Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sarah Palin puts Principles above Party in East Coast Primary Invasion


The voice from the Alaska wilderness has demonstrated to America that she puts principles above party, whether her own Republican party or the Tea Party that has embraced her. In a series of endorsements in races in Delaware, New Hampshire and Maryland Palin has again defied the liberal media by endorsing long shot candidates for Senate in Delaware, Senate in New Hampshire and Governor in Maryland.

Demonstrating that her principles guide her first and foremost Palin opposed the GOP candidate in Delaware, opposed the Tea Party candidate in New Hampshire, and the GOP in Maryland. Voters will determine if she was right, not the media or political parties.

Echoing criticism launched against her by the liberal media in almost every primary endorsement, in which the media claims if the Palin backed candidate wins the GOP will surely lose the general election race, Palin continues to rise above the procrastinators and is guided by her foundation of principles. So far Sarah seems to be the only person who connects with Main Street America.

Palin has demonstrated over and over again that her connection is with the voters, especially those who are disenfranchised by both political parties and who are swelling the rolls of the Independent movement in America. It is a fact the media has missed. Each time a Palin backed underdog won that person has gone on to launch a formidable campaign and is winning or competitive in the upcoming general election.

Tonight we shall find out if Palin Power again can trump her media detractors and give the people a role in the Midterm elections. If she is successful in backing winners tonight and November 2, then the media reporters, who claim to be objective while offering negative opinions on her impact, should resign. It will then be clear the media are attempting to influence the news, not report it.


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