Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Power of the Press - Cancer Statistics Revealed – Finally

On December 14 CPT did an article about the stunning drop in breast cancer deaths that were reported for the year 2003. In the same article we blasted the pharmaceutical industry and government for withholding and delaying the reporting of other cancer statistics as well as more current statistics because a reverse in cancer deaths would have a tremendous impact on the billions of dollars being made by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Yesterday, January 17, the government released 2004 statistics a full 11 months ahead of the release of 2003 statistics and lo and behold they showed the drop in cancer deaths even far more dramatic. While the media jumps in joy reporting on the wonderful new trend in stats no one is asking why the numbers were withheld for two full years. By now the 2005 numbers are known to the government and the industry and the 2006 numbers will be known in a matter of weeks.

Once again responsible citizens would be demanding of Congress and the media to know who and what is behind the withholding of information from the public. What are we doing in the past three years to reverse the cancer rates? CPT reported the breast cancer drop came because 15 million women stopped listening to doctors and drug companies and stopped using hormone therapy treatment in 2003. Ever since then the death rate has dropped dramatically. Why is no one else telling you the truth and why are you letting them get away with it?

Wake up, question, demand truth and expose the liars and our quality of life will change for the better before it is too late. A silent majority has only itself to blame for corruption.

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