Sunday, June 01, 2008


What is it about people in religion and their obsession with getting center stage in the political world? Do they really think shooting off their mouth is a good way to increase the size of their congregation or the amount of donations flowing into their coffers? Don’t they already make more than enough tax free money?

Good God, putting up with them in the pulpit is bad enough to drive herds of people to atheism but now that both Democratic and Republican candidates have had to denounce the endorsement of men in cloth because of their bionic tongues and the demagoguery of their preaching enough is enough.

Our Founding Fathers sure knew what they were doing when they made certain there was a separation of church and state. Maybe our current crop of Congress should take the next logical step and ban the big mouths from political campaigns as well. We could always take away their IRS tax exemption for lobbying without registration and blabbing without purpose.

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