Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolutions for Pointers

2007 should be a time for the Pointer True Hearts to rally around the flag and build the Colony of Coltons Point into the home of the proud Pointers starting with the tee shirt stating “I’m Proud to be a Pointer”.

Then we have the Four Seasons Social Schedule to kick off a tremendous year with some quite ambitious undertakings meant to bring together the people of the point (POPers).


May Day Flower Festival – take a planned walking tour of the Point leading the unsuspecting public to all the secret locations of the beautiful flowers hidden throughout the Point. To take place the first Saturday of May it should include a re-enactment of a genuine European May Day festival with the Maypole and all.

Memorial Weekend Environmental Clean Up – a series of clean up projects for the Point will take place ranging from the first annual Burn Out to shore line and road clean up crews, etc. More details to follow.


The Pointers Potomac River Raft Regatta & Street Festival featuring original raft prizes, fun in the sun festivities, and the Coltons Point Talent Show competition.

Grand Opening of the Museum Band Stand and Summer Concert Series – where local and unique musical performers will perform weekly Sunday afternoon concerts in the new bandstand to be built on Museum grounds. One day a month a major concert will be held at the St. Clements Island amphitheater which will also need a Grand Opening Celebration of Music.


Coltons Point Colony Theatre Company (CPCTC) will premiere the original play in vintage dress titled The Native Pointer Perspective of the Pilgrims Progress or Lack Thereof, subtitled, Look at those Silly White Skins in that Ark and Dove.

Mini Macys Pointer Parade the day after Thanksgiving to welcome the Christmas season with a stunning parade of all the blow up Christmas decorations from throughout the Point (Santa’s, Snowmen, etc.) being towed by a massive fleet of riding mowers.


A Colony Christmas Eve reenacting a colonial Christmas in the days before electricity, television, computers and cars built around Christmas Carol teams on trailers being taken around the Point to serenade shut ins. All Pointers will then gather at the Museum Grandstand for Carols, Cider, Peace and good cheer. Luminaries will line the streets of the Point.

Coltons Point First Annual Snow Ball Championship in January will feature the women of the Point (Pointettes) taking on the men of the Point (Pointers) in a softball slow pitch President’s championship game to be played in rain or snow, hell or high water. The winning team will get to claim ownership of the President’s Cup which will be on permanent display in the Arrow Bar and drinks will be on the losers.


Anonymous said...

Love your calendar of events for the coming new year. So looking forward to the first of what I hope will be many events to come.

Thank you Jordan!


Anonymous said...

Also wnated to let you know for the CPT calendar of events about the REAL Maryland Day commeration on 3/25/07. The sunset event will be at the museum, festivities begin at 5:00 p.m.