Friday, November 19, 2010

Cyber Security - Kids in the Internet Age - an Opportunity or Tragedy? Computer Security Risks


What a decision for parents, deciding how to let your teens and tweens use the Internet. I mean look at the pressures to give them free rein of the cyber world.

Modern technology, especially the Internet, has opened a world of opportunity and wonder with incredible learning and skill development opportunities for our Youth.

At the same time, the Internet is unregulated by any government, beyond the control of any nation, cannot be censored for moral or crime prevention purposes. Children are often victimized by the most vicious and sophisticated criminals, hackers and predators in our history.

Our Youth, our Teens and Tweens, face very real but invisible Internet dangers including Predators, Pornography, Crime, Identity Theft, Child Porn, Scams, Sexting and Invasion of Privacy. In fact more and more Youth every day become victims of the "creepo" deviants seeking to entrap and victimize them.

There are thousands of predator sites that use spam, viruses and malware to gain secret access to unsuspecting youth and they are masters at appealing to the lonely, outcast, curious, thrill seeking and just plain lack of common sense attitudes that may prevail when kids take to the cyber highways.

Most kids have no idea they have even become the victims of these cyber predators until they are too far along to face the embarrassment of admitting to their parents they no longer control their own destiny. If they have the inner strength and courage to ask for help it is there, but hundreds of thousands don't and they could get caught up in a world of darkness that may threaten their very lives.

It is estimated over 300,000 youth in America have gotten caught up in child prostitution because of the need for money for drugs or status symbols, or perhaps because of the need for personal attention. Never underestimate the ability of the professional predators to identify the weakness in kids and exploit it to their advantage.

Identity theft through bank, credit card or cell phone records that can be hacked can also cause severe financial distress and may even impact on our kids ability to get into college. And the unlimited and uncensored pornography rampant on the Internet is a big draw for those just coming of age and merely curious.

In addition to the silent and invisible threat on the Internet there is a second, almost as menacing a danger which will test the maturity of your young user, the social sites and their overpowering appeal to any kid who wants to be part of the Now generation. With texting and cell phone apps, applications to the older generation, kids can be wired into the Net 24-7.

We can ill afford to rely on the protection of current computer security systems to protect our youth and long ago the cyber thieves learned how to compromise the old security and parental controls of the current legacy security systems.

Every day there are headlines in cyber security telling of the hacking of files and security breaches in the most expensive, heavily protected systems in the world from banks and credit cards to the National Security sites of our top secret defense and intelligence agencies. If the top secret sites with the best possible security can't keep out the cyber thieves, what chance do our children have to be protected?

Internet use does open up untold wealth in the form of knowledge and learning to our youth. But there is risk involved - we must protected them from the harm on the Internet as well.

There are new generation security systems coming to the market that are designed to meet the needs of the future and the time is long overdue for security systems designed to protect us and our kids today and far into the future.

Using fascinating new technologies to enhance the stealth or invisible appearance of your records and personal information, using algorithms never before in existence and incredible cloning techniques that may only be found in the most technologically advanced intelligence and defense security systems, there is hope for Internet users, especially the unsuspecting youth who have become obsessed with the Internet.

We hope to be able to tell you about these exciting new technological breakthroughs any day now, as soon as the system is available to protect our youth. There are too many hypothetical solutions to our problems and not enough real ones. Too many are discussed in future terms when the problem is immediate.

Our children need effective help now. They need to be protected from the bad guys and their evil ways today. When we report on a breakthrough in Internet Security, we won't be reporting on some theoretical technique far into the future, we will report on something you can use now because hundreds of thousands of our youth will never get to experience their future if we don't act fast.

Stay tuned because there is a tsunami of change about to be available that is the result of some of the greatest minds with the most extensive and diverse experience in intelligence and security who have been working as part of an international team for many years to finally give us the security we deserve today to meet the demands of the future.


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