Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Evan Bayh - Democratic Seer - Obama Chief of Staff or Presidential Opponent?


Evan Bayh, retiring Senator from Indiana and the only Democrat who recognized over a year ago that Obama was straying far off course and the Democrats were in danger of suffering a tremendous defeat, t5ied to warn the president and fellow Democrats of the potential peril.

This soft spoken Hoosier politician was ignored by the Chicago gang in the White House and by the Democratic leadership in the House, Senate and DNC.  As a result the Democrats suffered a historic defeat.  But it is not too late to recogize their mistake and embrace moderte voices like Bayh.

For well over a year I have been urging the president to consider appointing Senator Bayh as his chief of staff.  Bayh is one of few Democrats to have the respect of Republicans while being a supporter ofPresident Obama.  He has always worked on a non-partisan basis on legislation, something few in DC know.

He is still young,  dynamic and at ease with the media.  His tone is conciliatory and he never loses his cool.  The post-Emanuel White House staff failed to protect the president from suffering a humiliating defeat because of their lack of experience, lack of knowledge of national politics and bitter partisanship.  They just did not know how to get things done in our nation's capitol.  In short, he would be the perfect pick to create the bi-partisan forum Obama and his gang have failed to achieve and that the people demand.

Now if Obama does not want Bayh, then it will be business as usual for the White House and then I would urge Democrats to draft Bayh for president in 2012 because it will be the only way the Democrats will keep control of the presidency.  Obama needs to break out of his palace guard and listen to the people while working with his "enemy" as he calls it, the GOP majority in the House and governor's offices.  Without them there will be no Obama agenda.

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