Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Media Update - Election Coverage - Where was Fair & Balanced?


You would think something as historic as the Midterm election would get some top grade news media coverage but I found the cable news coverage to resemble the same partisan game they always play with the same biased hosts and the same strategy of trying to make the bad guys, those who disagree with them, look bad.  Only NBC of the broadcast networks had prime time coverage but even that paled in comparison to the good old days of network news.

If you tuned into MSNBC coverage last night you saw what was wrong in America.  From the moment the first returns started coming in the MSNBC mouthpieces went ballistic.  Why in the world did NBC, owner of the liberal network, think a panel of partisan liberal radicals composed of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell be fair and balanced in the election coverage?

As the sea of red Republican wins moved steadily across the TV screen the gang got more hostile and when they interviewed any GOP winners they were furious as they tried to trap people into making mistakes or were asking stupid questions having nothing to do with the election.

Sadly the fury continued into the morning news shows when Matthews and O'Donnell had to be silenced because of their confusing rants against the GOP.  The network would have been far better served with doing exit interviews with the losers than insulting the winners and viewing public with their rage.

NBC, the only major network to give prime time coverage, still could not help themselves from taking the liberal slant as almost every time they showed a Republican winner Brian Williams would make some scripted musing about the problems or mistakes that winner made during the campaign.  Though I didn't watch the entire broadcast, not once while I watched did I hear him say anything good about the Tea Party and GOP winners.

CNN, as usual, heavily weighted their panels with Democrats but the news did not seem to rile them up like the MSNBC gang.  Still, for all the technology available to them they often seemed confused and could not quite get the numbers right when giving updates.  At best it was an awkward performance.

Fox News, the defender of the right, of course played up the GOP victories and even tried to give the Tea Party credit where credit was due but having partisan talking heads instead of reporters kept it from being a news show.

The Exit interviews collected by the network pool continue to be plagued by huge mistakes and any use of the interviews to project winners should be banned.  Not once in the last several elections have the exit interviews been close to right but CNN continues to throw them on the screen.

All in all it was a dismal performance by our news media but not unexpected as mediocrity in media is the new standard on American television.  It was a good night to watch a movie.

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