Monday, November 15, 2010

Sarah Palin surges to lead over Obama as polls prove Obama is more polarizing


In the first post-election polls since the Midterms Sarah Palin has once again defied the liberal media and elitists and surged ahead of President Barack Obama in favorability and is in a dead heat in unfavorable ratings with Obama to the total chagrin of the reporters and pundits.

So terrorized are the liberals that they hailed the newest polls as a sign Palin is the most polarizing name in politics which of course is a blatant lie. What is the truth? In the latest AP GfK nationwide poll Sarah Palin has climbed to a 46% favorable and her unfavorable is 49% as of November 13.

In contrast, President Obama, according to today's RealClearPolitics Poll, stands at 45.4% favorable and 49.6% unfavorable. Bet you didn't hear the media report that our polarizing Palin is less polarizing than Obama.

The real truth is polls are all about trends and here the trend is real clear. Obama has been sinking in the polls for two years running as witnessed by the public revolt against Democratic leadership and the shellacking Obama took in the elections this month.

More ominous for the liberal media, the latest RealClearPolitics poll show an amazing 63.8% of the public believe our nation is on the wrong track under Obama's leadership. If 49.6% have an unfavorable opinion of Obama and 63.8% believe his policies are on the wrong track just who is the real polarizing figure in American politics? The numbers don't lie, it is clearly Obama. Just ask the 70 newly elected Republicans who won House and Senate seats November 2.

So Palin is gaining favorable ratings as Obama continues to slip. Is that enough? Well there is more. After two years of Obama blaming George Bush for every problem he faces, George Bush has gained 10% in favorable ratings and now is 44% favorable, again according to RealClearPolitics, while Obama is only 45.4% favorable, barely a 1% difference. In other words Obama has dropped over 20% since being elected while Bush has gained over 10%, a swing in the polls of over 30%.

Still that does not reflect the true trends because Obama faces a continuing string of challenges by the new Congress over his domestic agenda, while his international problems have continued to mount with every passing day. It appears that nothing will slow the difficulties of our president with the dragging economy and loss of international influence.

As for Sarah Palin, she has just started an eight week travel documentary on Alaska sharing with her television audience her love of the northern wilderness and she follows that with a 14 state tour promoting her next book which is certain to be a blockbuster like the last one.

Those who count Palin out should check their math because the numbers don't lie and attempting to show she is more polarizing than Obama is quite a joke as the mood of the public has demonstrated.

In recent years our political pundits seem to have forgotten Richard Nixon (1968) and Bill Clinton (1992) both won the presidency with just 43% of the popular vote and in four of the last five elections the winner received 50% or less of the vote. Sarah Palin is far from out of it and the trends are much more in her favor.


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