Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee finally met to decide what to do about the Michigan and Florida primaries, those bad boys who ignored party rules and set their own date for primaries. Of course this had already been decided last year that no votes would count and no delegates seated at the convention, an action agreed to by Hillary and Obama.

But Hillary lied. Now she wants the votes counted, the delegates seated and Obama penalized because he stayed out of the Michigan primary. This latest lie by Hillary could lead to a hijacking of the presidential nomination by her in that Obama leads in popular vote and delegates but Hillary already claims according to a new ad that started running just today to have the most popular votes in the history of American primaries.

In order to have the most popular votes every single vote in Florida and Michigan have to count, and since Obama was not even on the Michigan ballot in accordance with DNC rules, he would get zero votes in Michigan. Hillary’s claim is bogus, confusing, misleading and consistent with a campaign that ignores the rules and changes them in the middle of the game if they are losing.

The DNC Rules committee didn’t authorize counting the votes in those two states but did change their mind and allow all the delegates to attend the convention except the delegates each get half a vote not a whole vote. Clinton’s enforcers promptly announced this was unacceptable and they would take their fight to the Credentials Committee of the convention.

This means the nomination will be fought over on technical grounds requiring an overturning of DNC rules and will not be decided until August. It also means the DNC rules action that already overturned some of the DNC rules did not go far enough to appease the Clinton thugs. Does all this nonsense mean that if Hillary were president and didn’t like some rules, like the freedom of the press or religion, then she would ignore the rules to suit her own purposes? Of course it does!

It also means if she is successful and can steal the nomination from Obama on idiotic technical rules that the Democratic party will have successfully driven all the minorities in America including the Blacks and Hispanics who are part of the foundation of the Democratic party back into the Republican fold. Over 140 years ago when Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves all Blacks were Republican but over the years they all drifted to the Democrats. Hillary could care less.

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