Monday, January 11, 2010

Game Change Reinforces Senseless Wall Street-Washington DC Media Hysteria


The release of the avalanche of tidbits from the new book Game Change by magazine reporters Mark Halperin, Time Magazine and John Heilemann, New York Magazine, will provide more senseless fodder for politicians in our capitol while reinforcing Main Street America's negative opinion on the elitist media of the liberal world.

Demonstrating an ability to jam the political news services with dozens of campaign stories meant to further raise the vicious attacks in the media against both parties and candidates, these MSNBC regulars, which hardly makes them objective reporters, will contribute to the further erosion of confidence in our politicians and institutions, contribute nothing to healing America, and proving beyond doubt that the only people of more danger to our democracy than out of touch politicians are out of touch journalists whose bible is not the code of journalistic objectivity but the pursuit of the Almighty dollar.

Liberals can blame themselves for this latest book by supposedly objective reporters since the liberal media is the platform for any book writer who will help trash America and our political institutions. Almost every guest on MSNBC, Fox, CNN and other news programs is hawking a book. These former news networks should be changed to the QVC Network of Journalistic Trivia and books might as well be sold during the interviews. Come to think of it, even the hosts of all these shows are selling books.

The news media is supposed to be reporting on the activities in the world that impact on or interest people. A book that does nothing more than give life to year old rumors and irresponsible statements made during the heat of a campaign, can serve only the purpose of making money for the authors. This is not news but political garbage. Anyone can get a disgruntled campaign worker to bash anyone else as campaigns are filled with enormous egos.

If Obama is failing as a president it is because of the adoring liberal media that put him in office and then turned on him. His enemy is from within his own support base. This book, like most liberal drivel, will rile up the other liberals and so called progressives and be ignored by the conservatives and moderates who already know the media is corrupted by money, drowning in egos and incapable of fair reporting.

If the reporters of the world were interested in news about the last campaign why don't they tell us about the president's long term relationship with Goldman Sachs, the same Goldman Sachs that will be telling us they are paying $25 billion more in executive bonuses thanks to our new president? That would be a story requiring journalistic integrity.

What about the role of the Obama White House economic team in changing rules the last year Clinton was president (1999) that opened the floodgates to the sub-prime mortgage market, the energy futures derivatives, the manipulation of commodities and the insurance scams that nearly destroyed our economy and remain the greatest unpunished crimes in our history?

Of course you won't hear the elitist media doing those stories. No, they will continue to say Chris Dodd is retiring because of a tough election, not because he got a sweetheart mortgage deal from the same company that bankrupted our mortgage market and destroyed the value of every home in America.

Do they write about how Al Gore and Goldman Sachs have made the Green movement, which Obama continues to throw billions of dollars into, a personal goldmine thanks to the cap and trade and emissions control nonsense? Not a chance. Nor will we ever get the truth about how conventional energy can be made much more efficient and cost effective. These stories require real investigative journalism. They require a lust for the truth, not individual recognition.

Truth may never be found in traditional media as there is no profit in it. It is a good thing that newspapers and magazines are failing, that television and radio news programs are losing viewers and listeners, and that people are turning to news blogs for news. Blogs may not always be right, but the independent blogs, not those controlled by the traditional media, at least try and find the truth.

So let our nation's capitol devour itself for a few weeks on the latest rumors and gossip from reporters with no news to write about. It serves them well. It also gives our nation a break from even more stupid actions by congress already consumed by Bush bashing and socialist agendas. In fact write your congressman and tell them to take a few months off to rest. After the do nothing agenda the past year we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. By then the rumors will have stopped circulating.

By the way, a note to the political insiders in DC. If you want to stay out of trouble stop talking to the media because you can no longer trust you are off the record or on background, today's journalists do not have the integrity of yesterday's reporters.

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