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The war of annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

ISBN 0964599317
LCCN 2004095812

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Finally a book that brings history to life in a way that captures your attention and shatters your perception of truth. Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler & Stalin uses a layered history technique that should become the standard for any “objective” treatment of our past.

Through this technique the author, Jim Putnam, weaves the threads of hundreds of seemingly disparate and disconnected events and people into a breath-taking mosaic of astonishing truth.

Most people know what happened in the 20th century. Yet the author’s investigative reporting techniques help you discover why things happened, who was behind them, and what was hidden from the public.

From beginning to end you are bombarded with an avalanche of new information that peels back the veils of deception and leads to truths hidden from us for more than half a century. If you grew up like most people thinking history was boring and inconsequential this is a must read for history will never be boring again.

This is not a recitation of facts and figures about some long ago events that took place in some distant places. What happened in Hitler’s Nazi Empire and Stalin’s Communist Empire was directly connected to events in America and throughout the world.

In fact, before the Bolsheviks could steal Russia from the Provisional government that overthrew the Tsar in 1917 it would take millions of dollars flowing into Russia from American Communist sympathizers. When the Bolsheviks did take power, two thirds of the new Communist government leadership came from the East Side of New York.

Sometimes the passage of time can open the door to new information and better perspectives of what took place. Some events like World War II are so overwhelming, we are unable to step back and understand the relationship of that war to other things going on in the world. And typically the first books after an event, those purportedly documenting history, are written by those who are least objective with a cause to advocate.

Saviors makes no such mistakes. It is a refreshing, objective and comprehensive look at the inevitable war of annihilation between Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Communists, what happened and how it happened. The world is the canvas for the picture Saviors paints and the colors run through continents and across time engulfing the entire world into the revolutionary fervor of the 19th century, leading to the destruction of the 20th century.

The popular X Files TV series had the theme “The Truth is Out There.” It certainly was, and the truth was discovered and exposed in the landmark work Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler and Stalin. As a historical work it has opened the door to a new and objective look at the past. As a political and philosophical work, it makes sense of events and developments that made no sense before.

The author describes his hope for the impact of the book as “being like a pebble tossed into a still pond. A tiny pebble can send ripples across the pond to the farthest shores. If the ripples represent the threads of truth unveiled, then others will be awakened by the ripples and can pursue the truth further."

He was right about awakening the truth. But he was wrong about the pebble. Saviors was not a tiny pebble leading to truth but a giant boulder of granite. And it wasn’t a ripple that resulted when it hit the water but a tidal wave.


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