Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Power of the Press - Oil Profiteering Ends – for the Moment

Who knows how many people might be reading The Coltons Point Times but somewhere someone must be because we’ve received emails from readers in sixteen states outside of Maryland including California, Nevada, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Maine and Louisiana.

Even more interesting is the reaction by news makers to the stories that have appeared in the CPT. For example, November 15 we reported the Democrats won the election and oil prices went up, how could that be? By December 12 we reported oil prices continued their climb in spite of consumer restraint and good weather.

On January 8 we blasted the industry and the financial firms behind oil pricing with the “Oil Profiteering” expose on interlocking ownership between financial institutions, oil companies and the international energy futures market calling for Congressional and media investigations.

In December we were right and oil prices increased 2.5% in spite of the reduced use of oil and warm weather according to the Consumer Price Index. But after the January 8 expose of price manipulation what happened, the price dropped dramatically in the past 10 days nearly 16.5%. Of course the price at the pump has not dropped like that as energy companies suck the last vestiges of profits from us, the consumers.

Nothing has been done by Congress and the media to expose what we documented and you should be demanding that your Congressional reps investigate because you will get hoodwinked again, and again, and again until a stop is finally put to the interlocking ownership and prices can no longer be fixed or manipulated.

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