Tuesday, January 23, 2007


In spite of the best efforts of the media, the entertainment television shows, obnoxious hosts like Billy Bush, and Oprah and the likes, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences once again proved they cannot be manipulated by the media. For weeks all the so called media experts were proclaiming “Dream Girls” as the runaway Oscar favorite for everything. They got eight nominations, much less than expected, two for supporting roles and the rest for technical and music, but did not land any of the top five nominations.

The avalanche of publicity and support did not fool the public nor the Oscar voters as Dream Girls, a nice musical, was one of two movies receiving extraordinary hype though an ethical nightmare. There are five top Academy Awards, Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenplay and Dream Girls was not nominated for any of them. Neither was the other ethical nightmare and media favorite Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Why do I say both are ethical nightmares? Dream Girls is the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes and everyone knows it. Yet the producers did not get the support of the real Supremes, no technical input, no nothing. In other words, Diana Ross and the Supremes do not benefit financially or in any way for the exploitation of their lives and career. This production will end up in court for ripping off the Supremes story and when it does they have some explaining to do. The theater owners were not surprised that dreams for Dream Girls were shot down. No more than 800 movie theaters are even showing the movie compared to 2000-4000 for typical hit shows. If the movie had used the real Supreme hit songs the results might have been better but that would have required them to share the benefits with the real Supremes.

As for Borat, the idiotic show used deceptive practices including lying to the Americans appearing in the show about the use of the interviews, it made extensive use of leading interviews to secure preconceived results needed to make Americans look stupid, and they already are being sued by numerous people for unethical practices. Maybe the lack of nominations by the Academy for these shows will finally stop movies from being made that distort and twist all the principles of this cherished American art form.

Of course the media hated Mel Gibson’s show, Apocalypto, rather they hated him and tried to bury the movie. You have heard nothing about it since its release two months ago and they want you to think it was a failure. In spite of the media opposition and efforts to label the show as the most violent every shown it did set box office records the first week, just last week it set box office records in Europe, it has already taken in $80 million in theaters (it cost $40 million to make), and the huge potential DVD sales have not even begun. Oh yeah, it was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Letters to the Editor – January 19

Feedback is an important part of the newspaper business, knowing what opinions the reader may have of the articles, the world, or practically anything except television programming. Sometimes it is easy to get feedback as readers are prolific letter writers quick to give you opinions, and sometimes you have to really work to find out what they think.

Here at the Point most readers don’t write letters or comment. One might think so many are in the witness protection program they just don’t want to speak for the record. A few do shout comments to me when they are walking or driving by but I suspect most comments are exchanged between readers and more than a few are probably questioning the stories rather than the facts or opinions expressed.

Just the other day I was talking to Hillbilly Joe and asking him his thoughts on some pressing issues and I think I broke his brain. It wasn’t the outcome I expected. Perhaps we expect too much to think everyone should have an opinion on something. Dogman Joe might have the right approach, he doesn’t believe anything he reads or sees on the tube.

The most unusual letter I received was from the Devil judging by the comments and the links provided in response to our story on the End Times. The Devil was of the opinion, I guess, that I didn’t adequately explain both sides to the End Times discussion though his explanation would have filled several editions of the paper and shifted the balance way the other direction.

It is really odd the things you find on the Internet where the world of cyber space is based on electrical frequencies which don’t seem to be limited to the human dimension. As a reporter I appreciate the comments, even if they are from the Devil, everyone is entitled to their silly opinions.

The Internet itself is interested in your opinions, your actions, your everyday patterns of life. Did you know the Internet represents the greatest invasion of privacy since the over-zealous violation of individual protection laws under Homeland Security? Okay, how about since the banks and phone companies started selling your personal information?

Let me give you an example. I have firewalls, anti-virus, and layers of security systems on my pc so you would think I am protected. There are two kinds of cyber attacks on you, one designed to disable your system and the other designed to infiltrate your system and report back on your activity, records, documents, etc.

For a test I logged on to the Internet four times and checked my emails and promptly logged off each time. I then checked to see how many new cookies and files were created by Google, Yahoo and the cable high speed service providers during the few minutes I was actually on the internet. These files were sent to my computer without my consent and without notice from the companies for the sole purpose of tracking my activities or raiding the personal records on my pc.

The result, the first time I checked emails I had 382 tracking files created on my pc, the second time there were 130 files created, the third time there were 301 created and the fourth 184 files were left behind, a staggering total of 997 files generated on my pc to keep an eye on me in spite of numerous security systems including anti-spyware and anti-adware in just a matter of minutes.

Of course the scarier part is Big Brother has arrived and is alive and well but Big Brother is not even the government, is not loyal to governments, cannot be prosecuted for such invasions of privacy, and could care less what we think about their actions. In my opinion Internet companies are multinational, in fact global in scale, and have replaced the multinational oil companies and financial institutions as the biggest threat to the future rights and protections of citizens around the world.

I once wrote a three part report on Internet Security which I am going to add to this site just so you are adequately forewarned as you begin to wake up to the fact your rights, protections and security is being eroded at hyper speed and you have only one way to protect yourself from being a virtual cyber hostage, turn off the damn computer once and for all. Of course we won’t, God knows we might miss something important like Britney Spears is now wearing underpants or some such momentous event.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Power of the Press - Cancer Statistics Revealed – Finally

On December 14 CPT did an article about the stunning drop in breast cancer deaths that were reported for the year 2003. In the same article we blasted the pharmaceutical industry and government for withholding and delaying the reporting of other cancer statistics as well as more current statistics because a reverse in cancer deaths would have a tremendous impact on the billions of dollars being made by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Yesterday, January 17, the government released 2004 statistics a full 11 months ahead of the release of 2003 statistics and lo and behold they showed the drop in cancer deaths even far more dramatic. While the media jumps in joy reporting on the wonderful new trend in stats no one is asking why the numbers were withheld for two full years. By now the 2005 numbers are known to the government and the industry and the 2006 numbers will be known in a matter of weeks.

Once again responsible citizens would be demanding of Congress and the media to know who and what is behind the withholding of information from the public. What are we doing in the past three years to reverse the cancer rates? CPT reported the breast cancer drop came because 15 million women stopped listening to doctors and drug companies and stopped using hormone therapy treatment in 2003. Ever since then the death rate has dropped dramatically. Why is no one else telling you the truth and why are you letting them get away with it?

Wake up, question, demand truth and expose the liars and our quality of life will change for the better before it is too late. A silent majority has only itself to blame for corruption.

The Power of the Press - Oil Profiteering Ends – for the Moment

Who knows how many people might be reading The Coltons Point Times but somewhere someone must be because we’ve received emails from readers in sixteen states outside of Maryland including California, Nevada, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Maine and Louisiana.

Even more interesting is the reaction by news makers to the stories that have appeared in the CPT. For example, November 15 we reported the Democrats won the election and oil prices went up, how could that be? By December 12 we reported oil prices continued their climb in spite of consumer restraint and good weather.

On January 8 we blasted the industry and the financial firms behind oil pricing with the “Oil Profiteering” expose on interlocking ownership between financial institutions, oil companies and the international energy futures market calling for Congressional and media investigations.

In December we were right and oil prices increased 2.5% in spite of the reduced use of oil and warm weather according to the Consumer Price Index. But after the January 8 expose of price manipulation what happened, the price dropped dramatically in the past 10 days nearly 16.5%. Of course the price at the pump has not dropped like that as energy companies suck the last vestiges of profits from us, the consumers.

Nothing has been done by Congress and the media to expose what we documented and you should be demanding that your Congressional reps investigate because you will get hoodwinked again, and again, and again until a stop is finally put to the interlocking ownership and prices can no longer be fixed or manipulated.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Face Stuffers Beware

Now that the holiday season is winding down it’s probably time you need to start winding down too by making yet another New Years Resolution to shed some pounds and thin the thunder thighs. My do we find new and ingenious ways to contribute to America’s obsession with obesity during those holidays.

To help you I’m going to offer reviews of places to eat when I actually do leave the security of Coltons Point and venture out into the cold, cruel world. It may surprise you that someone like me who doesn’t even like to eat and never eats more than a single meal a day can review eateries but just consider it an unbiased view of your world.

Today I’m reporting on a place people have been bugging me to visit for quite some time, Linda’s Café in Leonardtown. Now one of my pet peeves is the Point does not have enough eating places, none in fact unless you consider pretzels at the Potomac Gardens a meal, so traveling 30 minutes for a meal already has me on edge.

But it was breakfast and I was hoping my taste buds were still asleep. I was wrong. When we entered the place it seemed nice enough though there were an awful lot of workers looking for something to do. The big sign at the entrance was blank so I guess nothing was special that Saturday morning.

Not even the breakfast buffet was on the sign or the menu or even on a little sign at the table. The entire time we were there, over an hour as it seemed our breakfast was most difficult to prepare, only one person went to the buffet where all the dishes were covered and not a single café worker ever checked the food or brought fresh food.

We sat at the counter so I could watch the food preparation, another big mistake. Seems about everything being cooked for breakfast was made on the same grill in the same fat or grease or whatever that stuff was slopped across the grill. Huge piles of home fries and bacon were heaped on the side of the grill and were there the entire hour making me wonder just how fresh any meal could be.

The person cooking the food wore no gloves while handling all types of raw food and the person preparing the plates wore no gloves while pushing all the servings around the plates with their hands. In the hour we were there no one seemed to see a need to wash their hands so I guess all the bacteria and food poisoning outbreaks don’t happen in Leonardtown.

Even my two eggs arrived cold and I was no more than ten feet from the grill so I guess they had some energy saving cold fuel for cooking. On the other hand, Hillbilly Joe ordered toast which was burned so bad it was not even brought to the table. About 30 minutes passed before the food showed up, minus the toast. About 20 minutes later we inquired as to the disposition of the toast and were told it was burned.

End of discussion. I guess if the cook blows it the first time you don’t get it. So we said we still wanted the toast since we paid extra for it and the surprised waitress took our order and returned in minutes with the toast making me wonder how badly burned the first toast was if it took 50 minutes.

The coffee was pretty bad so it was a good thing no one was offering refills though most places would make that a policy. About the only thing I liked was being able to buy the New York Times and Washington Post at the newspaper stand and then I realized all the reading material must be to distract you so you would not watch the food preparation.

Whatever happened to the short order Diners with the mouthy waitresses and the always fresh food, steaming hot coffee, constant refills and bizarre conversations? If Coltons Point ever wants to take a quantum leap forward we should start a Diner so the Potomac Gardens pretzel bowls have some decent competition. Do you get the idea I was not all that impressed with Leonardtown cuisine? At least it is somewhere you can go to get out of the cold.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Isn’t it about the End Times?

For those of you that don’t know it I’ve made it a lifelong goal to study religions, movements, secret societies, cults, metaphysical stuff, spiritual, ad infinitum to try and get a handle on the End Times. When I thought the Jehovah’s Witnesses were close to getting it I observed and studied them close up, sort of witnessing the Witnesses, until we passed about the fifth Judgment Day without incident.

Still seeking answers I cross referenced my 40 year background with Native Americans like the Hopi, Navajo, Algonquin, Lakota Sioux, Maya and many other tribes around the world and their culture of life cycles with the New Age gurus, channellers, psychics and mystics and their many audiences, tapes, videos and books for sale to guide you through the end.

As a result of the prophecies, speculations, delusions and drug inspired visions I’ve heard along the way I thought I would share some of the latest news. First, the End Times is not really the end times but a stepping stone in the evolution of civilization as the various gods we worship are not about to give up on their best form of entertainment, the human race.

Divine intervention has a way of fixing things humans seem incapable of dealing with on their own so throughout the 5 billion plus year existence of Earth there have been enough meteors, volcanic eruptions, Biblical floods, ice ages and warm ups to pretty well change the face of the planet every 26,000 years or so without the help of the helpless humans.

Here are some scientific givens about the planet Earth. There are warming and cooling cycles taking place every 26,000 years as the orbit of the Earth moves from the farthest point from the sun to the nearest. When we are the farthest away we have an ice age, when we are nearest we have global warming no matter what mankind may do. The last ice age was about 13,500 years ago when we were farthest away. We are now at the nearest point to the sun and lo and behold we have global warming. Next come the floods.

The Earth is a living organism and it generates an electrical pulsing frequency which can change. It is now rising in frequency. The electromagnetic poles of the Earth do reverse every few millennium meaning when it happens your microwave, TV, computer and car won’t work. When there is an electromagnetic reversal your stuff won’t work for a few thousand years so don’t wait for TV to come back on.

Continental shelves do move around. There are swamps in Russia buried under the Siberian tundra, just like in Canada. Evidence suggests Antarctica was once far from the South Pole and some Earth realignment pushed it down there. What all this means is we humans have very little control over what happens to the Earth and less to the universe.

My research indicates there are three phases of the End Times that should be obvious to all mankind. There is a Purification stage in which the Earth is shed of all those not willing to work for love. During this time the evil, wicked, greedy, etc. will be removed by various undesirable and often horrible means. Or, they may just vanish.

Next comes the time of peace and harmony where those left are doing what is right to help others in turn helping themselves to an enlightened existence free of sickness, want, maybe even death. We shall call this the Bliss State. Finally the End Time arrives and either Heaven is brought to Earth or Earthlings are brought to Heaven for an eternity of Oneness. Personally, if that means spending eternity listening to harps and choirs while wearing a white robe and eating grapes I’m not sure I’m all for it.

The reason I bring all this up is the metaphysical world seems to be converging on the belief that this year, 2007, will be the year the Earth’s frequency reaches the point where the bad guys get zapped into never, never land. Seems like the Purification has gone on long enough and will now culminate with a lot of very bad things this year; resulting in the disappearance of all the really bad people not willing to contribute to the enlightenment of mankind. If you are one of the bad guys you might want to make plans for your end.

Okay, here is how this will work. Good people are raising their own frequency as the frequency of the Earth is increasing. Doing and thinking good things seems to have that effect. Bad people have negative energy and this lowers their frequency as the Earth frequency increases. Since human beings and the Earth are both things, they can’t exist with conflicting frequencies in the same state of being. Either you see the light or get zapped out of here.

It sounds good to me. No more overcrowding, high real estate prices, crime or pollution. Maybe no more taxation and wars. Plenty of food and shelter. You might be walking but that’s okay if you are surrounded by good people.

You heard it first here in the CP Times with this report that the metaphysical world is all a thither as finally we have reached the end of the Purification when the bad guys finally get justice in a permanent way. Watch for the signs if it is true, signs like unnatural disasters, mental instability on a wide scale, unexpected natural disasters, chaos, a breakdown of society and whatever else it takes for the bad guys to self-destruct.

If you want to know what you can do to survive you can order my series of audio, video, books and tee shirts on Getting Pure in the Purification. If you would just as soon skip the whole process of evolution you should order my book appropriately titled Take Me Now God! for the short form exit plan.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oil Price Profiteering – Whose Doing What to Whom?

Okay, I’ve been waiting for the truth for as long as I can and now I’m convinced there is little truth of substance forthcoming from the hallowed halls of the free press of America. That’s just fine as long as the public understands the truth may be absent from reporting. It reminds me of a time about 10 years ago when I was in Moscow, as in Russia. I was searching for missing Stalin and Communist party film archives at a secret building in the frontier outside Moscow, on the perimeter of a former Soviet missile base.

The place was built by Stalin just before he died and many of his most valuable archives were moved there far outside Moscow where they would be safe from mobs in the city in case the Communists lost control one day. Well the day came a few years before I arrived and the KGB headquarters and archives in Moscow were stormed and destroyed when the Soviet Union collapsed. Of course the KGB had already removed anything of value, just as Saddam Hussein had moved the weapons of mass destruction long before the Americans invaded Iraq.

But people could not get to the Stalin archives in the frontier and thus I was hot on the trail of the truth about the Soviet empire. While interviewing and trying to train Russian librarians working for the archives I asked if they watched the news under the Soviets and they said yes. Yet they made it very clear they did not believe the news because the media and politicians were all controlled by more powerful forces. Imagine that! It could never happen in America.

So here we are today, well in to one of the warmest winters and years in history. People are traveling less and spending less because of previous horrendous hikes in oil prices last year. To my amazement, the oil people quietly released information late last week that oil prices have now increased five straight weeks. Heating oil use is way down. Gasoline use is way down. There were no hurricanes this past year. Energy conservation is way up. Yet the oil prices continue their upward climb.

What did the media or Congress or the White House have to say about this economic anomaly? Nothing? No answers and no questions. Do you find that a bit odd? I do. But the anomaly is still consistent with previous research I did and I have been waiting for the press or Congress to find the same information, what with their millions of dollars being spent investigating the high prices of oil.

When you slam down the gas pedal do you know where the gas comes from to get into your tank? Well crude oil is pumped from the ground all over the world but mostly from the Middle East. The barrels of crude are then sold on the energy futures markets in London and New York. Crude oil goes to refineries all over the place to be processed into fuel for heating, automobile use, and the millions of products made from petrol chemical feed stocks.

Multinational oil companies and a few governments own the oil reserves and they get their money back when the crude is sold on the futures markets, often before it is even pumped from the wells. Not a bad way to minimize losses, especially if the futures markets can prop up the cost of crude. All that takes is an occasional report from an independent financial analyst saying something bad about oil and the price skyrockets on the futures market. The financial analysts work for the financial institutions that finance oil companies and oil processing. One assumes they are truly independent otherwise their reports would be price fixing.

Who are the independent financial institutions whose reports influence the oil futures prices? You know them well because they probably handle some of your retirement or other money. Firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank (Germany), Société Générale (France) and others are among the biggest in the world. Among the major oil firms whose prices they influence are BP Amoco, Royal Dutch Shell and TotalfinaElf, all three among the top eight most profitable corporations in the world in 2005. So what do these international powerhouses from the financial and oil industries have in common that is not well known?

They were all launch partners of the privately held IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. which just happens to own the International Petroleum Exchange of London, one of the world’s largest energy futures and options exchanges. So the financiers of oil companies and the oil companies themselves are partners owning the very international oil exchange that determines the price of oil and the profits to be made from it throughout the world. By the way, is it any wonder oil industry analysts are always giving bad news that increases the price of oil?

Now why weren’t we told by our government, our Congress or our press of this obvious conflict of interest, the possible manipulation of prices, and most certainly the profiteering from spiraling oil prices by these multinational companies? Aren’t the stock and futures exchanges supposed to help regulate and bring credibility to the economic markets around the world? Maybe you should ask your favorite politicians what gives, and how much he or she received the last campaign from the financial and oil companies involved in these rather greedy business practices.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Farewell To The People's President

Bob Woodward – Blabbermouth of American Media!
Egomaniac, Opportunist and Sensationalist Extraordinaire

By Jim Putnam

Bob Woodward, former Washington Post reporter of Watergate “Deep Throat” fame has taken a giant leap forward on his path of single handedly trying to demonstrate the sorry state of decline the journalism profession in America has reached. The day after President Ford died Woodward release a tape of an interview with the former President, a tape Ford requested not be released until after his death.

Woodward, the mad dog of opportunistic reporting and despicable journalist practices did not even have the decency to wait until the former President was buried before releasing the most provocative elements of the taping in which Ford disagreed with the Bush administration handling of the Iraq war.

Ever the seeker of sensationalism in reporting, especially when he has a new book on the market with disappointing sales, Woodward used his confidential taping of Ford in order to smear the Bush administration, to cast doubt on Ford’s honesty, and to distract from the many ceremonies honoring the “People’s President”.

Ford did not have an imperial presidency like others, but he did encounter an imperial media hack in Woodward. I doubt Ford said Woodward should release edited fragments of his interview at the instant of his death while his wife was in mourning and before he was even in the ground. Being the egomaniac he is Woodward showed no respect for the Ford family, for the fact Ford was kind enough to grant him the interview in the first place, or for the fact reporters are supposed to be reporting the news, not manufacturing it.

Woodward demonstrated once again when reporters think they are the stars of the news, and when good judgment and common decency can so easily be ignored, then it is no wonder the credibility of the news media has been tossed down the toilet. After this travesty no one in their right mind should be a confidential source to a self-serving blabbermouth like Woodward.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Wild Thing Rules Colton Point Skies

The magnificent Wild Thing, named by the Delaware Eagle Rehab Center where Wild Thing was taken after being rescued from the Potomac River by Jim Putnam, had nearly died from lead poisoning from the fish he ate. After several months in rehab Wild Thing was returned to Coltons Point and Putnam released him in the lot behind the Museum.

Wild Thing, his lifelong mate and two young offspring can be seen soaring over the Point most mornings and mid afternoon. You will know him from the massive size and silver tag on his leg. Regarding the unusual rescue in which Putnam waded out into the current in freezing chest deep water and Wild Thing actually swam to him to be saved, don't believe Ernie when he tells you the water is only knee deep.

Also, if you want to save a Bald Eagle don't listen to the authorities who warned Putnam not to interfer with the rescue of a Bald Eagle or he would be fined $10,000. Wild Thing would be dead if Putnam listened to the warnings. Wild Thing was the first of two Bald Eagles Putnam helped save and release back into Coltons Point and they are most certainly the most beautiful of all nature's wonders we share.

May your spirits soar this New Year on the wings of the eagles that share our home.

New Years Resolutions for Pointers

2007 should be a time for the Pointer True Hearts to rally around the flag and build the Colony of Coltons Point into the home of the proud Pointers starting with the tee shirt stating “I’m Proud to be a Pointer”.

Then we have the Four Seasons Social Schedule to kick off a tremendous year with some quite ambitious undertakings meant to bring together the people of the point (POPers).


May Day Flower Festival – take a planned walking tour of the Point leading the unsuspecting public to all the secret locations of the beautiful flowers hidden throughout the Point. To take place the first Saturday of May it should include a re-enactment of a genuine European May Day festival with the Maypole and all.

Memorial Weekend Environmental Clean Up – a series of clean up projects for the Point will take place ranging from the first annual Burn Out to shore line and road clean up crews, etc. More details to follow.


The Pointers Potomac River Raft Regatta & Street Festival featuring original raft prizes, fun in the sun festivities, and the Coltons Point Talent Show competition.

Grand Opening of the Museum Band Stand and Summer Concert Series – where local and unique musical performers will perform weekly Sunday afternoon concerts in the new bandstand to be built on Museum grounds. One day a month a major concert will be held at the St. Clements Island amphitheater which will also need a Grand Opening Celebration of Music.


Coltons Point Colony Theatre Company (CPCTC) will premiere the original play in vintage dress titled The Native Pointer Perspective of the Pilgrims Progress or Lack Thereof, subtitled, Look at those Silly White Skins in that Ark and Dove.

Mini Macys Pointer Parade the day after Thanksgiving to welcome the Christmas season with a stunning parade of all the blow up Christmas decorations from throughout the Point (Santa’s, Snowmen, etc.) being towed by a massive fleet of riding mowers.


A Colony Christmas Eve reenacting a colonial Christmas in the days before electricity, television, computers and cars built around Christmas Carol teams on trailers being taken around the Point to serenade shut ins. All Pointers will then gather at the Museum Grandstand for Carols, Cider, Peace and good cheer. Luminaries will line the streets of the Point.

Coltons Point First Annual Snow Ball Championship in January will feature the women of the Point (Pointettes) taking on the men of the Point (Pointers) in a softball slow pitch President’s championship game to be played in rain or snow, hell or high water. The winning team will get to claim ownership of the President’s Cup which will be on permanent display in the Arrow Bar and drinks will be on the losers.

Coltons Point Social Club Brings Down the Year!

The Coltons Point Social Club brought the year 2006 to a dramatic close with the Carpenter Joe and Rose the Mary New Years Celebration of hope, peace and love on the island compound where the crowd got so big that after Haughty Helen’s arrival the draw bridge was raised.

It seemed most of the Coltons Point characters were out in their best dressed, best behaved mood and the mix of Pointers was nothing short of eclectic. Hillbilly Joe combed his hair for the first time in modern memory, Bren kept worrying her hair would become an unmanageable maze, Dogman and the Cord were having too good of a time to worry about their hair while Duke Deere had been so busy setting up the bash he forgot all about his hair.

Sweet Sue, ever the perpetual cheerleader, made certain none of the elders fell asleep while Colorado Chris kept surveying the rapidly growing masses and longing for the isolation of his Colorado mountain retreat.

Best estimates were somewhere between 50 and 300 people found their way to the island last night and a large number were probably still there this morning. Inky, the Mother Theresa of the Point, entertained with stories of her Mother Hubbard life while President Bob kept wondering if the fish would be biting at 5 am. Seems he went out a couple of days earlier in the massive fog bank and couldn’t tell if the boat was in the Chesapeake Bay or St. Patricks Creek but they still caught some 3 foot Rock fish.

Now the couple traveling farthest to the party were none other than the host and hostess Carpenter Joe and the Rose. They were re-living their youth cruising around the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina the day before when they realized they were hosting the New Years Eve bash at the Island back in Maryland and had to cut short the fantasy and race home to where they belonged, surrounded by their Coltons Point family and friends.

The other Chris, chef de cuisine of the seafood joint and wife Dainty Deb were there to verify the veracity of the delicacies. Even the no shows were there in spirit as Stevie Van Zany and Broadway Linda called in to wish everyone a great New Year though their presence will be expected at future Pointer parties.

Sheila, new pretender to the title of President of the Point by virtue of her ascension, should one choose to look at it in Biblical terms, to Head of the Museum, or top Dead Head, held court in the grand ballroom while Professor Ray, fresh from his trip around the world, was making note of the differences between the Pointers and the Chinese and Iranians he recently met. Perhaps he is doing a secret study of third world nations.

Marie Antoinette could be seen pressuring President Bob to take her out in the boat while Polar Pam was adding to the pressure saying shouldn’t a daughter be allowed in the boat as well? Of course President Bob was masterfully non-committal. The list of party Pointers goes on and on but the space in this story is limited so we can just say it was a record turnout and a nice follow up to the Kopel Kouple Kristmas Kaper a few nights earlier.

As the characters of the Point grow closer and get to know the amazing range of people and personalities that have found their way to the Point, it is becoming clear that the protectors of the Point are the very Coltons Point Social Club members working to bring about a sense of community, togetherness, and pride in the swamp. In the future, it will be up to the CP Social Club to make the Point all it can be.

Happy New Year, peace, freedom, love and where was Father Berry last night?