Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Weird Weather - Weird is now the Norm!


Did any of you notice that the weather reports are so consistently wrong that you might as well be watching the Comedy Channel instead of the Weather Channel on television? Yesterday Los Angeles set a record for September 28, or for any day depending on which liars you tuned into, when it hit 113 degrees. The old record was 112.

Texas had a record heat wave when the temperature was over 100 for a month or so. There were record floods in Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, India, China, Europe, and about half the civilized world. The uncivilized world around Washington, DC saw a year of record rains, record snows, record tornadoes and outrageous winds mostly emanating from the wind bags in the Halls of Congress.

Here in Southern Maryland and all along the Atlantic Coast we watched as hurricane after hurricane came roaring across the Atlantic Ocean bearing down on us only to turn into a harmless summer rain by the time it reached us. There hasn't even been a hurricane in the Gulf that hit land with any force to speak of. There were some mighty powerful earthquakes but no tsunamis and surprisingly few deaths for such powerful quakes.

Things have gotten so good in terms of the lack of weather disasters except in Pakistan where the floods really wiped out the substandard housing and ghettos where people already were dying that it is taking all the fun out of the dooms day prophets predicting the end times.
 As a society Americans continue to get more cynical of presidents, politicians, preachers, pretenders and weathermen or women and making weather predictions now has about as much chance of being accurate as the stock brokers and credit rating firms who cost us trillions of dollars the past couple of years.

I say turn off the weather reports and just read the Old Farmers Almanac that has been around for 200 years, at least they are 85% accurate. My older brother says Obama and the feds are withholding critical weather information from us so we don't know the world is coming to an end. My younger brother says stupid is as stupid says but I have no idea what that means.

I just sit on my front porch with my giant Irish Wolfhound and watch his friend the tiny but brave frog try and jump up into the flower pot. The six inch jump is a long ways for a tiny frog and if he makes it the first jump the weather report will be wrong that night. Two jumps means he will be wronger. Three jumps means there is a 50-50 chance of being right and a 100% chance the frog will catch a lot of bugs tonight.

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