Wednesday, June 02, 2010

White House Takes MSNBC to Woodshed - NBC Now Sings a Different Tune


Yesterday, after days of withering criticism from the liberal media led by the Morning Joe Show on MSNBC, the White House had the NBC gang over for a talk. Today MSNBC with NBC anchor Brian Williams as a guest on Morning Joe were singing the praises of Obama and his handling of all the major crises facing him.

Gone were the MSNBC reports on how the Obama Administration was responsible for issuing permits to BP for drilling and for approving all the change requests from BP. Yesterday this lack of oversight by a federal agency under an official appointed by Obama was a major story and the head of the agency had been forced out by Obama.

Now if the Interior Department failed to enforce the regulations or approved changes requested by BP that led to the environmental disaster then who is at fault, the oil company following the regulations or the regulators approving the permits and changes? Certainly both could be at fault.

However, the woodshed treatment by the White House has the entire NBC network singing a different song and telling a different story. Is this censoring the news? What exactly did the White House tell NBC that got them to change the story.

Ironically it was not just the oil mess that got the new kid gloves treatment by NBC. I mean why in the world did the news anchor of NBC News have to go on the Morning Joe show and demonstrate how easily the news media can be manipulated by the Obama gang?

Apparently the Obama boys could not put up with criticism from the left like MSNBC. Additional stories on the Morning Joe program about the Joe Sestak campaign promise of a job, the trouble in Israel, and the leadership, or lack thereof, by the president, all took a different slant after the scolding in the woodshed.

Anchors of two MSNBC opinion shows were also brought in to sing the praises of the president although Chris Matthews did not collapse and kiss the White House ring like Ed Schultz did. Of course hosts Mika Brezeinski and Joe Scarborough did a 180 degree turn and made all kinds of excuses for Obama when it came to his leadership.

Once upon a time Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania called MSNBC the Obama Television Network. He wasn't kidding. But as the country moved to the center the network seemed to have realized a far left liberal position was destroying their ratings and they moved to the center. Now, after the whupping in the woodshed, they seem to have returned to the president's back pocket.

Such a dramatic reversal by one of the major networks shows little backbone on the part of the network, and a bold and outrageous act by the White House to control the media. It also proves that there is really no fair and balanced coverage by the news media.

As for the new story line at MSNBC, BP is the criminal, they already tried and judged them. As for the Sestak story, MSNBC now says the Admiral is nuts in saying the White House made him an offer. As for the lack of Obama leadership, MSNBC now says he is misunderstood, that he has really been a tiger behind closed doors and that the public doesn't understand him.

It only took one trip to the woodshed to get NBC singing a different tune. Even so called conservative Joe Scarborough has been left exposed as just another presidential mouthpiece. Poor Joe has to work so hard to prove to his liberal colleagues that the Republicans hate him just as much as the Democrats that he has clearly lost his ideological compass.

MSNBC remains firmly planted in last place on the cable news shows and actions like today demonstrate why? The future stock value of GE who owns NBC for the moment and who benefits greatly from the actions of Obama and the Democrats in Congress must be more valuable to MSNBC than the truth.


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