Monday, January 01, 2007

Coltons Point Social Club Brings Down the Year!

The Coltons Point Social Club brought the year 2006 to a dramatic close with the Carpenter Joe and Rose the Mary New Years Celebration of hope, peace and love on the island compound where the crowd got so big that after Haughty Helen’s arrival the draw bridge was raised.

It seemed most of the Coltons Point characters were out in their best dressed, best behaved mood and the mix of Pointers was nothing short of eclectic. Hillbilly Joe combed his hair for the first time in modern memory, Bren kept worrying her hair would become an unmanageable maze, Dogman and the Cord were having too good of a time to worry about their hair while Duke Deere had been so busy setting up the bash he forgot all about his hair.

Sweet Sue, ever the perpetual cheerleader, made certain none of the elders fell asleep while Colorado Chris kept surveying the rapidly growing masses and longing for the isolation of his Colorado mountain retreat.

Best estimates were somewhere between 50 and 300 people found their way to the island last night and a large number were probably still there this morning. Inky, the Mother Theresa of the Point, entertained with stories of her Mother Hubbard life while President Bob kept wondering if the fish would be biting at 5 am. Seems he went out a couple of days earlier in the massive fog bank and couldn’t tell if the boat was in the Chesapeake Bay or St. Patricks Creek but they still caught some 3 foot Rock fish.

Now the couple traveling farthest to the party were none other than the host and hostess Carpenter Joe and the Rose. They were re-living their youth cruising around the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina the day before when they realized they were hosting the New Years Eve bash at the Island back in Maryland and had to cut short the fantasy and race home to where they belonged, surrounded by their Coltons Point family and friends.

The other Chris, chef de cuisine of the seafood joint and wife Dainty Deb were there to verify the veracity of the delicacies. Even the no shows were there in spirit as Stevie Van Zany and Broadway Linda called in to wish everyone a great New Year though their presence will be expected at future Pointer parties.

Sheila, new pretender to the title of President of the Point by virtue of her ascension, should one choose to look at it in Biblical terms, to Head of the Museum, or top Dead Head, held court in the grand ballroom while Professor Ray, fresh from his trip around the world, was making note of the differences between the Pointers and the Chinese and Iranians he recently met. Perhaps he is doing a secret study of third world nations.

Marie Antoinette could be seen pressuring President Bob to take her out in the boat while Polar Pam was adding to the pressure saying shouldn’t a daughter be allowed in the boat as well? Of course President Bob was masterfully non-committal. The list of party Pointers goes on and on but the space in this story is limited so we can just say it was a record turnout and a nice follow up to the Kopel Kouple Kristmas Kaper a few nights earlier.

As the characters of the Point grow closer and get to know the amazing range of people and personalities that have found their way to the Point, it is becoming clear that the protectors of the Point are the very Coltons Point Social Club members working to bring about a sense of community, togetherness, and pride in the swamp. In the future, it will be up to the CP Social Club to make the Point all it can be.

Happy New Year, peace, freedom, love and where was Father Berry last night?


Phyllis--Las Vegas said...

Another amazing description of a Colton's Point bash. It's fun to try to figure out the cast of characters. Also note that "Polar Pam" managed to show up at yet another party!!!

Phyllis--Las Vegas said...

Another amazing description of a Colton's Point bash. It's fun to try to figure out the cast of characters. Also note that "Polar Pam" managed to show up at yet another party!!!