday in it as far as I could see. The producers chose to have Ms. Underwood start the show by forsaking all that is good about country and appearing in a skin tight leather outfit far more suited to a Las Vegas lounge than a family audience. Even her song, Casanova Cowboy, was far from a holiday offering.

It was the same when Underwood and two friends, all white, pimped the Black groups of the 1960's and sang songs like Leader of The Pack, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, and Be My Baby with Kristen Chenoweth and Christina Applegate.

Her pop arrangements along with several others was most certainly intended for the American Idol audience, not CMT, and though she did have Brad Paisley and Dolly Pardon appear, they were almost after thoughts to the pop feel and urban bawdiness projected throughout. They almost seemed uncomfortable being part of the show.

The sexy costumes, staging and songs were far from the country music I grew up listening to and watching, and were augmented by rather stupid skits about Jesus and gays which contributed nothing to the holiday season or Underwood reputation. If it were billed as anything but a family, holiday, country music special it would not matter.

Other skits made Carrie out to be an egotist which hardly seemed to be the Underwood I remembered. Clearly the American Idol crowd who controlled the special and control Underwood have no clue about the value of traditional American music during the holiday season. More clearly, they are trapped in their own egos and developed a script for Underwood that made her seem like a juvenile jerk.

Anyway, it was symptomatic of the perilous future for the country music industry. It was almost as if she was reaching far beyond her comfort zone to try and establish her standing in the Taylor Swift world of pop music, as if saying I belong there and I was first. It hardly seems like the Underwood of the past but it is consistent with the American Idol money machine.

Taylor Swift found her own way to the world of pop with her independence, charisma and hard work. No multi-million audiences every week on American Idol. Carrie Underwood had the audiences and sold out to the show producers and now is being pushed out of country into the more profitable pop world. Time will tell if it is a smart move.

Country music in general, and aspiring country writers and artists in particular will be the ones to really suffer.  They have no where else to go until the Internet takes over the future direction of the country music industry from the ditto record labels.

Article today....

August 20, 2014

Country Music Association Says Goodbye to Taylor Swift
By Antoinette Bueno 22 hours ago

Taylor Swift and The Country Music Association break up.

It was nice knowing you?

When Taylor Swift made it very clear in her Yahoo Live stream Monday that despite her country roots, her fifth album 1989 is her "first documented, official pop album," The Country Music Association responded shortly after with a tweet of their own.

"Good luck on your new venture @taylorswift13! We've LOVED watching you grow! #TaylorSwiftYahoo," the tweet read.

Though presumably because some of her fans took the response as a not-so-subtle dig at the "22" singer, they have since deleted the tweet.

But those following Swift's career have had to see this coming -- the first single from her new album, "Shake It Off," is indeed unabashedly pop, which should come as no surprise given that its produced by Max Martin and Shellback, the team behind the 24-year-old’s other genre-crossing hits "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Just last November, The Country Music Association presented Swift with its prestigious Pinnacle Award, given to an artist who has achieved worldwide success and recognition that's unique to country music.

Country legend Garth Brooks was the only other performer to ever win the award.