Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Independents Win Massachusetts - Ominous Warning to Politicians


When a Republican running as an Independent for John and Ted Kennedy's Senate seat can beat the Democrat endorsed by the Kennedy family and President Obama by over 100,000 votes, it is a landslide of historic proportions that should strike fear into the hearts of all politicians. So goes Scott Brown of Massachusetts in a stunning upset over Obama, health care, liberals and the old political guard.

Contrary to the views of the Democratic and Republican strategists, this was not a victory for the Republicans but a victory for all Americans. It was the clearest signal to date that our leaders in Washington, DC no longer can be trusted to lead, leaders of both political parties.

Our new president along with the Democratic controlled House and Senate and the Republican minority have blown it. People can see through the lies and smokescreens. They know exactly what goes on behind closed doors in our nation's capitol and they know the president, Pelosi, Reid and our elected representatives have sold out our government to special interests, and sold their souls to money.

A failure to recognize these signs will spell doom to all politicians who miss the point. America stands on the precipice of revolution, peaceful revolution, against politics, political parties, and a burgeoning bureaucracy whose secret agenda is self-preservation over the needs and wishes of the people. The people know it and the people, like a sleeping giant, have been aroused.

Unfortunately our politicians continue to drink the Potomac waters and believe they are superior to the people. Politicians believe they know what is best. They ignore warning signs and polls that prove we are a nation in discontent. In the past few weeks in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts the unrest could not be clearer and the politicians could not be more stupid in missing the signs.

Independent voters are forming unexpected alliances with disgruntled Democrats and Republicans and state by state they are throwing out the establishment candidates in favor of candidates who have no strings attached. This juggernaut will not be stopped by clever legislative manipulations, by born again policy decisions of our political parties or by the bold faced lies and half-truths from our politicians. No, it is too late to expect to fool the public all the time.

While the politicians and political analysts who make their money keeping the politicians in office repeat their mantra that we know what is best for Americans, and that the work of congress is too complicated to explain to Americans, the public has figured it out. The public knows that politicians who criticize banks while accepting hundreds of millions of dollars from banks for their campaigns have lost their morality.

When millions of dollars flow into leading politicians from the health care and insurance industries as the politicians complain about the spiraling cost of health care, the public knows the magnitude of the bribes being paid by the immoral politicians. The Washington establishment is based on need, greed and deception and the masters at the game are no longer invisible to the people.

The principles of our great nation have been compromised by the greed of our politicians. Just look at the record of the Majority Leader of the House, Steny Hoyer, as he stands behind the president and castigates the banks, health care, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. He says one thing to the public, but behind the closed doors of Congress with the special interests and lobbyists inside look what happens to our protector from the bad boys of industry.

Top industry contributors to Hoyer's campaign committees are Lawyers, Lobbyists, Health Professionals, Electric Utilities, Real Estate, Insurance, Securities, Investments, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Unions, a total of over $13 million for 2010 already. Now that covers most industries he calls the bad boys and to see just how extensive his support is from these industries take just the banks. He has received money from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citigroup and Credit Suisse among many others.

He attacks the banks but approves the bailouts. Then approves the insurance bailout while attacking healthcare costs, yet rakes in big bucks from the very industries he attacks. What do these industries know that the public does not know? Why are they pouring money into someone who attacks them? Does it have anything to do with the fact there is no prosecution of the crooks or changes in the regulation of the industries or does it mean they are being protected in other ways?

These are samples of the reason the people have had it with the old political guard in Washington. Elected officials are in bed with the enemy, have forgotten the meaning of truth and integrity, and continue to attempt to deceive the public. Hoyer is a protector of Wall Street and a protector of those who increase the cost of health care just like many other elected officials are and will remain. Money for campaigns, especially when it totals millions of dollars, come with a price tag and we have leaders too willing to pay the price.

That is why people do not trust politicians. That is why being a Washington insider may very well be the kiss of death to their careers. That is why America is controlled by special interests and lobbyists. That is why government aid goes to Wall Street, unions and special interests and not to the needs of the people. That is why the revolution of independents may well be the salvation of our nation.



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