Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Super Tuesday Election Results


Helen Reddy singing 2010 campaign theme song.

Could it be the dawning of a new age in America? An age a long time in coming and long overdue?

Super Tuesday primary day saw America take a giant leap forward toward Women taking over America and it is long overdue. Since the Coltons Point Time said last fall that it was time we turn the nation over to women, I mean look at the mess the good old boys got us into, the voters have spoken.

Republicans led the way and believe it or not, Republican women, not the liberal Democrats, include a Native American and Hispanic woman both hoping to become the first of their culture to be governors.

Nikki Haley - First Indian American Republican - Governor South Carolina

Susana Martinez - Hispanic Republican - Governor New Mexico

Meg Whitman - Billionaire CEO Republican - Governor California

Carly Fiorina - Millionaire CEO Republican - California US Senate

Sharron Angle - Republican - Nevada US Senator

Blanche Lincoln - Incumbent Democrat - Arkansas US Senate

Sarah Palin - Helped bring about the avalanche of female Republican candidates.


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