Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Isn’t it about the End Times?

For those of you that don’t know it I’ve made it a lifelong goal to study religions, movements, secret societies, cults, metaphysical stuff, spiritual, ad infinitum to try and get a handle on the End Times. When I thought the Jehovah’s Witnesses were close to getting it I observed and studied them close up, sort of witnessing the Witnesses, until we passed about the fifth Judgment Day without incident.

Still seeking answers I cross referenced my 40 year background with Native Americans like the Hopi, Navajo, Algonquin, Lakota Sioux, Maya and many other tribes around the world and their culture of life cycles with the New Age gurus, channellers, psychics and mystics and their many audiences, tapes, videos and books for sale to guide you through the end.

As a result of the prophecies, speculations, delusions and drug inspired visions I’ve heard along the way I thought I would share some of the latest news. First, the End Times is not really the end times but a stepping stone in the evolution of civilization as the various gods we worship are not about to give up on their best form of entertainment, the human race.

Divine intervention has a way of fixing things humans seem incapable of dealing with on their own so throughout the 5 billion plus year existence of Earth there have been enough meteors, volcanic eruptions, Biblical floods, ice ages and warm ups to pretty well change the face of the planet every 26,000 years or so without the help of the helpless humans.

Here are some scientific givens about the planet Earth. There are warming and cooling cycles taking place every 26,000 years as the orbit of the Earth moves from the farthest point from the sun to the nearest. When we are the farthest away we have an ice age, when we are nearest we have global warming no matter what mankind may do. The last ice age was about 13,500 years ago when we were farthest away. We are now at the nearest point to the sun and lo and behold we have global warming. Next come the floods.

The Earth is a living organism and it generates an electrical pulsing frequency which can change. It is now rising in frequency. The electromagnetic poles of the Earth do reverse every few millennium meaning when it happens your microwave, TV, computer and car won’t work. When there is an electromagnetic reversal your stuff won’t work for a few thousand years so don’t wait for TV to come back on.

Continental shelves do move around. There are swamps in Russia buried under the Siberian tundra, just like in Canada. Evidence suggests Antarctica was once far from the South Pole and some Earth realignment pushed it down there. What all this means is we humans have very little control over what happens to the Earth and less to the universe.

My research indicates there are three phases of the End Times that should be obvious to all mankind. There is a Purification stage in which the Earth is shed of all those not willing to work for love. During this time the evil, wicked, greedy, etc. will be removed by various undesirable and often horrible means. Or, they may just vanish.

Next comes the time of peace and harmony where those left are doing what is right to help others in turn helping themselves to an enlightened existence free of sickness, want, maybe even death. We shall call this the Bliss State. Finally the End Time arrives and either Heaven is brought to Earth or Earthlings are brought to Heaven for an eternity of Oneness. Personally, if that means spending eternity listening to harps and choirs while wearing a white robe and eating grapes I’m not sure I’m all for it.

The reason I bring all this up is the metaphysical world seems to be converging on the belief that this year, 2007, will be the year the Earth’s frequency reaches the point where the bad guys get zapped into never, never land. Seems like the Purification has gone on long enough and will now culminate with a lot of very bad things this year; resulting in the disappearance of all the really bad people not willing to contribute to the enlightenment of mankind. If you are one of the bad guys you might want to make plans for your end.

Okay, here is how this will work. Good people are raising their own frequency as the frequency of the Earth is increasing. Doing and thinking good things seems to have that effect. Bad people have negative energy and this lowers their frequency as the Earth frequency increases. Since human beings and the Earth are both things, they can’t exist with conflicting frequencies in the same state of being. Either you see the light or get zapped out of here.

It sounds good to me. No more overcrowding, high real estate prices, crime or pollution. Maybe no more taxation and wars. Plenty of food and shelter. You might be walking but that’s okay if you are surrounded by good people.

You heard it first here in the CP Times with this report that the metaphysical world is all a thither as finally we have reached the end of the Purification when the bad guys finally get justice in a permanent way. Watch for the signs if it is true, signs like unnatural disasters, mental instability on a wide scale, unexpected natural disasters, chaos, a breakdown of society and whatever else it takes for the bad guys to self-destruct.

If you want to know what you can do to survive you can order my series of audio, video, books and tee shirts on Getting Pure in the Purification. If you would just as soon skip the whole process of evolution you should order my book appropriately titled Take Me Now God! for the short form exit plan.

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