Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Obamaville - August 27, 2014 - Secret Obama "End of Days" Strategy Leaked


In yet another example of the porous condition of the Obama sinking Ship of State,  there has been another breach of security with the discovery of a top secret strategy for the remainder of the Obama presidency to divert the attention of the public, continue the intellectual constipation of the congress and hoodwink the lethargic news media while pursuing a new set of objectives before Obama's forced retirement in 2016.

Highlights of this top secret document by Obama Minister of Propaganda David Puff were found this morning on Twitter and include some of the following stunning revelations and a whole lot more unstunning things.  Ironically the Tweet was sent from the Twit Harry Reid website, Harry's Harangues, under the secret coding "End of Days".

In recognition of the fact Obama can never regain his popularity with the American public because you "can't fool all the people all the time", the Puff Master has concocted a new set of strategies to get what you want before it's too late, sort of a "bleed the beast" game plan.

The new Obama foreign policy doctrine - American Dwindlism - shall be pursued with vigor as it is the only policy initiative that worked in the eyes of the public.  Polling has shown that the gullible public will buy anything cloaked in the "more for less" strategy in which the less we do around the world the more we have to spend on our own special interests.

No one cares that millions are dying in Africa from wars and Ebola.  No one cares if women are slaves in terrorist states.  No one cares if Moslems kill Christians, Jews kill Moslems, Moslems kill Moslems, Jews are killed by Moslems, Russians kill Ukrainians, Ukrainians kill Russians, hip hoppers kill rappers, and cell phone radiation kills kids.

In fact, American funding of all our foreign enemies will end and Obama will no longer accept speaking engagements from any nation that has the audacity to ask us for handouts, and that does not have modern golf courses, although not necessarily in that order.

As for the home front here in the colonies, the Puffball has that all figured out as well.  The new Obama domestic policy is Selective Socialism Works Best, a new call to arms for all the Liberals who are bent out of shape by the bizarre Obama style of socialism.

Puffy encourages disenchanted liberals to pull up their skirts and focus on the possible like keep the news media attention on Gay Marriage so they don't look too close at failed health care.  Keep the attention on voting rights for illegal immigrants so the news media won't look too close at the collapsing education system.

There will be a new two-tiered wealth redistribution program 1.) from the Middle Class to the poor, 2.) from the Middle Class to the rich.

The new left motto is to be - Deconstruction rather than Resurrection - meaning I guess you have to die before you can be saved.

Other gems from the new Obama strategy include the Timothy Leary waiver of liability to any drug (pharmaceutical) corporation, selling legal or illegal drugs that are guaranteed to make people feel happy for as long as they remain under doctor's care, or induce forgetfulness on the addict that can be diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease thus making it eligible for lifetime medical assistance from Medicare.

Of course corrupt bankers, financial managers, home mortgage executives, auto industry executives, union bosses, lobbyists, politicians, Wall Streeters, MSNBC mouthpieces and Ivy League teachers and graduates still in good standing with the Obama Campaign Committee retain their shield of immunity until the end of the End of Days.

Finally, priority for White House party bookings will be given to any musical acts on the endangered species list that are threatened by bar fights, night club shoot outs, inflammatory lyrics, immoral actions or friendship with Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus.  I mean if Obama saves all those billions in foreign policy flops some should go to the personal enjoyment and gratification of those card carrying members of the White House hood.                  

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