Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally a UFO that won't be identified - Pentagon denial hollow...


After all those years covering up UFO sightings you would think the government could be a little more honest about a UFO that can be identified but the state of perpetual denial seems to continue to prevail.  It almost seems as if they want to provoke a UFO controversy to cover up the fact they have no clue who launched a missile just off the coast of Southern California.

This raw video was shot by a KCBS/KCAL Cameraman Gil Leyvas News helicopter in Los Angeles that shows an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large contrail, or vapor trail, over the Pacific Ocean. Pentagon Can't Explain 'Missile' Off California Coast.

"Whatever it was, it was spinning up into the sky kind of like a spiral," and was easy to distinguish from condensation trails from jets, he said. "It was quite a sight to see. It was spectacular" said the cameraman.

If our government really doesn't know who launched a missile within sight of millions of Americans we are in serious trouble.  Had the missile gone the other way it might have caused a major catastrophe in Los Angeles and that is unacceptable.

And if it was not launched by our government or another government then what good is our multi-billion dolllar missile defense system?  The longer the mystery remains unsolved the more "alien" activity becomes a viable explanation.

This was a news report on the incident from Russia, a nation that long ago confirmed the existence of UFOs.


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