Friday, January 29, 2010

UFO Video from Dublin, Ireland


For those of you interested and open minded there has long been a fascination with UFOs in America, ever since the ancient Indian petrogliths depicted strange creatures and space ships thousands of years ago. The Rosewell incident in the summer of 1947 heightened the interest and the USA space program has added to the mystery.

In my work with the Hopi Indians over the years numerous elders and wisdom keepers made casual reference to me of these Blue People who came many centuries ago and have helped the Hopi over the centuries. In fact there is a grave of one such person I was shown in Arizona. The wisdom of the Hopi, the truth of the spiritual leaders, and the ancient prophecies of the Hopi give far more truth to what they say than our government.

Last fall I was shooting photos of the unusual circle formation at the top of this story from my porch at Coltons Point. I then zoomed in on the contrail cutting across the circle and got the two shots showing some kind of a sphere crossing the circle. At the same time I took a photo of another contrail showing a plane and the aircraft were clearly distinguishable from spheres.

Ironically one of the greatest series of sightings in American history took part in the Washington, DC area in the 1950's, confirmed by officers at Andrews Air Force base, and spheres were reported in the sklies south of our nation's capitol. Coltons Point is south of Washington, DC.

About ten years ago I was at a base in the frontier outside of Moscow, Russia reviewing secret KGB film archives and came across many Soviet government photos of ufos. Interviews with former Soviet officials indicated the existence of ufos was accepted by the Soviet Union and encounters were well documented.

In my years in various US government offices I interviewed many people from the armed services and associated with Project Bluebook, the alleged government cover up of ufo activity. The private acknowledgement of the officials was in sharp contrast to the official denial of ufos.

This past week a video was shot in Dublin, Ireland with night vision and it showed the following.

As a reporter one must remain open to truth. Signs and symbols seem to indicate there is a great deal more truth to the statement we are not alone than many might suspect and there is reason to believe such truths may be proven in the very near future. You might want to consider the possibility.


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