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The Hopi Nation - the People of Peace and Children of God - Part 2.


The Last Message of Dan Evehema

As the most secretive of American Indian nations the Hopi have long been the source of myths, legends and fables to explain away their mysterious ways. Some touch on the truth, some underestimate the truth and some are simply the figment of one's imagination, but none tell the Hopi story as it should be told.

For twenty two thousand years the Hopi have been the guardians of Mother Earth praying that all peoples of the world would come together as one before the time of the Fourth cycle of civilization comes to an end. We are now approaching the end of days and no longer can the Hopi remain silent about the quest of mankind and our duty to Father Creator and Mother Earth to reject the institutions of civilization and embrace the ancient ways, the path to the light and God.

On my first trip to the Hopi reservation in 1964 I was honored to spend time with Hopi spiritual leader Dan Evehema. Chief Dan Evehema died on January 15, 1999 at the age of 108. He was a spiritual leader, Snake Priest, Society Father and Eldest Elder of the Traditional Hopi Nation -- a culture more than 22,000 years old. Chief Dan was deeply involved in a visit to the United Nations by Hopi Elders. He was the co-author of Hotevilla Shrine of the Covenant and Hopi Survival Kit and co author of Techqua Ikachi, the Traditional Hopi Newsletters. The statement below was his last formal teaching which he was anxious to communicate to as many people as possible. The text is slightly abridged.

Dan Evehema's Final Message to Man!

“We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit 'Massauu' due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s teachings. The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few faithful ones who asked and received a permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land. The Great Spirit said, 'It is up to you, if you are willing to live my poor, humble and simple life way. It is hard but if you agree to live according to my teachings and instructions, if you never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me.' The Hopi and all who were saved from the great flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit at that time.”

I am very glad to have this time to send a message to you. We are celebrating a time in our history which is both filled with joy and sadness.

I am very glad that our Hindu brothers have given us this opportunity to share these feelings with you because we know many of you are having the same troubles.

We Hopi believe that the human race has passed through three different worlds and life ways since the beginning. At the end of each prior world, human life has been purified or punished by the Great Spirit "Massauu" due mainly to corruption, greed, and turning away from the Great Spirit's teachings.

The last great destruction was the flood which destroyed all but a few faithful ones who asked and received a permission from the Great Spirit to live with Him in this new land.

The Great Spirit said, "It is up to you, if you are willing to live my poor, humble, and simple life way. It is hard but if you agree to live according to my teachings and instructions, if you never lose faith in the life I shall give you, you may come and live with me."

The Hopi and all who were saved from the great flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit at that time. We Hopi made an oath that we will never turn away from Him. For us the Creator's laws never change or break down. To the Hopi the Great Spirit is all powerful.

He appeared to the first people as a man and talked with them in the beginning of this creation world. He taught us how to live, to worship, where to go and what food to carry, gave us seeds to plant and harvest. He gave us a set of sacred stone tablets into which He breathed all teachings in order to safeguard his land and life.
In these stone tablets were made, instructions and prophecies and warnings. This was done with the help of a Spider woman and Her two grandsons. They were wise and powerful helpers of the Great Spirit.

Before the Great Spirit went into hiding, He and Spider woman put before the leaders of the different groups of people many colors and sizes of corn for them to choose their food in this world. The Hopi was the last to pick and then choose their food in this world. The Hopi then chose the smallest ear of corn.

Then Massauu said, "You have shown me you are wise and humble. For this reason you will be called Hopi (people of peace) and I will place in your authority all land and life to guard, protect, and hold trust for Me until I return to you in later days for I am the First and the Last."

This why when a Hopi is ordained into the higher religious order, the earth and all living things are placed upon his hands. He becomes a parent to all life on earth. He is entitled to advise and correct his children in whatever peaceful way he can. So we can never give up knowing that our message of peace will reach our children. Then it is together with the other spiritual leaders the destiny of our future children is placed.

We are instructed to hold this world in balance within the land and the many universes with special prayers and ritual which continue to this day.

It was to the Spider woman's two grandsons the sacred stone tablets were given. These two brothers were then instructed to carry them to a place the Great Spirit had instructed them. The older brother was to go immediately to the east, to the rising sun and upon reaching his destination was instructed to immediately start to look for his younger brother who shall remain in the land of the Great Spirit.

The Older brothers mission when he returned was to help his younger brother (Hopi) bring obout peace, brotherhood and everlasting life on his return. Hopi, the younger brother, was instructed to cover all land and mark it well with footprints and sacred markings to claim this land for the Creator and peace on earth.

We established our ceremonials and sacred shrines to hold this world in balance in accordance with our first promise to the Creator. This is how our migration story goes, until we meet the Creator at Old Oribe (place that solidifies) over 1000 years ago.

It was at that meeting when he gave to us these prophecies to give to you now at this closing of the Fourth World of destruction and the beginning of the Fifth World of peace. He gave us many prophecies to pass on to you and all have come to pass. This is how we know the timing is now to reveal the last warnings and instructions to mankind.

We were told to settle permanently here in Hopi land where we met the Great Spirit and wait for Older Brother who went east to return to us. When he returns to this land he will place his stone tablets side by side to show all the world that they are our true brothers.

When the road in the sky has been fulfilled and when the inventing of something, in Hopi means, gourd of ashes, a gourd that when drops upon the earth will boil
everything within a large space and nothing will grow for a very long time.
When the leaders turned to evil ways instead of the Great Spirit we were told there would be many ways this life may be destroyed. If human kind does not heed our prophecy and return to one's original spiritual instructions.

We were told of three helpers who were commissioned by the Great Spirit to help Hopi bring about the peaceful life on earth would appear to help us and we should not change our homes, our ceremonials, our hair, because the true helpers might not recognize us as the true Hopi.

So we have been waiting all these years.

It is known that our True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own. He will bring with him the sacred stone tablets. With him there will be two great ones both very wise and powerful.

One will have a symbol or sign of swastika which represents purity and is Female, a producer of life. The third one or the second one of the two helpers to our True White Brother will have a sign of a symbol of the sun. He, too, will be many people and very wise and powerful. We have in our sacred Kachina ceremonies a gourd rattle which is still in use today with these symbols of these powerful helpers of our True Brother.

It is also prophesied that if these three fail to fulfill their mission then the one from the west will come like a big storm. He will be many, in numbers and unmerciful. When he comes he will cover the land like the red ants and over take this land in one day.

If the three helpers chosen by the Creator fulfill their sacred mission and even if there are only one, two, or three of the true Hopi remaining holding fast to the last ancient teaching and instructions the Great Spirit, Massauu will appear before all and our would will be saved.

The three will lay our a new life plan which leads to everlasting life and peace. The earth will become new as it was from the beginning. Flowers will bloom again, wild game will return to barren lands and there will be abundance of food for all. Those who are saved will share everything equally and they all will recognize Great Spirit and speak one language.

We are now faced with great problems, not only here but throughout the land. Ancient cultures are being annihilated. Our people's lands are being taken from them, leaving them no place to call their own.

Why is this happening?

It is happening because many have given up or manipulated their original spiritual teachings. The way of life which the Great Spirit has given to all its people of the world, whatever your original instructions are not being honored. It is because of this great sickness called greed, which infects every land and country that simple people are losing what they have kept for thousands of years.

Now we are at the very end of our trail.

Many people no longer recognize the true path of the Great Spirit. They have, in fact, no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life. We are instructed in our ancient prophecy that this would occur.

We were told that someone would try to go up to the moon: that they would bring something back from the moon; and that after that, nature would show signs of losing its balance. Now we see that coming about.

All over the world there are now many signs that nature is no longer in balance. Floods, drought, earthquakes, and great storms are occurring and causing much suffering. We do not want this to occur in our country and we pray to the Great Spirit to save us from such things. But there are now signs that this very same thing might happen very soon on our own land.

Now we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters. There is no more time for divisions between people. Today I call upon all of us, from right here at home, Hotevilla, where we to are guilty of gossiping and causing divisions even among our own families; out to the entire world where thievery, war, and lying goes on every day. These divisions will not be our salvation. Wars only bring more wars never peace.

Only by joining together in a Spiritual Peace with love in our hearts for one another, love in our hearts for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, shall we be saved from the terrible Purification Day which is just ahead.

There are many of you in this world who are honest people. We know you spiritually for we are the "Men's Society Grandfathers" who have been charged to pray for you and all life on earth never forgetting anything or any one in our ceremonials.

Our prayer is to have a good happy life, plenty of soft gentle rain for abundant crops. We pray for balance on earth to live in peace and leave a beautiful world to the children yet to come.

We know you have good hearts but good hearts are not enough to help us out with these great problems. In the past some of you have tried to help us Hopis, and we will always be thankful for you efforts. But now we need your help in the worst way.
We want the people of the world to know the truth of our situation. This land which people call the Land of the Freedom celebrates many days reminding people of the world of these things. Yet in well over 200 years the original Americans have not seen a free day.

The Last Message of Dan Eveshema

We are suffering the final insult.

Our people are now losing the one thing which give life and meaning of life -- our ceremonial land, which is being taken away from us. Hotevilla is the last holy consecrated, undisturbed traditional Native American sacred shrine to the Creator. As the prophecy says, this sacred shrine must keep its spiritual pathways open

This village is the spiritual vortex for the Hopi to guide the many awakening Native Americans and other true hearts home to their own unique culture. Hotevilla was established by the last remaining spiritual elders to maintain peace and balance on this continent from the tip of South America up to Alaska. Many of our friends say Hotevilla is a sacred shrine, a national and world treasure and must be preserved. We need your help.
Where is the freedom which you all fight for and sacrifice your children for?

Is it only the Indian people who have lost or are all Americans losing the very thing which you original came here to find?

We don't share the freedom of the press because what gets into the papers is what the government wants people to believe, not what is really happening. We have no freedom of speech, because we are persecuted by our own people for speaking our beliefs. We are at the final stages now and there is a last force that is about to take away our remaining homeland.

We are still being denied many things including the rite to be Hopis and to make our living in accordance with our religious teachings. The Hopi leaders have warned leaders in the White House and the leaders in the Glass House but they do not listen. So as our prophecy says then it must be up to the people with good pure hearts that will not be afraid to help us to fulfill our destiny in peace for this world.

We now stand at a cross road whether to lead ourselves in everlasting life or total destruction. We believe that human beings spiritual power through prayer is so strong it decides life on earth.

So many people have come to Hopiland to meet with us. Some of you we have met on your lands. Many times people have asked how they can help us. Now I hope and pray that your help will come.

If you have a way to spread the truth, through the newspapers, radio, books, thought meeting with powerful people, tell the truth! Tell them what you know to be true. Tell them what you have seen here; what you have heard us say; what you have seen with your own eyes. In this way, if we do fall, let it be said that we tried, right up to the end, to hold fast to the path of peace as we were originally instructed to do by the Great Spirit.

Should you really succeed, we will all realize our mistakes of the past and return to the true path-living in harmony as brothers and sisters, sharing our mother, the earth with all other living creatures. In this way we could bring about a new world. A world which would be led by the great Spirit and our mother will provide plenty and happiness for all.

God bless you, each one of you and know our prayers for peace meet yours as the sun rises and sets. May the Great Spirit guide you safely into the path of love, peace freedom and God on this Earth Mother. May the holy ancestors of love and light keep you safe in your land and homes. Pray for God to give you something important to do in this great work which lies ahead of us all to bring peace on earth.

We the Hopi still hold the sacred stone tablets and now await the coming of our True White Brother and others seriously ready to work for the Creator's peace on earth.

Be well, my children, and think good thoughts of peace and togetherness. Peace for all life on earth and peace with one another in our homes, families and countries. We are not so different in the Creator's eyes. The same great Father Sun shines his love on each of us daily just as Mother Earth prepares the sustenance for our table, do they not?

We are one after all.


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The BP Oil Leak - Where is it taking us?


What if they are not telling us the whole truth about the oil spill? We already were told first by the Coast Guard that the spill was 1,000 barrels a day. Then BP said 5,000 a day, followed by increases to 12,000 to 20,000, 40,000, and now they are planning on recovering 53,000 barrels of 60,000 that are spewing out.

Current scientific estimates range up to 100,000 a day and the BP "worst case" estimate in their permit was for 162,000. That means the actual flow rate could be between 100,000 and 162.000 a day, or 20 to 32 times more than they first estimated (5,000).

So will the two relief holes be able to block off a leak 20 - 32 times larger than originally thought? That might explain why two relief holes instead of one were necessary from the beginning. If the oil flow rate is approaching 100,000 barrels it might be too much pressure for one or even two relief holes to stop the spill.

So what if they fail to seal off the leak? Well first off BP will be salvaging oil at a rate of about 55,000 barrels a day. No one seems to be paying attention to the fact that salvaged oil, that captured as part of the clean up, means there is lost royalty revenue that would have eventually streamed into federal government coffers (and partially shared with Gulf states) from the production of oil and gas at the site.

BP's lease to drill on the outer continental shelf means the company would have paid an 18.75 percent royalty to the federal government for all produced oil and gas. At a capture rate of 55,000 barrels a day the oil is worth at today's price for crude ($78.22), a total of $43 million a day. The lost royalty is about $8 million a day. Not a bad revenue stream and royalty savings for the company. The irony is BP was not even going to produce oil from the well, just cap it for future production. Most of the deep water wells being built are for future production.

Another interesting fact is that the highest production well flow rates for land or sea drilling are about 25,000 barrels a day. If the BP spill is around 100,000 barrels a day that is almost five times more oil than the best producing oil wells in the world. I suspect that means BP has a financial windfall from the royalty free oil. The $43 million a day revenue could offset the estimated clean up cost for BP which is now over $23 billion. Viewed another way, it would take one and one-half years of capturing the oil to equal $23 billion.

So what happens if they cannot seal the leak with the relief wells? The answer is rather foreboding. You see a failure to seal the leak may result in an increase in the flow rate to 100,000 barrels or more a day. Oceanographer John Kessler said that the crude gushing from the well contains 40 percent methane, compared to about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits. Methane is a natural gas that could potentially suffocate marine life and create "dead zones" where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives. "This is the most vigorous methane eruption in modern human history," Kessler said.

There is also a problem with the oil remaining underwater. No one has a clue how much is staying below the surface in the form of oil plumes but some scientists have estimated it could be equal to the surface oil. When it remains underwater it is impossible to track by satellite. It is also impossible to know how much oil has reached the Gulf "Loop Current", the flow from the Gulf around the tip of Florida and up the East Coast.

We do know that on May 19 scientists monitoring the surface spill with the European Space Agency Envisat radar satellite stated that oil had reached the Loop Current. When it reaches Florida it becomes the Gulf Stream. Since the Loop Current is a very intense deep ocean current, it will accelerate the mixing of the oil and water which may remove the oil film on the surface and prevent further tracking it with satellites, but the pollution is likely to affect the coral reef marine ecosystem.

If the oil continues up the Gulf Stream scientists say it should remain 50-60 miles away from the Eastern Beaches but weather patterns could change that. Eventually the oil could continue in the Gulf Stream all the way to Europe. Such a result could have a catastrophic impact on the world.

Extreme results could be the extinction of sea life in the Gulf region. If it also reaches Europe the high level of toxicity will hurt the ocean life in the region. A prolonged failure to seal the leak could result in pollution of the entire Atlantic Ocean.

There is a possibility the methane gas, the natural gases in this field, could erupt and break through the ocean floor creating a tsunami of immense destructive capability aimed at any area from Florida to Texas and into Mexico as well as the release of poisonous gases into the region. Who knows what happens if the oil leak keeps expanding and eventually causes a rift in the ocean floor large enough to create a tectonic shift?

Another more likely disaster scenario is for the continued leak to impact on our economic recovery which is extremely fragile and teetering right now. We cannot handle an extended disaster on top of the Wall Street and housing fiasco, the lingering health care questions, wars and deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a host of other policy issues where the president seems opposed to the will of the people.

If we fail to maintain an economic recovery mode we could all be in for a very serious time ahead. Right now we should remain aware of events and cautious about projections and know that we cannot continue to spend far more than we have and increase the national debt at a record pace.


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The Hopi Nation - the People of Peace and Children of God - Part 1.


The Destruction of the Hopi Indian Culture

Tucked away in the high desert of Arizona above the Grand Canyon, once their sacred grounds, live the Hopi Indians, long known as the People of Peace and Children of God. Mysterious, isolated, and the only Indian nation in America to never sign a treaty with the government, never be at war with anyone, never ask the government for help and never to feel regret for all the wrongs that have been cast upon them, there is no indigenous nation on Earth like the Hopi.

Long before the new colonists settling colonial America reached the Hopi in Arizona the Hopi had been discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors who came to the Southwest from Mexico and South America where they spent a century plundering the Aztec and other indigenous tribes whose rich history and cultures have become legendary, like the Olmec, Toltec, Mayan and Aztec nations who prospered over 2,500 years from before the birth of Jesus.

The Spanish, following the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, were shocked by the human sacrifices of these native cultures and drawn to the incredible gold and riches of these ancient cultures so they plundered and conquered their way through Mexico into the areas now part of New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. Before they were through over 90% of the Indians of Mexico died from diseases introduced by the White man and the wars.

During the same time caravans of Spanish ships returned to Europe laden with the treasures of the ancient kingdoms and as a result Spain was to grow into the most powerful and feared nation in Europe. It was the wealth of Mexican Indians that resulted in building the Spanish Armada, the fleet of warships of Spain that controlled the oceans of the world in the 16th century until Queen Elizabeth of England miraculously defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.

It was during the century of conquest the Spanish conquistadors reached the Hopi nation in Arizona and were stunned to find a nation living in peace with no desire for war. As a result of the peaceful nature of the Hopi and failing to find an obsession with gold as with the Mexican tribes the Spanish granted the Hopi the only land grant ever given by a foreign government to an American Indian nation granting the Hopi all rights to Arizona, New Mexico, California and other parts of the Southwest.

However, the Hopi knew the act by the Spanish would be overturned by the next wave of White man coming from the East, the English speaking settlers of colonial America. You see the Hopi have an ancient prophecy dating back thousands of years to before the days of the legendary Atlantis, and this prophecy foretold of the coming of the Spanish, followed by the White man from the East, and the eventual destruction of the Hopi nation. To the Hopi the fulfillment of the prophecy was the will of Father Creator, their God who is comparable to the Christian God, and even though the Hopi nation would be reduced from over 100,000 when the Spanish arrived to about 10,000 today, it was the path of evolution they would follow.

Since the coming of the English speaking White man from the east in the 17th century we have stolen their lands, giving huge sections to other Indian nations like the Navajo who were at war with the White man. Missionaries from the Mormon church and others have tried to convert the Hopi to Christianity. By early in the 20th century all the Hopi children were kidnapped by our government and sent to government schools where English was taught instead of their Hopi teachings and the ancient ceremonies and prayers inherent in the Hopi way were banned. All was consistent with the ancient prophecies.

In time the influence of the white man would virtually destroyed the ancient Hopi Indian culture while fulfilling the ancient Hopi prophecies.

It was 46 years ago when two of my fraternity brothers at the University of Arizona in Tucson, native Navajo, first introduced me to the ancient Hopi in Northern Arizona, a reservation surrounded by the Navajo where the Hopi were sent to die out. The three mesas they occupied had no agriculture for food, little water and no resources. All of the Hopi lands that were rich with natural resources like the Colorado River, the source of water and electricity for California, and the rich copper and uranium deposits, were confiscated from the Hopi without cause, legal proceedings or dignity.

Still the Hopi remained at peace knowing the troubles they were to face. It was all according to the ancient prophecy.

Many times since I have returned to the reservation to meet with the elders and study the ancient Hopi way. I was accepted as a pure heart or "one heart" by the elders and they have shared more and more of their secrets over the years. It is a rich and highly spiritual legacy far more demanding than the Christian culture I knew as the Hopi were required to spend about 224 days a year performing religious ceremonies to honor Father Creator (God) and Mother Earth (The Holy Mother Mary).

The ancient Hopi prophecies are preserved by petro glyphs carved into the canyon walls by the Hopi thousands of years ago, and contained on four sacred tablets that have been handed down throughout time. It is the story of the five cycles of civilization of mankind, we are now in the 4th cycle of civilization, from the beginning through the end of time. I have seen the canyon prophecies and sacred bundles and talked of their meaning with the elders over the years.

These prophecies foresaw the coming of the “Bahanna”, or white man, and how the influence of these people would eventually lead to the destruction of the Hopi traditional culture, and with it an end to the current cycle of civilization as we know it. As of today, according to Grandfather Martin Gashwesoma, keeper of the sacred stone tablets and spiritual leader of the Hopi nation, less than 5% of the surviving Hopi still practice their ancient cultural beliefs.


The coming of the Hopi’s lost white brother was long awaited by the people as it was foretold in the Hopi prophecies. It was a prophecy that would not be fulfilled until the year of 1540. At that time the famous Spanish explorer, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, dispatched a party of soldiers and a Franciscan friar named Juan de Padilla to explore Indian villages in the area that is now Arizona. Nearly 43 years later the Spanish returned, and in 1598 the Spanish requested the submission of the Hopi to the King of Spain.

After requiring the submission of the villages to the King, the Spanish began sending missionaries to convert the Hopi to Christianity and many were converted. By 1674 several churches had been build in the villages. The next step was to require the Hopi to stop performing their ceremonies and follow those of the church. Shortly after came droughts, the destruction of the Hopi crops, and famine. A small group of Hopi secretly preserved the Hopi ceremonies by continuing them in the mountains.

By 1680 the Hopi finally refused further persecution and drove the Spaniards away. It was not until 1700 that Padre Juan Garaycoechea came to the Hopi and again tried to convert them to Christianity. And once again the Hopi drove them away. It would be nearly a century before the white man would harm them again.

One prophecy foretells of the time after the war between the United States and Mexico that resulted in the US taking control of the Hopi lands. The US government then failed to uphold promises to the Hopi to protect them in 1852 from attacks by the Navajo Indians. When the Navajos were defeated by the US in 1864, much of the Hopi land was given to the Navajo without the consent of the Hopi.

Yet another prophecy told of when the traditional ways of the Hopi would be threatened by the Bahanna, which happened beginning in 1887 with the opening of the first public school on the Hopi reservation. By the early 1900’s the US began the imprisonment of Hopi parents who refused to send their Indian children to the schools. The banning of all traditional rituals and ceremonies soon followed.


The mysterious Hopi nation has long been a source of speculation and myth. They are the only Indian nation in America that has never been at war against other Indians or the white man. They are the only Indian nation that has refused to sign a treaty with the United States government. They have never requested assistance in terms of food, housing or medical aid from the US government.

They grow their own food in the harshest desert under the worst conditions, and have been self-sufficient for over 800 years. They spend 224 days a year performing religious ceremonies, and recognize both a single God (Creator) figure, a Jesus figure and the Holy Mother Mary (Mother Earth). Hopi traditionals refuse to allow Mother Earth to be harmed in any way, including refusing to allow any disruption in the earth from sewer pipes, water lines, mineral mining and anything else to be taken or buried in the earth.

Long called the People of Peace and Children of God, it is ironic that the among the people the Hopi wanted to protect, the Bahanna, they were the very ones who have done the most to destroy this ancient culture. A course of history that was foretold in the ancient Hopi prophecies.

For further truths about the Hopi see:

Frank Waters. Book of the Hopi.. New York: Penguin Books, 1963.

Sandy Johnson. The Book of Elders. San Francisco: Harper, 1994.

Hopi Elders. “The Techqua Ikachi” file, 44 newsletters explaining Hopi prophecy


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Southern Maryland holds first Prince William Engagement Party at the home of his colonial American Ancestors


Prince William, son of Princess Diana and now being groomed to be the next King of England, was honored this weekend at the first engagement party in the world for the future King of England at Coltons Point, Maryland in Southern Maryland. St. Clements Island, just off shore from Coltons Point, was the site of the first landing of English Catholics and others in America fleeing from religious persecution in England.

It was also the site of the first charter in the world to guarantee religious freedom for all residents and Coltons Point, formerly known as St. Clements Manor under Lord Thomas Gerard, is the oldest continuously settled chartered community in the original thirteen colonies.

What makes this story particularly interesting is that when Prince William becomes King he will be the first King of England in the long history of the UK with American blood, 1/16th according to The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales, for Twelve Generations, by Richard K. Evans researcher of the ancestral bloodline of English royalty.

Prince William is a direct descendant of the very Lord Gerard who presided over the largest manor in America with over 20,000 acres in the 1600's. Southern Maryland was long a hotbed of support for the English starting with the settlement of the 300 English colonists in 1634. Many direct descendants of the original colonists were in attendance at the royal affair held in the East Windsor Gardens of Lady Marie Cecilia Guidry.

The engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, the future Princess of Wales, yet to be confirmed by the Royal family, was announced in Coltons Point in the following invitation to the party.

On June 19th we are celebrating the engagement that day of His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and Royal Chair of the Colony of St. Clement's Island, son of Diana and heir to the British throne, to Kate Middleton, the future Princess of Wales.

The ancestry relationship of Prince William to the first Lord of St. Clements Manor was first reported in the Coltons Point Times on January 13, 2010 in the following story.

The Coltons Point Times - Birthplace of Religious Freedom in America

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Histories Mysteries - Next King of England (Prince William) Shares St. Clements Manor, Maryland bloodline

When the late Princess Diana's son Prince William of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne and grandson to Queen Elizabeth II, becomes King, it will be the first time in history that an English monarch is 1/16th American. Ancestors of Prince William and his brother Harry, sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, are from Coltons Point, also know as St. Clements Manor, settled 375 years ago near the mouth of the Potomac River.

How could this be you might ask? Good question. Because we thought we had run the British out of America a couple of centuries ago. But alas, one of the enduring mysteries of St. Clements Island and Coltons Point is the very strange history that abounds in this quiet little place lost in time yet just an hour from our nation's capitol. The first colony in the world to guarantee religious freedom, at a time when Catholics were being persecuted in England, everything about this place is mysterious.

And nothing is more mysterious than the first proprietors of the original St. Clements Manor, the Gerard family of England. Two of the Gerards, a brother and sister, were on the Ark and Dove in 1634 listed on the manifest as investors and gentlemen or women.

Some history books indicate that in 1633 when the Charter was first granted for Mary Land by King Charles II to the Calverts, well before the ships left for America, the King and Calvert gave a grant to the Gerard family for any land they wanted in the New World north of the Potomac River. If they did it would be indicative of the power and respect for the family.

You see, according to English Heraldry the Gerards trace their English heritage back to the 1100's to William Fitzgerald, (the Gerard family name was shortened from Fitzgerald to Gerard and also spelled Gerrard and Girard). William traveled with Richard Strongbow and was part of the force that took control of Ireland for the King of England. After that there were a lot of Sirs in the family over the years.

By the time of King Henry VIII the Gerard family was one of the most powerful Catholic families in England and never seemed to be prosecuted for being Catholic under the reins of Henry and Elizabeth I. During the later years of Elizabeth Sir Thomas Gerard began making plans to set up a colony in America where Catholics would be free of persecution.

Thus with George Calvert, an investor in Queen Elizabeth's efforts to colonize foreign lands, he helped finance the Calvert Maryland colony. George Calvert had also become a Catholic just when England was banning Catholics. Whatever the agreement between Gerard, Calvert and King Charles, two of the Gerard family members were dispatched on the first ships.

But the real Gerard claim was the charter for St. Clements Manor because the Gerard family was entrusted with the most sacred site of the expedition to establish religious freedom in America, St. Clements Island. History conscious England would normally protect National Treasurers like the first landing site in the New World guaranteeing religious freedom. It was another sign of the trust of the British crown in the Gerard family. Though the area was finally certified by surveys in 1639, since the 1634 landing it had been occupied by those in the first expedition.

In Father Andrew White's historic journal of the colonization it talks of St. Clements Island, the first landing site in the New World. It was here the first fort was built, the first Catholic Mass performed and the first peaceful encounter with Native Americans established the long term peaceful relationship. It was also in the St. Clements Manor area that Father White, thanks to the Indians, set up the first Catholic chapel in the New World.

For the first five years after the landing the St. Clements Manor area was one of just five settlement sites in all of the Maryland area where the Jesuit priests could go and meet with the Native Americans. It was considered safe enough for such interaction with the Native Americans. The site of the St. Clements Manor House complex became Coltons Point and has been lived in ever since.

Historians know that places like Jamestown, Plymouth and St. Mary's City all ceased to exist in their original sites by the 1690's. Thus Coltons Point was settled in 1634, chartered in 1638 and surveyed in 1639. Because of these reasons the St. Clements Manor area, now Coltons Point, is the oldest continuously lived in chartered settlement in all of colonial America.

Dr. Thomas Gerard, whose brother and sister were on the first ships, was the family member designated to settle and develop the New World holdings and he arrived with his family in 1638, immediately settling at Coltons Point (St. Clements Manor). In time his manor grew to one of the largest in all of America including over 20,000 acres. He also owned land in Virginia and he was a partner owning Capitol Hill, the land where the US Congress, Supreme Court and much of our federal government was build.

Gerard was an unusual person, exactly what King Charles would prefer. While Charles was a Protestant King with a Catholic Queen, Henrietta Maria from the powerful Medici family of France no less, Gerard was a Catholic from a powerful English family with a Protestant wife. When he reached America he built the first chapel for Catholics and Protestants on the Manor.

His Manor House in Coltons Point sat on the riverbank and faced the little Island where the landing took place. St. Clements Manor House was burnt down by the Protestants around 1645, rebuilt, burnt down by the English in 1713 and rebuilt, and finally destroyed by a hurricane in 1933. One day maybe it will be rebuilt on it's original site.

Gerard was the first doctor in Maryland, a gentleman and successful businessman. He was often at odds with the Calverts, the Lords from England, over the rights of the people versus the rights of the crown. After the protestant revolt in England his lands were seized for a time and he moved to his Virginia land. He was the neighbor and friend of John Washington, George Washington's great grandfather. In time two of his daughters married John Washington thus were step great grandmothers of our first President.

For those of you who find it odd that two sisters would marry the same person, regardless of the fact it was George Washington's great grandfather, a note on the Colonial ways. Way back then women were a rather rare feature in the early colonial days. Also death came early for many of the men. So to protect those women who choose to help settle the New World the families would often have the next available male or female marry the widows.

This was an extension of the rules of the English monarchy, the same rules that proved to be King Henry VIII's undoing. You see, his brother was King and died at age 15 in 1502 when Henry was just 10. Henry was thus required to marry his brother's widow, Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Spain (the same Isabella who sent Columbus to discover America). Catherine was much older and Henry had to wait until he was 17 before the marriage took place.

Well Henry had difficulty adjusting to the older woman and was enamored by younger women like the Boleyn sisters, having an affair with one and marrying the second, Anne. Anne forced him to divorce Catherine. Thus began the religious wars that tore Britain apart for the next 150 years. For her part Anne got beheaded but her daughter with Henry, Elizabeth, became Elizabeth I, one of the most beloved Queens of England. She never married. Hummm.

Back in the colonies when he died Dr. Thomas Gerard was buried alongside his first wife at the St. Clements manor House overlooking St. Clements Island. We believe both grave sites have been located three centuries later and along with St. Clements Island they should become one of the most historical sites in Southern Maryland. Meanwhile, numerous smaller manors within St. Clements Manor were given as gifts or sold. Frances Scott Key, composer of our National Anthem, was even born on St. Clements Manor.

In England where the rest of the Gerard family remained their royal bloodlines continued and both Prince Charles of Wales and Princess Diana are blood relatives of the Gerards. When Prince William becomes King he will be the first British Monarch who is 1/16th American. He is also 1/16th German, 1/16th Hungarian, 1/32nd Irish and 1/64th French.

That means our Coltons Point bloodline (Gerards) will have a son of Princess Diana, Prince William, who becomes King of England who is related to King Henry VIII, a new King whose ancestors were step great grandmothers to George Washington who defeated the English, and who is the first British King who is 1/16 American. No wonder we always liked Princess Diana.

Prince William of Wales, heir to the English throne, can trace his family to St. Clements Island and Coltons Point. We even know the gravesite of his ancestors here in Coltons Point who first arrived 375 years ago. We really must celebrate when Prince William becomes King. Better yet, why not start now in honor of the future King of England whose ancestors were our founders.

Here we go again - Rahm condemns BP as Obama & Biden Save the Gulf while Golfing


Only in the capitol of the most powerful nation on Earth that is suffering from the most devastating environmental disaster in history could media attention be focused on the leisure activities of our leaders. It all started when Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel went on national television and blasted the CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, for being at a yachting race off England while the BP oil well was still pouring crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Chicago ballet dancer Emanuel is known for his Southside Chicago political pit bull attacks on any opponent of Obama or his policies. The controversial Rahm was attempting to play off the poor image of BP in public opinion polls while deflecting attention from criticism of Obama for his handling of the oil spill.

There were two factual problems not mentioned by Obama cheerleader MSNBC and their liberal morning hosts. One was that the BP CEO Tony Hayward being criticized by Emanuel is no longer in charge of the oil spill having been tossed to the wayside due to relentless media pressure here in the colonies.

The other is that while Rahm was blasting BP for playing while the oil was spewing, his own boss Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden who are still responsible for the oil crisis were also playing at the sport we imported from the UK, golf.

Was the chief of staff unaware of the schedule of his boss or did he think he controlled the media so much that he didn't need to worry about anyone discovering the truth?

Note the irony that as Emanuel beat up on Hayward, another UK resident, Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland was winning our very own US Open golf tournament just beating out Gregory Havret of France.

What in the world is going on? An unknown from Northern Ireland wins America's most prestigious golf championship, the first time in 40 years a non-American wins, while a Frenchman finishes second? It must be the End Times!

Over in South Africa at the World Cup soccer matches even a redesigned official soccer ball could not make most matches interesting. I don't know about you but I have a very hard time accepting a tie as anything short of failure, yet the vast majority of matches do end in a tie.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America - Part 5.


Why the American medical system has failed us!

Contrary to what most traditional media will report, America does not have the best health care system in the world. Our modern "Western" health care system is based on the simple philosophy of Wall Street, where the money comes from to fuel the health care industry.

The code, philosophy and investment model of Wall Street is; "It must meet the return on investment model for profitability." The goal of Wall Street is to get the maximum return on investment.

Not a bad code for money changers. But that same code that pushed Wall Street to become the main financial source for the health care industry by taking companies public starting in the 1940's is stopping the health care industry from meeting the number one goal of the Hippocratic Code.

"May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help."

The "joy of healing", a most noble calling and one that puts doctors at odds with the corporations of the massive health care industry. From the pharmaceutical companies to hospitals, clinics and insurance companies in the industry, healing is inconsistent with a "maximum return on investment".

Therein lies the fault and tragedy of the Western health care system, specifically here in America. In order for health care companies to get investment houses like Goldman Sachs to manage their trading they must get the maximum return on investment and healing people does not achieve it, treatment does.

The cash flow loved by Wall Street and the investors in health care companies comes from treatment of people with their patented drugs or diagnostic tools for the longest time possible. The longer you stay sick the more they will do to help you. Conversely, if you stay healthy you will not benefit from the health care system.

Before we can ever get our health care system working for us we must first educate ourselves. Long before America existed people were getting health care treatment. In China herbal medicine goes back thousands of years and Indigenous people have also practiced it for thousands of years.

While some medical breakthroughs have brought about significant advancement, especially in the diagnostic side of health care and surgical techniques, it is our addiction to modern medicine and constant diagnostic analysis, because that is what the doctors are taught and that is what the health insurance companies will pay for, that has made healing bad for business.

As a result, most of the thousands of years of healing through natural herbs, remedies and techniques by the Chinese and Indigenous peoples has been lost and is not part of our modern health care system. I cannot emphasize enough the tragedy of this change because the ancient way was always meant to heal people, protect them from disease, make them aware of their personal responsibilities toward their health, and make them a participant in the spiritual healing of their soul to help the physical healing of their body.

Today we have been brainwashed into delegating all control over your health, body and lifestyle to those companies financed by Wall Street and those government agencies whose leaders (presidents and congress) are influenced by campaign cash from those companies and Wall Street.

The people have lost their voice in health care, and the ancient cures have been ruled unprofitable by the powers that be on Wall Street and in our nation's Capitol.

No where is this more apparent than in the diagnosing and treatment of Lyme disease.

To understand this first let us look at antibiotics.

An antibiotic is a drug that kills or slows the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics are one class of antimicrobials, a larger group which also includes anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic drugs. Antibiotics are chemicals produced by or derived from microorganisms meaning parasites or germs such as bacteria and fungi.

They do not help the immune system but temporarily replace a function of the immune system if used properly to attack a bacteria. Over use of antibiotics, meaning more than a few days or that they are prescribed to often will weaken whatever part of the immune system they try to help.

Since antibiotics, by definition, are substances or compounds that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, it's good to keep two things in mind. First, antibiotics destroy not only bad bacteria but also good ones. Second, antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, not viruses or parasites.

A key discoveries in recent Lyme research done worldwide is that the Lyme bacteria is common to hundreds of other illnesses, and that there is evidence that Lyme disease is not just a bacteria but also a parasite. This means Lyme can be misdiagnosed as hundreds of other diseases, and that to truly wipe out your Lyme disease you must treat the bacteria and parasites.

The Western medicine approach to Lyme disease, when it is correctly identified which may be a very small percent of the time, is a very high dose of antibiotics. This does not effect the parasites which can protect the Lyme bacteria from antibodies. Thus more and more people have reoccurring cases of Lyme and normally each time it gets more severe. Make no mistake, Lyme can kill you. If you have taken antibodies and it comes back it has not been successfully treated.

Each time you take antibodies you are putting more and more germs, parasites or whatever is in the antibody into your body, each time you are potentially damaging your immune system, and each time you are destroying good bacteria your body needs to protect you.

Since antibodies were just discovered in 1929 with the discovery of penicillin from fungi, there have been tens of thousands rushed to market. Yet mankind existed for thousands of years previously with no antibiotics. Lyme was not even discovered until 1975. As antibodies and vaccinations have become more and more common in Western medicine drug resistant cells, more cancer and many drug resistant diseases have been recognized.

Common sense tells us that Lyme must have existed for years or centuries before something triggered it in our bodies. The only logical conclusion is that the destruction of our immune system since the 1940's through the expanded use of antibodies and more recently body scans, MRI, CAT, Mammograms, X rays and other diagnostic tools, with their radiation emissions, have triggered the worldwide outbreak.

Since all the ancient cures are not recognized by Western medicine, we have lost our ability to treat the disease and cannot even successfully identify it. The Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, has many ways of hiding from a battery of tests by mimicking other diseases and no tests are done for Lyme parasites, parasitic nematomorph.

If you had symptoms like those found in Lyme and began treatment with natural herbs immediately you would not go through the massive confusion, misdiagnoses and lack of adequate treatment for the Lyme. In addition, even if you did not have Lyme but one of the other diseases mimicked by Lyme the treatment would not be harmful because the natural treatments will strengthen your immune system at a minimum, and be may even be effective in treating your actual disease since there is similar bacteria.

I am using three distinct natural treatments. First is Samento, an herbal extract from the Peru rain forest that has been used for 2,000 years to protect the Indigenous people of the rain forest. A second is from ancient Chinese medicine called Dragon's Blood, again natural and again in use for over 2,000 years. The third is intensive doses of salt and vitamin c intended to boost the immune system while making your body an unsuitable host for the Lyme bacteria and parasite.

None of these will be prescribed by your doctor because they are from Eastern and Indigenous medicines and cultures, not pharmaceutical companies. The fact more and more people are being healed with these techniques while more and more people being treated with antibodies are not getting cured because it keeps coming back should open your eyes.

A Plea for Help

I am asking your help in spreading the word about these treatments and hope you will send the links to all my articles to anyone and everyone with Lyme, interested in Lyme, or even being treated for the hundreds of diseases that Lyme can mimic. You can see these lists in Part 1 of the series.

So far many emails have been received from people suffering Lyme disease and I am asking that they all keep in touch with me to compare notes on the natural alternatives and their impact. I will continue to update you with reports on my treatment and condition.

You have a chance to demonstrate for the world to see that our health should not depend on spending $14,000 a year for health insurance to diagnose and treat us but on the ancient wisdom and remedies that kept people healthy an a nominal cost.

Those of you wishing to write my private email can contact me at
and let me know your status with Lyme, your current treatment and if you are interested in learning more about the natural treatments I am taking.

I have no financial interest in any company involved in my treatment or supplying the natural herbs and extracts and only want to empower you to take charge of your body, health and life. No one can know the degree you are suffering without experiencing the many ways it attacks your body. The effect on me is far more extensive than what other victims described to me so I appreciate what you are experiencing.

At the same time we need to get the federal government to make meaningful progress toward true health reform by embracing the ancient Eastern and Indigenous herbs, remedies and techniques intended to heal and strengthen, not addict the patient to lifelong treatment.

You can find the first four installments of my Lyme series at the following locations.

Part 1. Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America
The Breakdown of the American Medical System - Greed versus Need

Part 2. Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America
False data, misconceptions and myths on diagnosing and treatment

Part 3. Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America
Attacked by Lyme disease - When you become the Victim!

Part 4. Lyme Disease - the Secret Epidemic Sweeping America
Treatment with non-western medicine - What is the result?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FIFA World Cup Kicks Off Tomorrow, Friday - USA plays England Saturday


Here is the official theme song of the World Cup.

Here is my favorite South American singer, Shakira performing her song for the World Cup.

Finally, and you have to be patient because the opening concert for the World Cup was in several languages, here is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a legendary leader of South Africa through the mean years and friend of Nelson Mandela who brought South Africa through the end of racism.

Archbishop Tutu with Nelson Mandela

Archbishop Tutu with Dalai Lama

I was honored to spend some time with Archbishop Tutu when I worked for the Governor of New Jersey and he was one of the most engaging, entertaining and high spirited souls I ever met with an endless sense of humor. You can see this in the English portions of his World Cup appearance earlier today.