Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crime Pays in Congress as Rangel Uses Democrats in Cover Up


Leave it to Charles Rangel to use his long relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and his well rehearsed theatrics to make a mockery of the Pelosi ethics crackdown on her fellow Congressmen. Once Pelosi's chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means tax writing committee, Rangel virtually assured his continued place in the House at taxpayer expense after fleecing the American taxpayer of hundreds of thousands in tax liability, an euphemism for being a tax cheat, on 13 counts.

To help protect the tax cheater, the chief Democratic counsel prosecuting Rangel actually pre-empted the entire ethics proceeding by proclaiming that Rangel was not corrupt and did not personally benefit from ignoring IRS audits claiming he cheated on his taxes on low cost apartments in NYC and a vacation villa in the Caribbean. Since when do prosecutors pronounce the person they are prosecuting not guilty before the Judges have even heard the evidence?

Now how many Americans could do that and walk away with a $200,000 salary and a gold mine of a pension? If ever there was proof for the travesty our national government has become the Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi affair is it.

The theatrics were great as Rangel, poor Rangel, pleaded he was being denied the right to counsel and denied the right to raise a defense fund. He didn't mention he has known about the charges for years and was formally charged last summer. He claimed he already paid $2 million to lawyers and did not have another $1 million they demanded.

Of course his law firm, ex-law firm, denied they refused to help him. Rangel then walked out of the hearing and refused to be a part of the House rules he seems to have ignored during his 50 years of government service.

The joke ws already clear when they scheduled his trial just days after the election.  Why let a guilty man win a seat in Congress before trial?  It makes it that much harder to get rid of him.  If he did nothing wrong then why did it already cost him $2 million in legal fees? Why will it cost $1 million more. Surely Nancy Pelosi is not going to force her committee chairmen to spend millions to defend themselves if they are innocent.

This is the joke congress has become!


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Anonymous said...

You summed it up perfectly. The "Joke congress has become" They think we cannot see through the kabuki theater they produce but they are truly pathetic players and like most actors, obsessed with their self-importance image: they are truly obnoxious to me.