Monday, January 01, 2007

Wild Thing Rules Colton Point Skies

The magnificent Wild Thing, named by the Delaware Eagle Rehab Center where Wild Thing was taken after being rescued from the Potomac River by Jim Putnam, had nearly died from lead poisoning from the fish he ate. After several months in rehab Wild Thing was returned to Coltons Point and Putnam released him in the lot behind the Museum.

Wild Thing, his lifelong mate and two young offspring can be seen soaring over the Point most mornings and mid afternoon. You will know him from the massive size and silver tag on his leg. Regarding the unusual rescue in which Putnam waded out into the current in freezing chest deep water and Wild Thing actually swam to him to be saved, don't believe Ernie when he tells you the water is only knee deep.

Also, if you want to save a Bald Eagle don't listen to the authorities who warned Putnam not to interfer with the rescue of a Bald Eagle or he would be fined $10,000. Wild Thing would be dead if Putnam listened to the warnings. Wild Thing was the first of two Bald Eagles Putnam helped save and release back into Coltons Point and they are most certainly the most beautiful of all nature's wonders we share.

May your spirits soar this New Year on the wings of the eagles that share our home.

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Anonymous said...

I thought iwas seeing things the other day, I did see an eagle. Thanks for the info and the name of that beautiful creature. Wild Thing how appropriate.